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Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama



City/Town : Latitude: 32.3668052, Longitude: -86.29996890000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barr, Mattie Lee  1 Jun 1882Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I17219
2 Bryars, George Tunstall  14 Apr 1961Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I7462
3 Dickinson, Alford Harrison  3 May 1837Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1338
4 Dickinson, Catherine Amanda  6 Jan 1833Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1344
5 Dickinson, David Rippetoe  6 Jan 1833Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1343
6 Dickinson, Eliza Ann Jane  27 Jan 1823Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1339
7 Dickinson, Joel Shadrack  1844Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1333
8 Elmore, Charles Gunter  30 Jan 1878Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I26280
9 Harrell, Benjamin Earle  21 Jan 1863Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I18619
10 Harrell, Ella Caroline  9 May 1865Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I18620
11 Harrell, Margaret Pickens  Apr 1861Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I18618
12 Harrell, William Yancey  1859Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I18622
13 Hornsby, William Lee  7 Aug 1925Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I17879
14 Moreno, Alma  5 Jul 1927Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I18460
15 Newsom, Charles Ridley  28 Oct 1899Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I26296
16 Newsom, Elizabeth Elmore  6 Jan 1939Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I26282
17 Newsom, Gunter Elwood  15 Jun 1945Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I26284
18 Sanford, Camilla Madge  30 Sep 1887Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I9793
19 Sanford, John William Augustine III  03 Nov 1864Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I9429
20 Semmes, Richard Adams  07 Aug 1914Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I8880
21 Simms, Clarke A.  15 Aug 1919Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2199
22 Taylor, Albert James  20 Aug 1890Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I6565
23 Taylor, Edward Fisher  28 Dec 1883Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I6564
24 Taylor, Tilghman Bellinger  03 May 1881Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I6563


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Marion  23 Jan 1918Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2045
2 Baldwin, Moses S  8 Dec 1960Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2646
3 Barrington, Ulbert M  9 Jul 1966Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I17808
4 Bird, Caroline  8 Dec 1859Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I18610
5 Bobe, Francis B  Jul 1865Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I8739
6 Bryars, Ida Elizabeth  31 Aug 1948Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1108
7 Byrd, Jennings Murray  2 Dec 2017Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I0281
8 Byrne, Frederick W.  1 Oct 1965Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I13780
9 Catrett, Willie Washington  21 Sep 1983Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I9504
10 Cleckler, Eveline  19 Mar 2007Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I20683
11 Connell, Andrew Mack  19 Apr 1973Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I20541
12 Cotton, Myrtis  15 Oct 1965Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2197
13 Crum, Martha Mobley  4 Mar 1915Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I23445
14 Dailey, Henry Grady  17 Jun 1973Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I9279
15 Davis, Sarah  13 Mar 2002Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I18441
16 Dickinson, Catherine Amanda  22 Jun 1833Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1344
17 Dickinson, David Rippetoe  1 Apr 1833Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1343
18 Dickinson, Eugenia Benson  26 Feb 1995Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I8981
19 Dickinson, Isaac  30 Aug 1820Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I0384
20 Dickinson, Loretta L  06 Mar 1972Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I8980
21 Earle, Leila  02 Mar 1944Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I9124
22 Edwards, James Harrison  22 Jan 1947Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I20650
23 Edwards, Larry Dale  5 Feb 2004Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I20688
24 Edwards, Roland Roosevelt  20 Nov 2006Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I20684
25 Elmore, Theodore Gunter  13 Feb 1992Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I26279
26 Fields, Myrtle L  23 Nov 1976Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I8879
27 Fincher, Charles Forest  19 Mar 1965Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I16410
28 Flowers, Arthur Lee  18 Mar 1962Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I6395
29 Franklin, James Efford  30 Sep 1941Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I7899
30 Gregory, Florence Leona  10 Jun 1972Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I26288
31 Hadley, Zerrifer  21 Jun 1950Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I0838
32 Headley, Lula  6 Aug 1964Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I20670
33 Hornsby, Aubrey Thomas  22 May 1982Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I17880
34 Hornsby, Jack  3 Dec 1978Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I17886
35 Hornsby, William Lee  11 Apr 2005Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I17879
36 James, Alma Erline  11 Jul 1927Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I18459
37 Lamar, Lucy Loretta  26 Jan 1954Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I8976
38 Lane, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1970Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I16409
39 Lane, Robert Edwin  5 Jun 1966Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I16414
40 Lanier, Wilhelmina  27 Mar 1947Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I4633
41 Lee, Edwin Coleman  12 Jul 1951Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I8175
42 Long, Margaret Aisley  3 Jun 1928Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I14043
43 Lowery, James T  27 Dec 1947Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I5958
44 Masingill, George Kilpatrick  8 May 2000Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I15932
45 Masingill, James Walker  27 Feb 1985Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I15933
46 Masingill, Sadie  21 Apr 1998Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I15931
47 Mastin, Linville Ray  27 Oct 1997Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I7711
48 McCord, Emma Lydia  7 Jun 1953Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I18181
49 McGill, Clara  21 Jul 1966Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I9275
50 Meriwether, Elizabeth Thornton  2 Oct 1846Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I26343

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Lane, Thomas S. M.D.  2 Jun 1862Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I16431


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Taylor, Albert James  1900Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I6561
2 Taylor, Tilghman Bellinger  Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I6563


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Adams, Marion  1910Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2045
2 Camp, John Putnam  1920Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1476
3 Camp, John Putnam  1930Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1476
4 Cotton, Myrtis  1910Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2197
5 Cotton, Myrtis  1930Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2197
6 Rogers, Ruby  1920Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1480
7 Rogers, Ruby  1930Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1480
8 Semmes, Aubrey Middleton  Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2050
9 Semmes, Aubrey Middleton  1910Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2050
10 Semmes, Eunice McDaniel  1910Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2049
11 Semmes, Marion  1910Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2047
12 Semmes, Raphael  1910Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2046
13 Semmes, Raphael  1910Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1587
14 Semmes, Richard Adams  Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2048
15 Semmes, Richard Adams  1910Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2048
16 Simms, Clarke A.  Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2199
17 Simms, Clarke Alpheus  1910Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1170
18 Simms, Clarke Alpheus  1930Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I1170
19 Simms, Kathleen  1910Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I2198
20 Wolfe, John Henry  Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I3668


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Title    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, John Kermit Jr.  1976Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I0042
2 Dickinson, John Kermit Jr.  1990Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama I0042


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dickinson / Edwards  12 Feb 1821Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama F0177
2 Dickinson / Miller  29 Dec 1825Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama F0178
3 Dickinson / Rippetoe  2 Apr 1822Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama F0346
4 Elmore / Welch  6 Apr 1904Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama F8156
5 Harrell / Yancey  11 Nov 1858Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama F5795
6 Meriwether / Stone  14 Jan 1820Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama F1473
7 Moreno / James  10 Nov 1925Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama F5755
8 Newsom / Elmore  7 Nov 1936Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama F8155
9 Newsom / Gregory  23 Dec 1913Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama F8159

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