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Walton County, Georgia



County/Shire : Latitude: 33.79473622497746, Longitude: -83.71307373046875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allgood, Effie Vashti  23 Jun 1892Walton County, Georgia I10146
2 Allgood, Frances Ada  30 Sep 1876Walton County, Georgia I10144
3 Allgood, James Samuel  11 May 1854Walton County, Georgia I10143
4 Allgood, Thomas Luther  5 Dec 1878Walton County, Georgia I10145
5 Arnall, William Thomas  4 May 1839Walton County, Georgia I7929
6 Beall, Thaddeus Solon  1832Walton County, Georgia I20917
7 Dickinson, Benjamin C  1908Walton County, Georgia I3474
8 Dickinson, Benjamin Clark  19 Mar 1842Walton County, Georgia I3457
9 Dickinson, Benjamin Clark  2 Sep 1873Walton County, Georgia I3466
10 Dickinson, Bernice B  May 1898Walton County, Georgia I3508
11 Dickinson, David Franklin  ca. 1836Walton County, Georgia I3455
12 Dickinson, Ella Simms  24 Jul 1862Walton County, Georgia I3460
13 Dickinson, Frances Nealie  1 May 1859Walton County, Georgia I3459
14 Dickinson, Homer Clifford  12 May 1905Walton County, Georgia I3473
15 Dickinson, Infant  21 May 1918Walton County, Georgia I3514
16 Dickinson, James M  14 Dec 1818Walton County, Georgia I3453
17 Dickinson, James Putnam  12 Apr 1875Walton County, Georgia I3467
18 Dickinson, Joel Putnam  15 Dec 1826Walton County, Georgia I3452
19 Dickinson, John N  12 Aug 1840Walton County, Georgia I23850
20 Dickinson, John Simms  25 Oct 1833Walton County, Georgia I3454
21 Dickinson, John Simms  3 Mar 1897Walton County, Georgia I3507
22 Dickinson, John William  22 Jul 1866Walton County, Georgia I3463
23 Dickinson, Josephine N  25 Dec 1863Walton County, Georgia I3461
24 Dickinson, Julia Alberta  16 Jun 1865Walton County, Georgia I3462
25 Dickinson, Kate  6 Mar 1870Walton County, Georgia I3465
26 Dickinson, Louise A  2 Jan 1906Walton County, Georgia I3512
27 Dickinson, Mary Ann E  21 Jul 1821Walton County, Georgia I3449
28 Dickinson, Mary E  3 Jan 1869Walton County, Georgia I3464
29 Dickinson, Mary Frances  1902Walton County, Georgia I3510
30 Dickinson, Mattie  1905Walton County, Georgia I3511
31 Dickinson, Prince Albert  27 Sep 1881Walton County, Georgia I3468
32 Dickinson, Sarah M  ca. 1825Walton County, Georgia I3450
33 Dickinson, Susan  6 Nov 1824Walton County, Georgia I3451
34 Dickinson, Thomas J  28 Nov 1837Walton County, Georgia I3456
35 Dickinson, Virginia Susan  Apr 1900Walton County, Georgia I3509
36 Easley, Daniel N  Abt 1821Walton County, Georgia I10166
37 Easley, Frances Lou  16 Oct 1860Walton County, Georgia I10167
38 Easley, Henry F  Walton County, Georgia I10173
39 Easley, James B  22 Jun 1828Walton County, Georgia I10174
40 Easley, Julia  1852Walton County, Georgia I10170
41 Easley, Julia Elizabeth  Abt 1834Walton County, Georgia I10175
42 Easley, Luther W T  Abt 1836Walton County, Georgia I10176
43 Easley, Martha  Abt 1858Walton County, Georgia I10171
44 Easley, Martha Harrison  Abt 1841Walton County, Georgia I10177
45 Easley, Nancy  1848Walton County, Georgia I10168
46 Easley, Richard S  22 Nov 1822Walton County, Georgia I10165
47 Easley, William P Nehemiah  Abt 1849Walton County, Georgia I10169
48 Guimarin, William B  Jan 1851Walton County, Georgia I8558
49 Guthrie, Frances D  Abt 1850Walton County, Georgia I10161
50 Guthrie, James Sylvester  19 Dec 1883Walton County, Georgia I10148

