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Newnan, Coweta, Georgia



City/Town : Latitude: 33.3806716, Longitude: -84.79965729999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnall, Alton Wynn  19 Mar 1880Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8439
2 Arnall, Annie Pope  22 Jun 1875Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8437
3 Arnall, Ellis Gibbs  20 Mar 1907Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8703
4 Arnall, Frank M  15 Dec 1885Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8441
5 Arnall, Frank Marion  12 Aug 1916Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8704
6 Arnall, Hamilton Clay  28 Jul 1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2486
7 Arnall, Henry Clair  04 Nov 1877Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8438
8 Arnall, Joseph Gibbs  06 Aug 1882Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8440
9 Arnall, Katie Glenn  15 Dec 1885Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8442
10 Arnold, Robert Rigdon  07 Mar 1891Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2248
11 Arnold, Ross L  16 Aug 1893Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2249
12 Askew, Dorothy  1 Aug 1909Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I10384
13 Askew, Eloise Anderson  16 Jan 1918Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2529
14 Askew, Ida  19 Dec 1916Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I10385
15 Askew, Milton  1908Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I10383
16 Askew, Rosa Lane  1 Oct 1880Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I10391
17 Askew, Warren W  8 Feb 1905Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I10382
18 Askew, William Marvin  13 Mar 1878Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I10390
19 Askew, William Sanford  20 Aug 1897Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2523
20 Atkinson, Georgia Hardeman  13 Oct 1895Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1528
21 Atkinson, John Pepper M.D.  2 Feb 1881Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1524
22 Atkinson, Lucille Belle  27 Mar 1883Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1525
23 Atkinson, Miriam Milton  23 Nov 1891Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1527
24 Atkinson, William Yates  9 Sep 1912Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1224
25 Bigby, Callie D  31 Aug 1858Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I22944
26 Brown, Alice Vivian  20 Feb 1911Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I10405
27 Burch, James Robert  09 Oct 1850Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1353
28 Cates, Laura  18 Dec 1911Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2233
29 Cates, Lucia  17 Jan 1908Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2232
30 Cole, Edward Guy  31 Aug 1880Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2322
31 Cole, Francis Rebecca  19 Jul 1905Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2323
32 Crain, Charles McDowell  18 Jun 1897Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I4394
33 Drake, Annie Hunter  28 Sep 1898Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2478
34 Drake, Rebecca Hunter  17 Oct 1896Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2477
35 Farmer, Frances L  09 Oct 1891Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7940
36 Farmer, Harriet Lou  18 Mar 1893Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7941
37 Gibson, John Sanders  20 Mar 1878Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1194
38 Herndon, Earnest Lee  27 Jul 1896Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I4307
39 Horne, Annie Lou  8 Dec 1921Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I24036
40 Horne, James Edward  9 Jun 1960Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I24039
41 Horne, James Stanley  10 Mar 1937Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I24037
42 Horne, Laura Elaine  1956Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I24040
43 Horne, Robert Hewlett  13 Sep 1920Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I24035
44 Hunter, Annie  18 Apr 1878Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2474
45 Hunter, Pattie Zoe  06 May 1875Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1209
46 Mattox, Almira Jennie  19 Jan 1876Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7869
47 Mattox, Robert Wesley  16 Oct 1871Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7867
48 Mattox, Sarah Frances  19 Mar 1880Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1193
49 Mattox, William Nathan  14 Dec 1873Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7868
50 Orr, Elizabeth Amanda  06 Feb 1852Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1191

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnall, Alton Wynn  15 Mar 1936Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8439
2 Arnall, Annie Pope  29 Jan 1947Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8437
3 Arnall, Frank M  10 Nov 1969Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8441
4 Arnall, Hamilton Clay  28 Jul 1990Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2486
5 Arnall, Henry Clair  12 Mar 1958Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8438
6 Arnall, Joseph Gibbs  17 Sep 1956Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8440
7 Arnall, Katie Glenn  26 Mar 1975Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8442
8 Arnold, Asbury Hull  7 Mar 1921Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1165
9 Arnold, Nevelle  21 Jul 1975Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1205
10 Arnold, Robert Rigdon  02 Aug 1975Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2248
11 Arnold, Ross L  07 Dec 1974Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2249
12 Arnold, Samuel James  1908Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2939
13 Arnold, William Pettice  14 Jun 1883Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8103
14 Askew, Brittain Simms  26 May 1890Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1638
15 Askew, James Pender  13 May 1893Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1196
16 Askew, Rufus Newdigate  2 Oct 1894Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1635
17 Askew, Warren W  13 Sep 1973Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I10382
18 Atkinson, Lucille Belle  25 Feb 1957Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1525
19 Atkinson, Roswell James  28 Apr 2015Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I15761
20 Atkinson, William Yates  8 Aug 1899Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1222
21 Atkinson, William Yates  28 Sep 1997Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1224
22 Bailey, Martha Yates  21 Apr 1904Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I13385
23 Bigby, Callie D  12 Jul 1909Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I22944
24 Bohannon, Dollie  04 Sep 1950Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8443
25 Brown, Joseph Roy  5 Mar 1973Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I10406
26 Burch, Robert Simms  27 Oct 1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I0432
27 Burch, Susan Rebecca  29 Nov 1912Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1207
28 Busbee, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1966Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7044
29 Callahan, Sara Lillian  23 Mar 1998Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I24038
30 Callahan, William Isaac  25 Apr 1972Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I24042
31 Camp, Bert  18 May 1945Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7938
32 Camp, Joseph Leigh  15 Sep 1966Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2986
33 Cavender, Obadiah Morgan  22 May 1927Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I22902
34 Cheney, Emeline  11 Nov 1936Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I10387
35 Cole, Francis Rebecca  17 Feb 2002Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2323
36 Crain, Martha F  13 Feb 1987Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I4385
37 Crowder, Willie Eugene  14 Apr 1923Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I15788
38 Drake, Annie Hunter  18 Mar 1940Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2478
39 Drake, Rebecca Hunter  31 May 1898Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2477
40 Ellis, Bessie  02 Jan 1984Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8702
41 Entrekin, Pauline  19 Mar 1988Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7262
42 Farmer, Charles Walker  09 Jan 1957Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2238
43 Farmer, Frances L  19 Oct 1954Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7940
44 Farmer, Harriet Lou  16 Jul 1943Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7941
45 Farmer, Henry A  16 Sep 1970Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7947
46 Farmer, Hugh Arnold  08 Mar 1984Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2239
47 Farmer, Lizzie Belle  01 Oct 1967Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I7943
48 Farmer, Luther L  27 Oct 1909Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I3001
49 Fisher, Isora Burch  02 Jan 1981Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2372
50 Gibson, John Sanders  22 Nov 1919Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1194

