Southern Anthology

families on the frontiers of the Old South

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Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama



Latitude: 30.994331847385496, Longitude: -87.85809516906738


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bryant, Annie Augusta  28 Jan 1871Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9057
2 Bryant, Ausphera Walton  14 Jan 1868Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9067
3 Bryant, Bertram Feist  25 Oct 1902Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9078
4 Bryant, Dorothy Louise  18 Feb 1914Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9006
5 Bryant, Douglas Ormand  02 Feb 1880Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9003
6 Bryant, George Robinson  20 Jul 1877Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9020
7 Bryant, Georgia Virginia  10 Jul 1897Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9011
8 Bryant, Jessie Lee  02 Sep 1901Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9012
9 Bryant, John Ormand  09 Jul 1907Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9005
10 Bryant, Julia Annette  20 Apr 1860Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9054
11 Bryant, Laura Emma  Jan 1859Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9021
12 Bryant, Margaret Virginia  04 Apr 1865Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9055
13 Bryant, Martha Elizabeth  06 Jan 1862Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I8144
14 Bryant, May H  23 Oct 1874Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9058
15 Bryant, Percy Alexander  06 Jan 1873Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9009
16 Bryant, Percy Ausphera  04 Jun 1905Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9013
17 Bryant, Sarah Leila  23 Mar 1906Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9079
18 Bryant, Sue Vivian  13 Sep 1911Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9080
19 Bryant, William Ausphera  11 Oct 1893Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9102
20 Bryant, William Edward  24 Jul 1867Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9056
21 Bryars, Albert Brown  21 Feb 1884Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I5822
22 Bryars, Annie Moniac  31 Dec 1867Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0700
23 Bryars, Annie Pearl  31 Mar 1882Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I8128
24 Bryars, Benjamin Henry  6 Nov 1836Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0523
25 Bryars, Caroline C.  Jun 1839Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0667
26 Bryars, Charles Henry  Oct 1845Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0669
27 Bryars, Charles Henry  19 May 1892Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I5824
28 Bryars, Demaris  11 Jun 1823Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0647
29 Bryars, Edna Ruth  12 Sep 1892Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0941
30 Bryars, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1830Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0526
31 Bryars, Emma  1850Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0694
32 Bryars, Ethelbert Lazarus  1843Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0654
33 Bryars, Frederick Bertram  13 Dec 1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0945
34 Bryars, George Joseph  08 Feb 1915Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I8141
35 Bryars, Gerald  abt. 1845Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0690
36 Bryars, Isabella  1838Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0524
37 Bryars, James Arthur  6 Jul 1848Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0658
38 Bryars, James Arthur  6 Jul 1890Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I6094
39 Bryars, James Hamilton  17 Dec 1889Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I5412
40 Bryars, James Lazarus  07 Dec 1832Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0120
41 Bryars, Jesse Floyd M.D.  23 Nov 1880Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I5821
42 Bryars, John Augustus  6 Apr 1845Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0657
43 Bryars, Laura  1 May 1886Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I6092
44 Bryars, Leslie Hays  01 Apr 1883Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I6091
45 Bryars, Letha Ann  13 Sep 1886Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I5823
46 Bryars, Louisa  1857Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0697
47 Bryars, Marion  23 Aug 1847Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0693
48 Bryars, Marion  17 Feb 1883Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0936
49 Bryars, Mary Catherine  Feb 1834Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0525
50 Bryars, Mazie Velma  24 Jan 1910Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9087

