Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Macon, Bibb, Georgia



City/Town : Latitude: 32.8406946, Longitude: -83.6324022


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Alice Mildred  ca. 1905Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18368
2 Brown, Charles O  ca. 1903Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18367
3 Brown, John R  7 Nov 1896Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18366
4 Brown, Mary Marguerite  2 May 1892Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18364
5 Brown, Sallie C  Sep 1894Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18365
6 Buzbee, William Harrison  1833Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0759
7 Cason, Mary Emma  15 Nov 1850Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18326
8 Cason, Sarah M  3 Aug 1844Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18325
9 Cone, James Gilbert  3 Jan 1909Macon, Bibb, Georgia I16333
10 Holliman, Annie Laurie  Apr 1895Macon, Bibb, Georgia I8869
11 Holliman, William Jelks  20 Jul 1892Macon, Bibb, Georgia I8868
12 Hurt, Hammet Byrd  26 Jun 1867Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18320
13 Johnson, Betty Delores  ca. 1929Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18351
14 Johnson, James Bernard  6 Mar 1921Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18350
15 Jordan, Eunice  18 Feb 1893Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22577
16 Ousley, Ida  1 Apr 1860Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22572
17 Ousley, Julia Lee  Feb 1872Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22574
18 Ousley, Mary  1850Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22575
19 Ousley, Newday B  May 1848Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22568
20 Ousley, Samuel P M.D.  Nov 1863Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22573
21 Ousley, Thomas Davis  5 Apr 1857Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22571
22 Sherwood, Albert T  1919Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18346
23 Sherwood, Ami Traywick  16 Apr 1880Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18355
24 Sherwood, Angeline  10 Mar 1911Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18342
25 Sherwood, Cason  20 Jun 1924Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18348
26 Sherwood, Clarence Beauford  20 Jul 1897Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18339
27 Sherwood, Ferris  8 Dec 1897Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18359
28 Sherwood, Ida McElroy  7 Mar 1891Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18358
29 Sherwood, Jack  6 Oct 1917Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18344
30 Sherwood, John Henry  29 Mar 1886Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18356
31 Sherwood, Lillian Ruth  20 Dec 1899Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18340
32 Sherwood, Martha Esther  20 Feb 1889Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18357
33 Sherwood, Maude E  24 Aug 1903Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18341
34 Sherwood, William  ca. 1871Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18361
35 Sherwood, William E  5 Aug 1848Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18336
36 Sherwood, Willie  10 Sep 1905Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18353
37 Speer, Alice  31 Oct 1857Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18751
38 Speer, Antoinette  8 Mar 1844Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18755
39 Speer, Eugene P  1843Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18746
40 Speer, Henry Alexander  28 Jul 1841Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18745
41 Wilson, Leila Belle  28 Jan 1864Macon, Bibb, Georgia I25504


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Askew, Christine  16 Oct 1959Macon, Bibb, Georgia I16916
2 Beall, Henry Otho  28 Dec 1906Macon, Bibb, Georgia I21333
3 Bradley, Mary Guyton  8 Aug 1972Macon, Bibb, Georgia I26310
4 Busbee, Kline Daniel  05 Jan 1931Macon, Bibb, Georgia I7046
5 Cason, Mary Emma  25 Apr 1876Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18326
6 Cason, Sarah M  30 Mar 1909Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18325
7 Cason, William H  15 Oct 1899Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18324
8 Clay, Joseph  1 Nov 1981Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18343
9 Hilsman, Josephine  Dec 1982Macon, Bibb, Georgia I10353
10 Holliman, Virginia  06 Jan 1973Macon, Bibb, Georgia I8867
11 Holliman, William Spivey  24 Dec 1904Macon, Bibb, Georgia I8864
12 Jelks, Albert Augustus  20 Jul 1956Macon, Bibb, Georgia I8875
13 Jelks, John Joseph  11 May 1911Macon, Bibb, Georgia I8821
14 Jelks, Mary  01 Dec 1925Macon, Bibb, Georgia I8836
15 Jelks, Virginia  29 May 1918Macon, Bibb, Georgia I8863
16 Johnson, James Bernard  28 Sep 1993Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18350
17 Johnson, James William  8 Sep 1966Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18349
18 Lipps, Nannie  6 Nov 1914Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18313
19 McElroy, Juliette Esther  9 Jun 1927Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18354
20 McKinley, Charlie Earl  11 Sep 1997Macon, Bibb, Georgia I16903
21 McKinley, Julian Clyde  7 Oct 2003Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22372
22 McKinley, Margret Grace  13 Sep 2014Macon, Bibb, Georgia I23646
23 McKinley, Sarah Jane  21 Mar 1941Macon, Bibb, Georgia I0294
24 Orr, Malcolm Ware  04 Jun 1954Macon, Bibb, Georgia I4091
25 Ousley, Ida  29 Aug 1895Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22572
26 Ousley, Martha Wooldridge  21 Jan 1894Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18288
27 Ousley, Newday B  31 Jan 1919Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22568
28 Ousley, Robert Franklin  19 Jan 1894Macon, Bibb, Georgia I12179
29 Ousley, Samuel P M.D.  26 Jan 1921Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22573
30 Ousley, Thomas Davis  30 Sep 1921Macon, Bibb, Georgia I22571
31 Sherwood, Ami Traywick  2 Dec 1951Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18355
32 Sherwood, Lillian Ruth  14 Dec 1978Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18340
33 Sherwood, Martha Esther  24 Dec 1950Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18357
34 Sherwood, Willie  6 Mar 1981Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18353
35 Slade, Janet Elizabeth  11 Apr 1914Macon, Bibb, Georgia I13986
36 Speer, Antoinette  8 May 1844Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18755
37 Speer, Arthur Middleton M.D.  23 Jun 1931Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18752
38 Speer, Emory  13 Dec 1918Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18757
39 Wilson, Louisa Carolyn  31 Jul 1989Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18352
40 Wimbish, Ada Adula  25 Apr 1921Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18329
41 Wimbish, John S  7 Sep 1924Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18327
42 Wimbish, William Cason  13 Jun 1922Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Speer, Emory  1893 - 1918Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18757


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Holsey, John G  4 Nov 1863Macon, Bibb, Georgia I3143


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Golucke, James Wingfield  6 Jul 1903Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Political    Person ID 
1 Speer, Emory  18 Feb 1885Macon, Bibb, Georgia I18757


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Harold Cook  1930Macon, Bibb, Georgia I2954
2 Atkinson, Lily  1930Macon, Bibb, Georgia I2969
3 Atkinson, Mallory Cook  1930Macon, Bibb, Georgia I2955
4 Gorman, Thomas B  1850Macon, Bibb, Georgia I17579
5 Hardee, Theophilus  1860Macon, Bibb, Georgia I1385
6 Marchman, Grace  1940Macon, Bibb, Georgia I16904
7 McKinley, Charlie Earl  1940Macon, Bibb, Georgia I16903
8 Norris, George Pressley  Macon, Bibb, Georgia I3523
9 Ousley, Robert Franklin  1890Macon, Bibb, Georgia I12179