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Robinson, Robert Burch  15 Jul 1881Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8433


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Orr, Isaac Newton  1873Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1278
2 Orr, Isaac Newton  1893Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1278
3 Orr, Isaac Newton  1905 - 1909Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1278


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cole, Edward Guy  Feb 1988Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2326
2 Cole, Edward Guy  Feb 1988Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2326
3 Powell, Lewis Orr  Mar 1966Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2386
4 Zachary, Pearl  Jan 1969Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I3007


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Hugh Montgomery  21 Sep 1861Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1166


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Golucke, James Wingfield  1904Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I18250
2 Simms, Robert W  1838Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I8043


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Political    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, William Yates  1879Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1222
2 Atkinson, William Yates  1886Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Eloise L  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2522
2 Anderson, Eloise L  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2522
3 Arnold, Alma L  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1260
4 Arnold, Christine  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1262
5 Arnold, Hugh Montgomery  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1166
6 Arnold, Hugh Montgomery  1920Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2237
7 Arnold, John Simms  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1258
8 Arnold, Mamie  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2290
9 Arnold, Mollie  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1647
10 Arnold, Nevelle  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1205
11 Arnold, Robert Hall  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2292
12 Arnold, Robert Rigdon  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2248
13 Arnold, Ross L  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2249
14 Arnold, Ross L  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2291
15 Askew, Brittain Simms  1870Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1638
16 Askew, Eloise Anderson  1920Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2529
17 Askew, Eloise Anderson  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2529
18 Askew, Eugene A  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2526
19 Askew, Eugene Arthur  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1654
20 Askew, Eugene Arthur  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1654
21 Askew, Florence M  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2524
22 Askew, Howard Maclin  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2514
23 Askew, James B  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2528
24 Askew, John  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1639
25 Askew, Mattie M  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2530
26 Askew, Sarah  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2525
27 Askew, Walter Edward  1917Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I4406
28 Askew, Walter Edward  1920Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I4406
29 Askew, Walter Edward  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I4406
30 Askew, William Sanford  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2523
31 Atkinson, Louise Cook  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2949
32 Atkinson, Margaret Cook  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2952
33 Atkinson, Mary Cook  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2953
34 Atkinson, Roswell Cook  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2950
35 Atkinson, Roswell Cook  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2950
36 Atkinson, Theodora  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2951
37 Atkinson, Theodore Ellis  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2941
38 Atkinson, Theodore Ellis  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I2941
39 Atkinson, William Yates  1880Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1222
40 Atkinson, William Yates  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1203
41 Atkinson, William Yates  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1224
42 Bolton, William Oscar  1920Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I0242
43 Burch, Isadore Storey  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1351
44 Burch, Isadore Storey  1930Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1351
45 Burch, Isora  1880Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1217
46 Burch, Isora  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1217
47 Burch, Robert Simms  1870Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I0432
48 Burch, Robert Simms  1880Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I0432
49 Burch, Robert Simms  1900Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I0432
50 Burch, Susan Rebecca  1880Newnan, Coweta, Georgia I1207

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Cole  12 Apr 1927Newnan, Coweta, Georgia F2279
2 Arnall / Cole  12 Apr 1927Newnan, Coweta, Georgia F0728
3 Askew / McSwain  23 Dec 1903Newnan, Coweta, Georgia F1175
4 Camp / Simms  30 Jun 1909Newnan, Coweta, Georgia F0713
5 Thomasson / Askew  15 Sep 1938Newnan, Coweta, Georgia F2844

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