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families on the frontiers of the Old South

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Eliska, Monroe, Alabama


Notes: Also known as Mt. Pleasant.

Location : Latitude: 31.352668, Longitude: -87.68304799999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Agnes  Abt 1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7561
2 Barnes, George English  27 May 1877Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7560
3 Barnes, Mary English  22 Feb 1874Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7559
4 Barnes, Sophia English  19 Oct 1882Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7562
5 Boyles, Andrew Jackson  13 Feb 1854Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7777
6 Boyles, Aubrey  09 Oct 1878Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7984
7 Boyles, Charles Weatherford  11 Mar 1862Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7778
8 Boyles, Hon. David Houston  12 Oct 1843Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I0842
9 Boyles, Garnet  Jan 1883Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7986
10 Boyles, Joseph  Oct 1849Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7775
11 Boyles, Josephine  Abt 1846Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7773
12 Boyles, Leslie C  13 Oct 1870Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7772
13 Boyles, Lorenzo  Abt 1852Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7776
14 Boyles, Mary  Abt 1864Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7781
15 Boyles, Pearl  30 May 1885Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7987
16 Boyles, Rebecca  Abt 1856Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7779
17 Boyles, Ruby  30 Jul 1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7985
18 Boyles, Scarborough G  Abt 1848Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7774
19 Boyles, Walter  Abt 1867Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7782
20 Boyles, William  Abt 1859Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7780
21 Byrne, Robert Walter  4 Mar 1885Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I13774
22 Cole, Lily B  04 Mar 1907Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9879
23 Dean, Bennett Andrew  8 Oct 1874Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I16191
24 Deaux, Howard Morgan  20 Jan 1900Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I6423
25 Driesbach, Maude  06 Sep 1861Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9670
26 English, Agnes  18 Apr 1856Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7557
27 English, Agnes  08 Nov 1905Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9863
28 English, Alice Deas  12 Apr 1897Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9876
29 English, Alice Lucille  07 Jul 1909Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9870
30 English, Arthur McClellan  17 Mar 1848Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7556
31 English, Arthur McClellan  Mar 1881Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9871
32 English, Arthur McClellan  08 Feb 1903Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9868
33 English, Bush Slaughter  23 Nov 1883Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9872
34 English, Edmund Thomas  29 Mar 1901Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9867
35 English, Elizabeth Steinmetz  1841Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9880
36 English, Frances  Dec 1885Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9873
37 English, George McClellan  9 Dec 1844Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7555
38 English, Helen Darrington  17 Feb 1847Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7552
39 English, Inez Blanche  1907Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9869
40 English, James  Mar 1899Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9877
41 English, John  Apr 1889Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9874
42 English, John Murray  17 Sep 1902Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9878
43 English, Robert Morrisette  22 Sep 1893Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9875
44 English, Thomas Deas  13 Oct 1879Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9864
45 Farrish, Clarence Gladden  27 Sep 1908Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5397
46 Ferrell, Minnie  13 Feb 1854Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7983
47 Goodloe, Anna  Mar 1885Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9815
48 Goodloe, Bertrand Hibbard  19 Sep 1897Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9819
49 Goodloe, Douglas George  01 Mar 1893Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9818
50 Goodloe, Elizabeth  Aug 1887Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9816

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Becker, Earl Van Dorn  26 Sep 1909Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9672
2 Boyles, Leslie C  25 Apr 1895Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7772
3 Byrne, Thomas Morgan  10 Sep 1902Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I13769
4 Dean, Sherod Louis  8 Oct 1899Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I16146
5 Driesbach, Maude  19 May 1923Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9670
6 English, Arthur McClellan  31 Aug 1926Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7556
7 English, George McClellan  13 Jan 1866Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7555
8 English, Helen Darrington  03 Jul 1887Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7552
9 English, Mary McClellan  27 Mar 1942Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7558
10 English, Thomas Cassander  02 Jun 1884Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7553
11 English, Thomas Deas  08 Feb 1924Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9864
12 King, Virginia Adeline  03 Jan 1911Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5384
13 Lambert, Emily  2 Sep 1939Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I16187
14 Loftin, Delilah  10 Oct 1911Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I17010
15 McClellan, Frederica Sarah  20 Dec 1899Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7554
16 Northrop, Sara Eleanor  13 Dec 1919Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5390
17 Page, Martha Lenora  7 Jul 1909Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I16147
18 Scott, Charles Lewis  30 Apr 1899Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9902
19 Scott, Robert Gormain  31 Jan 1927Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9904
20 Shipp, Ida Bell  23 Jun 1973Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I16194
21 Shomo, Joseph Weatherford  11 Oct 1898Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5243
22 Shomo, Rosa  31 Aug 1930Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5364
23 Shomo, Virginia  21 May 1895Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5245
24 Sizemore, Alexander Moniac  Nov 1911Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5708
25 Stiggins, Mary  1832Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5171
26 Stiggins, Susannah  1865Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5728
27 Tunstall, Elizabeth Barker  Bef 1864Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5028
28 Weatherford, Charles  13 Jun 1894Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5186
29 Weatherford, John Dyer  18 Aug 1927Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7745
30 Weatherford, Rosanna M  01 Sep 1845Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7365
31 Weatherford, Thomas Waller  18 Jan 1941Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5361
32 Wheadon, Mary Elizabeth  03 Dec 1886Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5248
33 Willisson, Harriet  14 Jul 1899Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9903


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Sizemore, George W  20 Apr 1862Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5730


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Deaux, Charles Edward  28 Jun 1900Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I6421
2 English, Thomas Cassander  1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I7553
3 Hathcock, Silas James  1900Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I9734
4 Hollinger, Mary Ella  1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5160
5 King, Mary Shomo  1900Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5383
6 King, Mary Shomo  1910Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5383
7 King, Virginia Adeline  1910Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5384
8 Loftin, Delilah  1900Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I17010
9 Marlow, Susan  1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5695
10 Moniac, James R  1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5696
11 Moniac, Samuel  1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5144
12 Northrop, Samuel Edward  1910Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5386
13 Shomo, Joseph Weatherford  1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5243
14 Shomo, William Augustus  1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5246
15 Shomo, William Augustus  1900Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5246
16 Shomo, William Augustus  1910Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5246
17 Sizemore, Alexander Moniac  1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5708
18 Sizemore, Sidney Lomax  1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5746
19 Stiggins, Joseph Napoleon  1880Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I6429
20 Weatherford, Mary Ella  1900Eliska, Monroe, Alabama I5739


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Weatherford / Staples  28 Feb 1861Eliska, Monroe, Alabama F1576

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