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Butler County, Alabama



County/Shire : Latitude: 31.7366534168376, Longitude: -86.7205810546875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allmon, Rinaldo  14 Aug 1874Butler County, Alabama I4940
2 Allmon, Rollo B.  16 Jan 1872Butler County, Alabama I4939
3 Allmon, Shirley  25 Aug 1877Butler County, Alabama I4942
4 Allmon, Stella  25 Jan 1876Butler County, Alabama I4941
5 Baldwin, Arna  Dec 1891Butler County, Alabama I2643
6 Baldwin, Belle  1873Butler County, Alabama I2653
7 Baldwin, Beulah  1878Butler County, Alabama I2655
8 Baldwin, Bulah  24 Feb 1887Butler County, Alabama I2647
9 Baldwin, Byron A  19 May 1888Butler County, Alabama I2642
10 Baldwin, Dallas Shanks  12 Oct 1908Butler County, Alabama I3335
11 Baldwin, De Roach R  Jan 1893Butler County, Alabama I2644
12 Baldwin, Della Mae  Jan 1896Butler County, Alabama I2645
13 Baldwin, General  1 Apr 1900Butler County, Alabama I3339
14 Baldwin, John A  Jan 1894Butler County, Alabama I3328
15 Baldwin, Lizzie  Feb 1883Butler County, Alabama I2641
16 Baldwin, Mable E  Sep 1895Butler County, Alabama I3329
17 Baldwin, Martin  1875Butler County, Alabama I2654
18 Baldwin, Mittie C  May 1899Butler County, Alabama I3331
19 Baldwin, Moses S  15 Mar 1882Butler County, Alabama I2646
20 Baldwin, Nancy Jane  1870Butler County, Alabama I2651
21 Baldwin, Palace  9 Oct 1901Butler County, Alabama I3344
22 Baldwin, Pinkie  1901Butler County, Alabama I3333
23 Baldwin, Smith W  8 Oct 1872Butler County, Alabama I2652
24 Baldwin, Thelma  9 Apr 1907Butler County, Alabama I3334
25 Baldwin, Wilber S  Jan 1897Butler County, Alabama I3330
26 Baldwin, William Ira  1868Butler County, Alabama I2650
27 Black, Andrew Martin  15 Sep 1821Butler County, Alabama I18407
28 Black, Francis Marion  4 Nov 1825Butler County, Alabama I18415
29 Black, James Alexander  13 Dec 1836Butler County, Alabama I18419
30 Black, John Calhoun  9 Sep 1844Butler County, Alabama I18420
31 Black, Matilda M  28 Apr 1828Butler County, Alabama I18416
32 Black, Robert Wesley  6 Jun 1823Butler County, Alabama I18414
33 Black, Thomas Edward  21 Aug 1833Butler County, Alabama I18418
34 Brooks, Turner Jorden  16 Aug 1877Butler County, Alabama I6396
35 Davis, Thomas B  12 Feb 1896Butler County, Alabama I3560
36 Dawson, Benjamin Henry  4 Oct 1881Butler County, Alabama I9935
37 Dawson, Caroline  Oct 1879Butler County, Alabama I9934
38 Dawson, Charles Edward  17 May 1877Butler County, Alabama I9933
39 Dawson, George  Apr 1873Butler County, Alabama I9932
40 Dawson, Mary E  Aug 1883Butler County, Alabama I9936
41 English, James B.  12 Oct 1862Butler County, Alabama I13460
42 English, John F.  Feb 1856Butler County, Alabama I13456
43 English, Martha J.  abt. 1859Butler County, Alabama I13459
44 English, Mary E.  ca. 1860Butler County, Alabama I13458
45 English, Nancy Lou  1 Jan 1852Butler County, Alabama I13455
46 English, William Zekial  23 Jan 1860Butler County, Alabama I13457
47 Evans, Dora  13 Feb 1846Butler County, Alabama I1782
48 Gilmore, John Wadkins  6 Oct 1837Butler County, Alabama I9584
49 Hammond, Matthew  25 Mar 1825Butler County, Alabama I18432
50 Hicks, Jesse Albert  11 Jan 1869Butler County, Alabama I2624

