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families on the frontiers of the Old South

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Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia



City/Town : Latitude: 33.7489954, Longitude: -84.3879824


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Asbill, Burdette McKendree  15 Mar 1922Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I7877
2 Baird, Annie Virginia  1879Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I12200
3 Brewster, Jennie Beatrice  30 Jun 1887Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8032
4 Brewster, Mary  09 Mar 1894Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8033
5 Busha, Anne Lee  15 Nov 1915Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16965
6 Busha, John Allen  12 Jan 1908Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16963
7 Busha, Mary I  10 Sep 1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16964
8 Busha, William Francis  22 Apr 1906Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16962
9 Forrester, George Whitfield  25 Apr 1909Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8058
10 Forrester, Robert Richmond  22 Nov 1892Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8057
11 Guimarin, Elsie Dee Simms  21 Apr 1885Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8559
12 Harris, Vivian Maude  15 Aug 1903Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1818
13 Jarnagin, Erskine Richmond  Abt 1903Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8055
14 Kinard, Jane Elizabeth  Abt 1909Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8561
15 LaHatte, Amelia Marie  12 Jan 1915Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16947
16 LaHatte, Milner Thornton  20 Oct 1890Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16945
17 LaHatte, Milner Thornton  19 Jan 1921Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16948
18 McDowell, Paul Montgomery  14 Apr 1924Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16968
19 Memory, Roy  02 Dec 1882Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8564
20 Richardson, Ceilia E  Jun 1892Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8062
21 Richardson, Edward  01 May 1889Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8060
22 Richardson, Eugenia  14 Jun 1890Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8061
23 Richardson, Leaver  01 Dec 1893Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8063
24 Richmond, Erskine  22 Oct 1873Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8051
25 Richmond, John L  Aug 1875Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8052
26 Richmond, Leila  15 Apr 1870Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8050
27 Richmond, Zella Eugenia  07 Feb 1868Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8053
28 Silvey, Kate  22 Jun 1857Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I12201
29 Simms, Emily Cameron  27 Jul 1856Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8556
30 Simms, Jane Elizabeth  May 1859Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8557
31 Simms, Sarah Frances  Abt 1857Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8554
32 Speer, Silvey  7 Aug 1891Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I12202
33 Sutherland, Caroline  24 Jul 1898Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I7872
34 Sutherland, Sara Frances  24 Jul 1898Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I7873
35 Terrell, John Larry  26 Jun 1942Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I7154
36 Thomas, Jack Irwin  11 Feb 1919Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I14007
37 Thomas, Sarah Esther  4 Apr 1915Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I14009
38 Thomas, William Davis  6 Apr 1916Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I14008
39 Van Dyke, Irene  Apr 1891Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10327
40 Van Dyke, Louise  29 Dec 1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10328
41 Van Dyke, William Leaird  5 Mar 1895Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10326


