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families on the frontiers of the Old South

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Columbia County, Florida



County/Shire : Latitude: 30.1812696, Longitude: -82.605118


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anders, Charles  Aug 1863Columbia County, Florida I5541
2 Anders, John  21 Jun 1871Columbia County, Florida I12678
3 Cason, Annie Bell  16 Sep 1894Columbia County, Florida I5636
4 Farnell, Beulah  26 Feb 1877Columbia County, Florida I12749
5 Farnell, Cornelia  Apr 1882Columbia County, Florida I12751
6 Farnell, Croley M  30 Apr 1891Columbia County, Florida I12736
7 Farnell, Dessie Pauline  10 Jul 1894Columbia County, Florida I12737
8 Farnell, Ethel  Aug 1890Columbia County, Florida I12726
9 Farnell, Frank  ca. 1903Columbia County, Florida I12731
10 Farnell, George E  25 Apr 1892Columbia County, Florida I12727
11 Farnell, Henrietta  ca. 1851Columbia County, Florida I8812
12 Farnell, Henrietta  8 Oct 1872Columbia County, Florida I12748
13 Farnell, James Oliver  18 Dec 1875Columbia County, Florida I12742
14 Farnell, Jessie  8 Oct 1887Columbia County, Florida I12752
15 Farnell, Jessie L  8 Oct 1895Columbia County, Florida I12729
16 Farnell, Leila C  5 Sep 1897Columbia County, Florida I12730
17 Farnell, Lillie  5 Feb 1870Columbia County, Florida I12741
18 Farnell, Lula  2 Nov 1863Columbia County, Florida I12740
19 Farnell, Maud  27 Oct 1900Columbia County, Florida I12738
20 Farnell, Needham Jelks  13 Feb 1880Columbia County, Florida I12750
21 Farnell, Ouida  Oct 1874Columbia County, Florida I12753
22 Farnell, Perry Cleveland M.D.  4 Aug 1884Columbia County, Florida I12734
23 Farnell, Robert Henry Crockett  18 Feb 1869Columbia County, Florida I12747
24 Farnell, Russell Warwick  11 Apr 1880Columbia County, Florida I12744
25 Farnell, Tallyrand  28 Dec 1877Columbia County, Florida I12743
26 Farnell, Walter R  8 Mar 1904Columbia County, Florida I12732
27 Farnell, William Benjamin  15 Jan 1867Columbia County, Florida I12746
28 Farnell, Willie Mason  29 Jan 1894Columbia County, Florida I12728
29 Graham, Absalom  Dec 1883Columbia County, Florida I5631
30 Graham, Alvarado  06 Sep 1900Columbia County, Florida I5635
31 Graham, George Ransom  26 Jul 1886Columbia County, Florida I5637
32 Graham, Gonzalo  31 Oct 1894Columbia County, Florida I5634
33 Graham, Paul Ronel  20 Jan 1889Columbia County, Florida I5632
34 Graham, Peter  07 Dec 1887Columbia County, Florida I5633
35 Koon, Addie  Sep 1883Columbia County, Florida I5565
36 Koon, Alex  Abt 1907Columbia County, Florida I5574
37 Koon, Alpheus Cary M.D.  08 Jul 1890Columbia County, Florida I5568
38 Koon, Ellie  Abt 1902Columbia County, Florida I5572
39 Koon, Frances Melissa  15 Nov 1863Columbia County, Florida I5559
40 Koon, Henry William  29 Aug 1885Columbia County, Florida I5566
41 Koon, Horace  Abt 1900Columbia County, Florida I5571
42 Koon, Hugh  06 Jan 1899Columbia County, Florida I5570
43 Koon, James Earl  22 Feb 1892Columbia County, Florida I5569
44 Koon, Julius Edward  27 Dec 1887Columbia County, Florida I5567
45 Koon, Luther Martin  14 Jul 1859Columbia County, Florida I5557
46 Koon, Mary Alice  04 Sep 1858Columbia County, Florida I5561
47 Koon, Whitney  Abt 1902Columbia County, Florida I5573


