Southern Anthology

families on the frontiers of the Old South

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London, England



City/Town : Latitude: 51.50092368183883, Longitude: -0.12621402740478516


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom  21 Apr 1926London, England I24436
2 Atkyns, Joan  1528London, England I1967
3 Bingham, Rosalind Cecilia Caroline Dcss of Abercorn, DBE  26 Feb 1869London, England I25070
4 Bowes-Lyon, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Queen consort of the United Kingdom  4 Aug 1900London, England I24435
5 Braunschweig, Karl Georg Augustus Hereditary Prince of Brunswick  8 Feb 1766London, England I24351
6 Brudenell-Bruce, George William Frederick 2nd Marquess of Ailesbury  20 Nov 1804London, England I25550
7 Bulteel, Louisa Emily Charlotte  1839London, England  I25075
8 Cecil, Robert 1st Earl of Salisbury  1 Jun 1563London, England I10490
9 Chaucer, Geoffrey  ca. 1343London, England I24045
10 Connaught, Alistair Arthur of 2nd Duke of Connaught and Strathearn  9 Aug 1914London, England I25604
11 Devereaux, Frances Duchess of Somerset  30 Sep 1599London, England I13691
12 Devereaux, Robert 3rd Earl of Essex KB PC  11 Jan 1591London, England I14061
13 Gallot, Alexina Sophia  7 Mar 1821London, England I25406
14 Guest, Christian Henry Charles  15 Feb 1874London, England I25172
15 Guest, Frederick Edward CBE, DSO  14 Jun 1875London, England I25173
16 Heneage, Elizabeth  9 Jul 1556London, England I18052
17 Herbert, David Alexander Reginald  3 Oct 1908London, England I25502
18 Herbert, George Robert Charles 13th Earl of Pembroke  6 Jul 1850London, England I25467
19 Herbert, Mary Caroline Marchioness of Ailesbury  22 Mar 1813London, England I25396
20 Herbert, Michael Henry CB, PC, KCMG  25 Jun 1857London, England I25470
21 Herbert, Robert Henry 12th Earl of Pembroke  19 Sep 1791London, England I25389
22 Howard, George 6th Earl of Carlisle, KG, PC, FRS  17 Sep 1773London, England I25079
23 Howard, William George 8th Earl of Carlisle  23 Feb 1808London, England I25085
24 Lennox, Charles 1st Duke of Richmond  29 Jul 1672London, England I25364
25 Leveson-Gower, Edward Frederick  3 May 1819London, England I25267
26 Leveson-Gower, William Spencer 4th Earl Granville, KG GCVO CB DSO  11 Jul 1880London, England I25273
27 Lowther, Gladys Mary Juliet  9 Apr 1881London, England I25531
28 Moleyns, William M.P.  7 Jan 1378London, England I11324
29 of England, Matilda Duchess of Saxony  Jun 1156London, England I10832
30 of Lancaster, Edmund "Crouchback" 1st Earl of Lancaster and Leicester  16 Jan 1245London, England I11000
31 Paget, Beatrice Eleanor Ctss of Pembroke, CBE  22 Jun 1883London, England I25499
32 Poyntz, Georgiana Elizabeth  27 Mar 1799London, England I12022
33 Poyntz, Stephen  12 Nov 1685London, England I11996
34 Ramsay, Alexander Arthur Alfonso David Maule  21 Dec 1919London, England I25603
35 Ramsay, Alexander Robert Maule  29 May 1881London, England I25602
36 Romanovsky-Ilyinsky, Paul Dmitriievic  27 Jan 1928London, England I24895
37 Spencer, Adelaide Margaret Delia  26 Jun 1889London, England I12031
38 Spencer, Albert Edward John 7th Earl Spencer  23 May 1892London, England I12032
39 Spencer, Alexandra Margaret Elizabeth  4 Jul 1906London, England I12036
40 Spencer, Cecil Edward Robert  1894London, England I12033
41 Spencer, Edward John 8th Earl Spencer  24 Jan 1924London, England I12038
42 Spencer, George Charles  15 Aug 1903London, England I12035
43 Spencer, Lavinia Emily  29 Sep 1899London, England I12034
44 Spencer-Churchill, John Albert William 10th Duke of Marlborough  18 Sep 1897London, England I25208
45 Spencer-Churchill, Lillian Maud  9 Jul 1873London, England I25165
46 Spencer-Churchill, Louisa  2 Jan 1821London, England I25135
47 Spencer-Churchill, Marigold Frances  15 Nov 1918London, England I25300
48 Spencer-Churchill, Rosamund Jane Frances  9 Nov 1851London, England I25150


