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Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama



City/Town : Latitude: 31.157262844389464, Longitude: -87.79917240142822


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Belt, Eliza  ca. 1865Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15650
2 Belt, Guy Joseph  7 Jan 1875Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15653
3 Belt, Irma  9 Nov 1877Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15654
4 Belt, James L  14 Jan 1859Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15635
5 Belt, Joseph B  1841Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15626
6 Belt, Laura H  1843Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15627
7 Belt, Lillian  Dec 1871Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15652
8 Belt, Lulie W  30 Aug 1847Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15628
9 Belt, Mattie  1869Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15651
10 Belt, William D  25 Feb 1852Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15631
11 Booth, Mary Mills  9 Jun 1849Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15618
12 Booth, William O  1864Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15655
13 Boyles, Laura Virginia  02 Feb 1846Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9120
14 Boyles, Lollie May  16 Sep 1887Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I12326
15 Boyles, Virginia Evelyn  24 Feb 1884Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5452
16 Daniels, Frances Antoinette  Feb 1847Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5459
17 Dunn, Hannah  21 Dec 1791Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5001
18 Feist, Amelia Delilah  19 Apr 1868Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8287
19 Feist, Bertram Ferdinand  14 Jan 1875Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9018
20 Feist, Fannie  16 May 1855Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9014
21 Feist, Georgia Virginia  11 Feb 1857Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9015
22 Feist, Jacob Herman  27 May 1873Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9017
23 Feist, Jessie  03 Apr 1866Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9010
24 Feist, Margaret S.  29 Jan 1861Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9016
25 Feist, Susan Holbert  03 Mar 1877Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9019
26 Hand, Elizabeth H  28 Nov 1846Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I7443
27 Holmes, Bessie Shomo  17 Apr 1871Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I7411
28 Holmes, Elizabeth  Sep 1866Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4171
29 Holmes, Emma L  Feb 1876Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4176
30 Holmes, Frederick Bryars  07 May 1880Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4178
31 Holmes, George Weekley  14 Sep 1873Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4175
32 Holmes, Henry Ausphre  28 Nov 1884Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4180
33 Holmes, Hilary Herbert Ph.D.  12 Nov 1882Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4179
34 Holmes, Kitty W  Abt 1916Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8166
35 Holmes, Laura Eloise  06 Apr 1865Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4170
36 Holmes, Mary Calvert  Mar 1870Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4173
37 Holmes, Mary Elizabeth  ca. 1825Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5419
38 Holmes, Origen Sibley M.D.  11 Jul 1840Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5423
39 Holmes, Origen Sibley  05 Mar 1873Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I7412
40 Holmes, Pierce English  05 Sep 1878Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4177
41 Holmes, Sarah Margaret  ca. 1822Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5417
42 Holmes, Sarah Margaret  Sep 1868Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4172
43 Holmes, Thomas Galphin  02 Apr 1872Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4174
44 Holmes, Thomas Galphin  Abt 1917Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8167
45 Holmes, Willie Boyles  15 Feb 1875Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I7413
46 McConnell, Sarah Amelia  29 Apr 1891Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8288
47 McConnell, Sarah Elizabeth  21 Dec 1860Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8274
48 McConnell, Sue E  Oct 1895Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8290
49 McConnell, William  04 Mar 1853Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8273
50 McConnell, Willie Herman  14 May 1894Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8289

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Randon, Mary Louisa  02 Nov 1788Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5034
2 Steadham, Jesse  08 Nov 1788Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Belt, Eliza  Jul 1880Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15650
2 Belt, Joseph B  Apr 1880Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15626
3 Boyles, James Monroe  22 Apr 1858Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9727
4 Boyles, Lollie May  14 Feb 1888Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I12326
5 Boyles, Virginia Evelyn  21 Jan 1935Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5452
6 Bryars, Lucinda Vaughn  31 Mar 1910Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I0691
7 Daniels, Frances A  19 Jun 1922Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15581
8 Daniels, Frances Antoinette  19 Jun 1922Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5459
9 Feist, Fannie  11 Sep 1947Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9014
10 Feist, Jacob Herman  16 Oct 1952Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9017
11 Feist, Margaret S.  04 Oct 1934Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9016
12 Gerald, Cyrene  1850Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8262
13 Hays, Harriett Pamela  30 Jul 1905Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I13588
14 Holmes, Emma L  08 Nov 1926Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4176
15 Holmes, Frederick Bryars  02 Dec 1936Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4178
16 Holmes, Thomas Galphin  19 Oct 1852Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5415
17 Holmes, Thomas Galphin  08 Jul 1901Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I0841
18 Holmes, Thomas Galphin  29 Nov 1928Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I4174
19 McConnell, Sue E  22 Oct 1895Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8290
20 McDavid, Mary A  11 Aug 1857Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I10224
21 Munnerlyn, Benjamin  1846Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8261
22 Munnerlyn, Eliza Gerald  08 Jun 1884Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8266
23 Padgett, Mary Helen  12 May 1948Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I13557
24 Slaughter, Carl Morton  10 Jun 1966Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15640
25 Slaughter, Dupree P.  20 Jul 1925Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I13596
26 Slaughter, Henry Lee  13 Jan 1870Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I13590
27 Slaughter, Mayne  1902Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15647
28 Slaughter, William Harris  28 Jan 1895Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I13581
29 Slaughter, William Hays  24 Dec 1896Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I13591
30 Steadham, Jesse  Bef 22 Jan 1857Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I8235
31 Steadham, Jesse  24 May 1860Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15207
32 Wheadon, Sallie White  26 Mar 1884Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5460


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Powell, William T  23 May 1833Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I6131


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Political    Person ID 
1 McGillivray, Alexander  1783Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5051


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Belt, Thomas Wright M.D.  1 Mar 1859Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Steadham, Edward  11 Sep 1869Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I9031


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Mary W  1880Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I15649
2 Earle, Benjamin F  1880Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I10126
3 Phillips, Sarah Jane Amanda  1870Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I18496
4 Tunstall, Mary Amelia  1860Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5020
5 Tunstall, Mary Amelia  1900Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I5020
6 Weekley, John Benjamin  1870Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama I1102


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Holmes / Boyles  7 Jun 1870Tensaw, Baldwin, Alabama F2004

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