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anders, John  11 Dec 1889Columbia County, Florida I12678
2 Anders, John R  24 Aug 1908Columbia County, Florida I8804
3 Anders, Tonda  13 Apr 1887Columbia County, Florida I12679
4 Bradshaw, Emma S  11 Oct 1912Columbia County, Florida I12739
5 Cone, John William  14 Jan 1882Columbia County, Florida I12714
6 Cone, Lavonia Ellis  1932Columbia County, Florida I12720
7 Cone, Vandella Louise  26 Sep 1943Columbia County, Florida I12724
8 Farnell, Cornelia  Jan 1961Columbia County, Florida I12751
9 Farnell, Count Pulaski  16 Aug 1887Columbia County, Florida I8811
10 Farnell, Edwin W  1937Columbia County, Florida I9419
11 Farnell, George E  14 Oct 1962Columbia County, Florida I12727
12 Farnell, Henrietta  12 Jun 1908Columbia County, Florida I12748
13 Farnell, James Oliver  14 Feb 1937Columbia County, Florida I12742
14 Farnell, James P  20 Apr 1907Columbia County, Florida I8809
15 Farnell, Leila C  27 Dec 1989Columbia County, Florida I12730
16 Farnell, Lillie  23 Apr 1873Columbia County, Florida I12741
17 Farnell, Lula  21 Sep 1894Columbia County, Florida I12740
18 Farnell, Mary Jane  04 Oct 1903Columbia County, Florida I8807
19 Farnell, Mason Tison  04 Mar 1933Columbia County, Florida I9420
20 Farnell, Ouida  1921Columbia County, Florida I12753
21 Farnell, Robert Henry Crockett  15 Oct 1924Columbia County, Florida I12747
22 Farnell, Russell Warwick  26 Apr 1960Columbia County, Florida I12744
23 Farnell, Sarah  22 Feb 1900Columbia County, Florida I8803
24 Farnell, Tallyrand  14 Feb 1937Columbia County, Florida I12743
25 Farnell, William  Bef 1880Columbia County, Florida I8805
26 Farnell, William Benjamin  13 Jun 1957Columbia County, Florida I12746
27 Feagle, William  23 Jan 1893Columbia County, Florida I5602
28 Graham, Absalom  28 Dec 1884Columbia County, Florida I5631
29 Graham, Gonzalo  25 Mar 1978Columbia County, Florida I5634
30 Graham, Martha  27 Dec 1947Columbia County, Florida I5592
31 Graham, Tristan Strother  22 Dec 1920Columbia County, Florida I5630
32 Haltiwanger, Levi  3 Nov 1906Columbia County, Florida I25027
33 Howell, Minnie  10 Sep 1933Columbia County, Florida I12733
34 Knight, Sarah  1876Columbia County, Florida I5611
35 Koon, Caroline E  05 May 1924Columbia County, Florida I5617
36 Koon, Frederick Hartwell  09 Nov 1909Columbia County, Florida I5597
37 Koon, Henry William  1953Columbia County, Florida I5566
38 Koon, John Kasley  16 Oct 1884Columbia County, Florida I5612
39 Koon, Julius Edward  14 Nov 1908Columbia County, Florida I5567
40 Koon, Luther R  14 Mar 1914Columbia County, Florida I5618
41 Koon, Mary Alice  19 Jun 1894Columbia County, Florida I5561
42 Koon, Mary J  23 Feb 1911Columbia County, Florida I5579
43 Koon, Mary J  23 Feb 1911Columbia County, Florida I5582
44 Koon, Victoria  1936Columbia County, Florida I5619
45 Moyer, Martin  1927Columbia County, Florida I5621
46 Ogden, Madora  24 Apr 1906Columbia County, Florida I12745
47 Tison, Susan  30 May 1889Columbia County, Florida I9418
48 Townsend, George Ellis  9 Oct 1919Columbia County, Florida I20720
49 Trammell, Lee Monroe  05 Dec 1977Columbia County, Florida I4736
50 Wilson, Susan Nancy  17 Dec 1912Columbia County, Florida I5564


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 McKinney, John L  1860Columbia County, Florida I5545
2 Taylor, Lavinia Amanda  1860Columbia County, Florida I5554


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anders / McKinney  29 Jan 1888Columbia County, Florida F1477
2 Farnell / Howell  23 Apr 1884Columbia County, Florida F3679
3 Moyer / Koon  27 Dec 1881Columbia County, Florida F1493
4 Pournelle / McKinney  18 Sep 1892Columbia County, Florida F1494
5 Shealy / Koon  21 Nov 1875Columbia County, Florida F1481
6 Shealy / McKinney  05 Feb 1895Columbia County, Florida F1478
7 Stevenson / McKinney  07 Nov 1889Columbia County, Florida F1487

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