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allmon, John E.  03 Apr 1902Butler County, Alabama I4938
2 Allmon, Rinaldo  15 Mar 1924Butler County, Alabama I4940
3 Allmon, Rollo B.  11 Mar 1897Butler County, Alabama I4939
4 Baldwin, Dallas Shanks  2 Jan 1980Butler County, Alabama I3335
5 Baldwin, General  29 Jun 1920Butler County, Alabama I3339
6 Baldwin, William Ira  15 May 1958Butler County, Alabama I2650
7 Black, Thomas Jefferson  16 Sep 1868Butler County, Alabama I18412
8 Caldwell, Sarah  bef. 1829Butler County, Alabama I18453
9 Carr, Temperance  bef. 1880Butler County, Alabama I2612
10 Clark, Sarah  28 Nov 1914Butler County, Alabama I3552
11 Evans, Dora  23 May 1925Butler County, Alabama I1782
12 Evans, Theodosia  04 Oct 1857Butler County, Alabama I1787
13 Evans, Uriah  2 Oct 1900Butler County, Alabama I17255
14 Hester, Sarah Lavonia  3 Dec 1982Butler County, Alabama I3338
15 Hicks, John S  1901Butler County, Alabama I3372
16 Huggins, Jefferson Barfield  30 Jul 1873Butler County, Alabama I3551
17 Huggins, John James  17 Jul 1934Butler County, Alabama I3553
18 Jones, Sally Viola  14 Sep 1946Butler County, Alabama I1743
19 Lee, Eula  13 Dec 1943Butler County, Alabama I3314
20 Lee, Watson M  26 Sep 1952Butler County, Alabama I3317
21 Parker, Ruby Irene  24 Aug 1987Butler County, Alabama I1859
22 Perdue, Alexander Orren  14 Feb 1919Butler County, Alabama I17276
23 Pickens, Hannah Alice  7 Mar 1949Butler County, Alabama I18454
24 Pickens, Isabella  5 Mar 1885Butler County, Alabama I18425
25 Pickens, John Andrew  9 Dec 1887Butler County, Alabama I18431
26 Pickens, John Caldwell  13 April 1845Butler County, Alabama I18426
27 Reddoch, Adonier  17 Oct 1886Butler County, Alabama I17256
28 Reddoch, Rachel D  25 May 1860Butler County, Alabama I1780
29 Reddoch, William W  29 Nov 1852Butler County, Alabama I17257
30 Williamson, Rosa  13 Oct 1943Butler County, Alabama I7839


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Caldwell, Isabella  1819Butler County, Alabama I18422
2 Pickens, Andrew Martin  1819Butler County, Alabama I18421
3 Pickens, Mary Ann  1819Butler County, Alabama I18413


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Moses S  Mar 1881Butler County, Alabama I2646
2 Baldwin, Smith W  1871Butler County, Alabama I2652


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, William Ira  1958Butler County, Alabama I2650


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage    Person ID 
1 Black, Robert Wesley  14 Apr 1854Butler County, Alabama I18414


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, John A  12 Aug 1862Butler County, Alabama I2616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Reddoch, William W  22 Aug 1854Butler County, Alabama I17257


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brooks, Robert Warren  1860Butler County, Alabama I0861
2 Brooks, Robert Warren  1870Butler County, Alabama I0861
3 Evans, Alabama  1870Butler County, Alabama I1784
4 Pickens, Andrew Martin  1830Butler County, Alabama I18421
5 Pickens, Andrew Martin  1840Butler County, Alabama I18421
6 Pickens, Andrew Martin  1850Butler County, Alabama I18421
7 Reddoch, Adonier  1850Butler County, Alabama I17256
8 Reddoch, Alexander  1830Butler County, Alabama I3963
9 Reddoch, William W  1850Butler County, Alabama I17257
10 Singer, Obedience  1870Butler County, Alabama I2610
11 Taylor, Hannah  1850Butler County, Alabama I18427


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Title    Person ID 
1 Reddoch, Alexander  15 Oct 1835Butler County, Alabama I3963


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Coleman  25 Dec 1862Butler County, Alabama F1068
2 Baldwin / Carpenter  13 Mar 1879Butler County, Alabama F0768
3 Baldwin / McPherson  30 Jul 1867Butler County, Alabama F0770
4 Black / Fendley  4 Apr 1854Butler County, Alabama F5739
5 Black / Hastings  14 Apr 1854Butler County, Alabama F5752
6 Byrd / English  21 Apr 1872Butler County, Alabama F1991
7 Capps / Evans  13 Nov 1877Butler County, Alabama F6943
8 Capps / Evans  23 Dec 1880Butler County, Alabama F4894
9 Hicks / Baldwin  10 Feb 1866Butler County, Alabama F0761
10 Jones / Parker  1912Butler County, Alabama F0568
11 Lee / Baldwin  30 Nov 1904Butler County, Alabama F2725
12 Maura / Steiner  11 Mar 1908Butler County, Alabama F5032
13 Perdue / Reddoch  10 Jan 1856Butler County, Alabama F5349
14 Pickens / Zeagler  13 Oct 1858Butler County, Alabama F5744
15 Rutledge / Reddoch  5 Nov 1866Butler County, Alabama F5352
16 Vickery / Baldwin  21 Aug 1892Butler County, Alabama F2744
17 Wade / Stiggins  10 Nov 1881Butler County, Alabama F2101
18 Wright / Carter  16 Dec 1858Butler County, Alabama F7143

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