Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Coosa County, Alabama



County/Shire : Latitude: 32.89751755188068, Longitude: -86.22046617619628


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Ann  Abt 1858Coosa County, Alabama I4888
2 Barnett, Ellen  Jul 1855Coosa County, Alabama I0996
3 Barnett, Francis  Abt. 1866Coosa County, Alabama I4890
4 Barnett, Fred  23 Feb 1851Coosa County, Alabama I4867
5 Barnett, Fred  23 Feb 1851Coosa County, Alabama I4885
6 Barnett, Jeremiah Glenn  12 Feb 1872Coosa County, Alabama I4892
7 Barnett, John  Apr 1852Coosa County, Alabama I4886
8 Barnett, Mordecai  Abt. 1854Coosa County, Alabama I4887
9 Barnett, Rhoaine  25 Mar 1868Coosa County, Alabama I4891
10 Barnett, William A  Abt 1864Coosa County, Alabama I4889
11 Fielder, Mary  22 Jun 1850Coosa County, Alabama I3248
12 Fulmer, Martha Cordelia  17 Apr 1882Coosa County, Alabama I20563
13 Harden, James Ira  7 Jul 1881Coosa County, Alabama I18462
14 Owsley, Laura Jane  Jul 1857Coosa County, Alabama I13488
15 Presley, Paul Leonard  14 Mar 1901Coosa County, Alabama I20699
16 Simms, Ada Jane  9 Oct 1856Coosa County, Alabama I1324
17 Simms, Alonzo Henry  13 Oct 1847Coosa County, Alabama I1320
18 Simms, Cora  1866Coosa County, Alabama I3973
19 Simms, Dormer Dickinson  15 Sep 1885Coosa County, Alabama I4011
20 Simms, Ellen  1871Coosa County, Alabama I3975
21 Simms, Emily Comfort  15 Apr 1850Coosa County, Alabama I1321
22 Simms, Frank  1869Coosa County, Alabama I3974
23 Simms, George Leard  Jun 1875Coosa County, Alabama I3977
24 Simms, Jessie Beall  15 May 1882Coosa County, Alabama I4012
25 Simms, John Gary  23 Mar 1862Coosa County, Alabama I1326
26 Simms, Milton  1873Coosa County, Alabama I3976
27 Simms, Nancy Catherine  14 May 1852Coosa County, Alabama I1322
28 Simms, Susan C  4 Nov 1869Coosa County, Alabama I10366
29 Simms, Susan Frances  6 Jun 1854Coosa County, Alabama I1323
30 Simms, Thomas  Aug 1872Coosa County, Alabama I10367
31 Simms, William Ready  1880Coosa County, Alabama I3978
32 Speigener, Henrietta  17 Oct 1849Coosa County, Alabama I10361


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Fred  15 Nov 1934Coosa County, Alabama I4885
2 Hagerty, Spire M  07 Dec 1849Coosa County, Alabama I8593
3 Owsley, Pleasant  Bef 1860Coosa County, Alabama I13469
4 Rippetoe, Clarissa Almira  10 Mar 1846Coosa County, Alabama I1332
5 Robinson, Henry M  27 May 1900Coosa County, Alabama I16230
6 Simms, Ada Jane  12 Jun 1889Coosa County, Alabama I1324
7 Simms, Nancy Catherine  5 Jan 1853Coosa County, Alabama I1322


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Simms, Dormer Dickinson  15 Sept 1884Coosa County, Alabama I4011


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnett / Patterson  31 Aug 1884Coosa County, Alabama F1313
2 Johnston / Holley  17 Dec 1865Coosa County, Alabama F4059
3 Owsley / Holley  27 Aug 1856Coosa County, Alabama F4058
4 Presley / Cleckler  2 Aug 1923Coosa County, Alabama F6474
5 Simms / Edwards  19 Dec 1848Coosa County, Alabama F0518