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 à Court Repington, Mary Elizabeth Baroness Herbert of Lea  30 Oct 1911London, England I25464
2 ap Thomas, William  1445London, England I11436
3 Baring, Edward Charles 1st Baron Revelstoke  17 Jul 1897London, England I25074
4 Beauchamp, John Paveley de 1st Baron Beauchamp de Warwick, KG  2 Dec 1360London, England I22076
5 Beauclerk, Charles 2nd Duke of Saint Albans, KG, KB  27 Jul 1751London, England I25365
6 Beauclerk, Vere 1st Baron Vere of Hanworth  21 Oct 1781London, England I25368
7 Berkeley, Maurice 3rd Baron Berkeley  Sep 1506London, England I10986
8 Berkeley, William 2nd Lord of Berkeley  14 Feb 1491London, England I11447
9 Bland, John  1632London, England I1964
10 Brooke, Henry 11th Baron Cobham  24 Jan 1619London, England I10488
11 Cavendish, Harriet Elizabeth  1862London, England I25077
12 Cavendish-Bentinck, Cecelia Nina Ctss of Strathmore and Kinghorne GCVO DStJ  23 Jun 1938London, England I25252
13 Chaucer, Geoffrey  25 Oct 1400London, England I24045
14 Connaught, Arthur of KG  12 Sep 1938London, England I24611
15 Courtenay of Powderham, William 3rd Earl of Devon  24 Jun 1630London, England I13274
16 de Hastings, Matilda  Abt 1255London, England I11488
17 de Quincy, Robert I  1217London, England I14554
18 Deblere, Susan  1 Feb 1664/65London, England I1965
19 Despenser, Isabel le Countess of Worcester and Warwick  27 Dec1439London, England I12992
20 Devereaux, Penelope Countess of Devonshire  7 Jul 1607London, England I13952
21 Devereaux, Robert 3rd Earl of Essex KB PC  14 Sep 1646London, England I14061
22 Dryden, John  May 1700London, England I13782
23 Dryden, Stephen  1591London, England I2003
24 Dudley, Ambrose 3rd Earl of Warwick, KG  21 Feb 1590London, England I24961
25 Dudley, Mary  9 Aug 1586London, England I14068
26 Duff, Maud Alexandra Victoria Georgina Bertha Ctss of Southesk  14 Dec 1945London, England I24610
27 England, Beatrice of Countess of Richmond  24 Mar 1275London, England I10918
28 Fitzroy, Charlotte Ctss of Lichfield  17 Feb 1717/18London, England I16557
29 Gill, Ruth Sylvia Baroness Fermoy, DCVO, OBE  6 Jul 1993London, England I25071
30 Grey, Mary  20 Apr 1578London, England I10465
31 Hamilton, James 2nd Duke of Abercorn KG CB PC (Ire)  3 Jan 1913London, England I25068
32 Hamilton, James 3rd Duke of Abercorn, KG KP PC  12 Sep 1953London, England I25060
33 Herbert, Michael George  26 Sep 1932London, England I25529
34 Howard, Douglas Baroness Sheffield  1608London, England I13950
35 Howard, Henry 1st Earl of Northampton, KG  15 Jun 1614London, England I14175
36 Hügel, Friedrich von  27 Jan 1925London, England I25481
37 la Zouche, Alan Justiciar of Ireland  10 Aug 1270London, England I14403
38 Mandeville, Geoffrey de 2nd Earl of Essex  23 Feb 1216London, England I11519
39 Manigualt, Peter  12 Nov 1773London, England I23773
40 McGillivray, Alexander  Jul 1802London, England I5121
41 Merenberg, Sophie of Ctss de Torby  14 Sep 1927London, England I24503
42 Merenberg, Sophie of Ctss of Torbay  14 Sep 1927London, England I24717
43 Mountbatten, George 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven  8 Apr 1938London, England I24507
44 Mowbray, John Earl of Nottingham  1380London, England I12627
45 Murfyn, Thomas Mayor of London  1523London, England I25008
46 Neville, John 3rd Baron Latimer  2 Mar 1543London, England I16813
47 Neville, John 4th Baron Latimer  22 Apr 1577London, England I13719
48 Owsley, Catherine  13 Feb 1809London, England I12120
49 Owsley, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1721London, England I12122
50 Owsley, Newdigate  23 Oct 1714London, England I6822