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Becker, Mary M  26 Sep 1997Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9674
2 Belt, Guy Joseph  10 Sep 1935Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15653
3 Booth, Tabitha  6 Jan 1954Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15619
4 Brown, Sarah Louisa  30 Nov 1898Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I4156
5 Bryant, Annie Augusta  07 Sep 1873Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9057
6 Bryant, Ausphera Walton  30 Jan 1905Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9007
7 Bryant, Ausphera Walton  31 Mar 1927Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9067
8 Bryant, Dorothy Louise  12 May 1988Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9006
9 Bryant, Douglas Ormand  31 Aug 1960Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9003
10 Bryant, Georgia Virginia  08 Mar 1980Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9011
11 Bryant, Jessie Lee  07 May 1983Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9012
12 Bryant, Julia Annette  06 Sep 1927Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9054
13 Bryant, Martha Elizabeth  12 Mar 1936Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I8144
14 Bryant, Percy Alexander  13 Sep 1956Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9009
15 Bryant, William Ausphera  12 Aug 1957Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9102
16 Bryant, William Edward  24 Dec 1933Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9056
17 Bryars, Annie Irene  29 Apr 2005Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I6124
18 Bryars, Annie Moniac  13 May 1938Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0700
19 Bryars, Annie Pearl  13 Dec 1957Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I8128
20 Bryars, Caroline C.  08 Dec 1920Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0667
21 Bryars, Charles Edward  1843Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0518
22 Bryars, Charles Henry  14 Mar 1914Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0669
23 Bryars, George Joseph  31 Oct 1993Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I8141
24 Bryars, James Arthur  02 Jan 2011Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9002
25 Bryars, James Hamilton  21 Oct 1918Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I5412
26 Bryars, Leslie Hays  07 Oct 1910Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I6091
27 Bryars, Marion  21 Jun 1902Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0693
28 Bryars, Marion  12 Sep 1928Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0936
29 Bryars, Matilda Jane  02 Mar 1925Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0677
30 Bryars, Paul Jackson  12 Oct 2004Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9096
31 Bryars, Red Berry  Jan 1870Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0675
32 Bryars, Reese Howard  Jan 1904Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0655
33 Bryars, Robert Franklin  16 Feb 1921Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0656
34 Bryars, Susan  20 Jun 1930Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0665
35 Bryars, Thomas Jefferson  28 Feb 1908Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0660
36 Bryars, Virgie D  27 Sep 2005Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9088
37 Bryars, Virginia Emma  04 Sep 1903Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I1149
38 Carter, Sarah Darrington  24 Jan 1898Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15613
39 Catrett, Annie Eliza  10 Jan 1939Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15034
40 Catrett, George W  15 Sep 1899Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15031
41 Catrett, Mary Leona  9 Aug 1917Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15041
42 Catrett, William B  25 Jun 1903Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15042
43 Catrett, Willis W  19 Oct 1910Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9502
44 Coghlan, Charles Maynard  Mar 1983Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I7434
45 Cox, John Richard  28 Jul 1916Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9081
46 Cox, Morton Douglas  14 Jan 1982Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I4181
47 Crosby, Albert Brown  27 Oct 1929Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15199
48 Crosby, Lillie Maud  2 Mar 1942Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15704
49 Davis, Fannie  08 Jun 1982Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I6127
50 Duck, Henry Jackson  23 Jun 1929Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I10116

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cox, Young Ausphera  Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9082


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Bryars, William Lawson  15 Apr 1862Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0648
2 Myles, Joseph W  15 Apr 1862Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I6086
3 Stiggins, James Gray  15 Apr 1863Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I7790


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Hall, Gerald Byrne  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I10535


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Thaddeus C  1860Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I10238
2 Barlow, Thaddeus C  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I10238
3 Boone, Origine  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I5849
4 Booth, Camilla  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15610
5 Booth, Mary Mills  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15618
6 Bryant, Ausphera Walton  1880Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9007
7 Bryant, Ausphera Walton  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9007
8 Bryars, Isabella  09 Jul 1860Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0524
9 Bryars, James Arthur  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I6094
10 Bryars, Otis Buford  1917Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0942
11 Buzbee, Andrew H  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I3774
12 Buzbee, Cameron  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I3768
13 Buzbee, Effie  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I3767
14 Buzbee, Ella L  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I3769
15 Buzbee, Frank Jackson  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I4155
16 Buzbee, Herbert C  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I3772
17 Buzbee, Lawrence  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0763
18 Buzbee, Lee  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0764
19 Buzbee, Michael C  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I3770
20 Buzbee, Minnie  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I3766
21 Buzbee, Ruby E  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I3771
22 Catrett, M Elizabeth  1880Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I16209
23 Catrett, Willis  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15029
24 Crosby, Matilda Evelyn  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0261
25 Dean, Thomas R  1880Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15024
26 Dean, Thomas R  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15024
27 Hadley, Thomas Joseph  09 Jul 1860Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I0837
28 Hastie, Augusta Levia  1880Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15713
29 McGhee, Nancy  1860Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I13530
30 McGill, Gerald Byrne  1860Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I9383
31 Moniac, Samuel  1860Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I5144
32 Waters, Annie Eliza  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I15030
33 Weekley, John Benjamin  1900Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama I1102


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bryars / Fickling  1842Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama F0222
2 Bryars / Richerson  18 Jan 1881Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama F0270

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