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allgood, Effie Vashti  23 Aug 1964Walton County, Georgia I10146
2 Allgood, Frances Ada  28 Sep 1964Walton County, Georgia I10144
3 Allgood, James Samuel  7 May 1929Walton County, Georgia I10143
4 Allgood, Thomas Luther  12 May 1934Walton County, Georgia I10145
5 Camp, Abner  17 Sep 1853Walton County, Georgia I2914
6 Candler, Julia Elizabeth  6 Apr 1976Walton County, Georgia I21112
7 Castleberry, Ruby Gaynell  24 Jul 1954Walton County, Georgia I10153
8 Cook, Lonah M  21 Jan 1936Walton County, Georgia I3506
9 Cooper, Luna  7 Nov 1918Walton County, Georgia I3472
10 Curtis, Belle Eckles  14 Mar 1971Walton County, Georgia I3469
11 Dickinson, Benjamin Clark  8 Jan 1948Walton County, Georgia I3466
12 Dickinson, Frances Nealie  16 Jan 1944Walton County, Georgia I3459
13 Dickinson, Harvey  3 May 1918Walton County, Georgia I3498
14 Dickinson, Infant  23 May 1918Walton County, Georgia I3514
15 Dickinson, James M  1 Sep 1851Walton County, Georgia I3453
16 Dickinson, Joel Putnam  3 Aug 1843Walton County, Georgia I3452
17 Dickinson, John  8 May 1861Walton County, Georgia I3446
18 Dickinson, John N  19 Jul 1914Walton County, Georgia I23850
19 Dickinson, John Simms  6 Mar 1885Walton County, Georgia I3454
20 Dickinson, Mary Ann E  7 May 1844Walton County, Georgia I3449
21 Dickinson, Prince Albert  17 Jan 1965Walton County, Georgia I3468
22 Dickinson, Susan  7 Jun 1844Walton County, Georgia I3451
23 Dickinson, Thomas J  5 Oct 1849Walton County, Georgia I3456
24 Dickinson, Welborn T  1847Walton County, Georgia I0264
25 Easley, Frances Lou  9 Jun 1908Walton County, Georgia I10167
26 Easley, William Pyrant  9 May 1846Walton County, Georgia I10163
27 Guthrie, Luther Oscar  6 Mar 1933Walton County, Georgia I10141
28 Guthrie, Nancy Alice  13 Feb 1921Walton County, Georgia I10142
29 Guthrie, Nehemiah  20 Dec 1859Walton County, Georgia I10156
30 Guthrie, Sarah E  10 Apr 1904Walton County, Georgia I10162
31 Guthrie, William Chastain  7 Dec 1947Walton County, Georgia I10150
32 Hay, Sarah Taylor  22 Aug 1827Walton County, Georgia I10564
33 Knight, Flaudie  9 Oct 1927Walton County, Georgia I3497
34 Ragsdale, Elizabeth  10 Mar 1854Walton County, Georgia I2915
35 Thompson, Frances  1858Walton County, Georgia I3447
36 Thompson, Lucinda A  1 Dec 1912Walton County, Georgia I10155
37 Titshaw, John S  13 Jan 1907Walton County, Georgia I10154
38 Titshaw, Mary  Aug 1897Walton County, Georgia I10147
39 Trammell, Mary Julia  18 Jun 1916Walton County, Georgia I3186
40 Turner, Nancy B  10 Jun 1892Walton County, Georgia I10157
41 Wood, Josephine C  28 May 1914Walton County, Georgia I3458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, Homer Clifford  19 Nov 1977Walton County, Georgia I3473


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, John Simms  4 Mar 1862Walton County, Georgia I3454


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beall, Thaddeus  1832Walton County, Georgia I20801
2 Dickinson, John  1820Walton County, Georgia I3446
3 Dickinson, John  1830Walton County, Georgia I3446
4 Dickinson, John  1840Walton County, Georgia I3446
5 Guthrie, William Thomas  1850Walton County, Georgia I3405
6 McClendon, Thomas  1820Walton County, Georgia I6878
7 Trammell, Joel Dickinson  1832Walton County, Georgia I0343


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dickinson / Cook  14 Mar 1896Walton County, Georgia F0969
2 Dickinson / Cooper  25 Sep 1904Walton County, Georgia F0961
3 Dickinson / Curtis  2 Sep 1920Walton County, Georgia F0960
4 Dickinson / Wood  3 Jul 1858Walton County, Georgia F0959
5 Easley / Guthrie  8 Dec 1846Walton County, Georgia F2781
6 Guthrie / Titshaw  19 Dec 1883Walton County, Georgia F2776
7 Jackson / Dickinson  15 Dec 1880Walton County, Georgia F0962
8 Maxwell / Dickinson  13 May 1852Walton County, Georgia F7382
9 Meriwether / Dupree  24 Nov 1834Walton County, Georgia F7427
10 Stroud / Trammell  4 Oct 1832Walton County, Georgia F0444
11 Trammell / Easley  09 Sep 1834Walton County, Georgia F0446
12 Trammell / Echols  30 Aug 1832Walton County, Georgia F0903

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