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brandon, Anne Baroness Grey of Powys  London, England I13796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Hungerford, Walter 1st Baron Hungerford, KG  21 July 1417 -29 Sept. 1421London, England I11032
2 Poyntz, Anthony  Apr 1521London, England I1974
3 Poyntz of Frampton, Gloucester, Anthony  Nov 1567London, England I3980
4 Spencer-Churchill, John Winston 7th Duke of Marlborough, KG, PC  1866London, England I25136
5 Spencer-Churchill, John Winston 7th Duke of Marlborough, KG, PC  10 Jul 1866London, England I25136


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal    Person ID 
1 Cobham, Eleanor  Jul 1441London, England I15051
2 of Lancaster, Humphrey 1st Duke of Gloucester, 1st Earl of Pembroke, KG  Jul 1441London, England I12360


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Office    Person ID 
1 Beauchamp of Alcester, Walter de  1289London, England I20391
2 Beauchamp of Powyck and Alcester, John de 1st Baron Beauchamp of Powyck, KG  1450London, England I26048
3 Fitz-James, John  1526London, England I26103
4 Herbert, Sidney 14th Earl of Pembroke, PC, GCVO  16 July1895 - 4 Dec 1905London, England I25468
5 Tyndal, John  17 Sep 1598London, England I26025
6 Winthrop, John  1627London, England I17383


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Political    Person ID 
1 Spencer-Churchill, Winston Leonard KG  Oct 1911London, England  I25157
2 Tudor, Edward VI King of England  20 Feb 1547London, England I10458
3 Verney, Ralph I Lord Mayor of London, MP  1465London, England I13032
4 Wake, Thomas 2nd Baron Wake  1327London, England I12390


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Title    Person ID 
1 FitzPeter, Geoffrey 1st Earl of Essex  27 May 1199London, England I14829
2 Marshal, William 1st Earl of Pembroke  27 May 1199London, England I11102
3 of York, Richard 3rd Duke of York, KG  27 Mar 1454 - 9 Feb 1455London, England I9611
4 Stuart, Charles II King of Great Britain  29 May 1630London, England I16558
5 Stuart, Charles II King of Great Britain  1 Jan 1660London, England I16558
6 Verney, Ralph I Lord Mayor of London, MP  22 May 1471London, England I13032


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Wales  2 May 1816London, England F7706
2 Balsan / Vanderbilt  4 Jul 1921London, England F7840
3 Beauclerk / Chambers  13 Apr 1736London, England F7889
4 Bernadotte / Nissvandt  11 Mar 1932London, England F7971
5 Bretagne / Holand  May 1366London, England F4469
6 Carnegie / Duff  12 Nov 1923London, England F7962
7 FitzAlan / Portugal  Apr 1411London, England F6150
8 Lambton / Hamilton  23 May 1854London, England F7929
9 Mountbatten / Torby  15 Nov 1916London, England F7585


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 St. John / Spencer  10 Mar 1768London, England F7872

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