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Askew, Ella  12 Mar 1958Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10190
2 Askew, William Sanford  24 Sep 1983Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I15905
3 Aynes, William Ira  17 Feb 2006Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I15901
4 Bagley, Jamima Elizabeth  25 Jan 1921Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1141
5 Baldwin, Temperance  5 Nov 1919Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2618
6 Belk, William Floyd  7 Oct 1959Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I14629
7 Blanton, Albert N  01 Sep 1927Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I3264
8 Cameron, Jane Elizabeth  22 Mar 1913Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8553
9 Chapman, Susan Ann  10 Aug 1909Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I6846
10 Cohron, Ellen  19 Jan 1909Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10324
11 Darden, Carrie Dell  05 Jan 1940Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8095
12 Dickinson, Earnest Raymond  10 Nov 1985Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1004
13 Dickinson, Robert H. W.  23 Feb 1904Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0624
14 Dickinson, Susan Emma  20 Feb 1932Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0301
15 Duffey, Cornelia  08 Dec 1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I6911
16 Dupree, Charles Wilson  13 Oct 1924Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10673
17 Entrekin, Jimmie Belle  04 Jun 1970Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I7264
18 Farmer, Hanson Simms  18 Mar 1999Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1251
19 Farmer, Myron Hill  03 Feb 1967Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I7945
20 Flury, Charles Henry  15 Jul 1932Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I9310
21 Flury, Hattie Lillian  21 Mar 1960Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I9311
22 Flury, Victor Eugene  30 Nov 1972Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I9314
23 Forrester, George Whitfield  13 Feb 1934Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8058
24 Forrester, Robert Richmond  14 Jun 1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8057
25 Gammon, James Lemuel  15 Jun 1991Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0118
26 Gammon, Joshua F  3 May 1897Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I14622
27 Gammon, Mary Jane  16 Aug 1929Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I14620
28 Godwin, Willie Floyd  12 Sep 1988Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I7296
29 Guimarin, Elsie Dee Simms  21 Jun 1915Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8559
30 Guthrie, James Sylvester  16 Jan 1969Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10148
31 Guthrie, William Thomas  Jul 1864Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I3405
32 Hardee, Buford Sidney  1 Oct 1988Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0252
33 Harris, Julia Amanda  4 Apr 1923Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10300
34 Hill, Hiram Warner  13 Jan 1934Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I15749
35 Huguley, William Thomas  25 May 1919Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10410
36 Hungerford, Daisy R  28 Dec 1919Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I12185
37 Jarnagin, William Calvin III  29 Mar 1926Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8054
38 Johnson, Ada L  23 Jul 1995Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16997
39 Kinard, Joseph Oscar  30 Dec 1929Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8560
40 Knight, Bettye  1 Dec 1991Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0135
41 LaHatte, Amelia Marie  12 Sep 1972Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16947
42 LaHatte, Milner Thornton  27 Aug 1971Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16948
43 Latimer, Rebecca  24 Jan 1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I4969
44 Long, Lucy Apperson  1 Jul 1915Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I14035
45 Martin, Charles Leroy  08 Oct 1942Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I7239
46 Mau, Meta Maguerite  24 May 1951Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16946
47 McCalla, Clarence Wayne  22 Jan 1932Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10579
48 McDowell, George Milton  8 May 1969Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1817
49 McDowell, Susie Jane  16 Sep 1976Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1769
50 McKinley, Lena  25 Jan 1969Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16896

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Camp, Ione  Jun 1968Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1474
2 Dickinson, Effie Faye  24 Feb 1998Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0058


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lagniappe    Person ID 
1 Busha, Lee Francis  2 Oct 1904Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16961
2 Hogue, Charles Sansom  6 Nov 1921Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16958
3 Milner, Minnie  2 Oct 1904Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16960
4 Milner, Winnie Davis  6 Nov 1921Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16957


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage    Person ID 
1 LaHatte, Milner Thornton  12 Feb 1913Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16945
2 Mau, Meta Maguerite  12 Feb 1913Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I16946


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, James Alpheus  31 Dec 1862Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0060
2 White, John Andrew  21 Jun 1861Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2873


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Askew, Walter Scott  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10604
2 Askew, Walter Scott  1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I10604
3 Tuttle, Elbert Parr  1960 - 1967Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I7876


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Political    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, William Yates  1892Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1222
2 Atkinson, William Yates  1894Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1222
3 Atkinson, William Yates  1896Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, Hugh Robert  Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I3253
2 Arnold, John Simms  1917Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1258
3 Askew, Elizabeth  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2518
4 Askew, Gertrude  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2516
5 Askew, Joe  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2519
6 Askew, Joseph P  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2014
7 Askew, Katharine  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2517
8 Atkinson, John Pepper M.D.  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1524
9 Belk, William Wright  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I14625
10 Burroughs, Ethel Allene  1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0250
11 Camp, Benjamin Thomas  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1471
12 Camp, Benjamin Thomas  1918Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1471
13 Camp, Benjamin Thomas  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1471
14 Camp, Bennie V  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1475
15 Camp, Bennie V  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1475
16 Camp, Bennie V  1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1475
17 Camp, Ione  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1474
18 Camp, Rosa L  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1266
19 Camp, Rosa L  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1266
20 Carter, Hugh D  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2180
21 Chandler, Ida Pearl  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1479
22 Chandler, Ida Pearl  1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1479
23 Clark, Johnnie R  1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I5539
24 Dickinson, Clark Morgan  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0063
25 Dickinson, Janie Belle  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0999
26 Dickinson, Lillian Estelle  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0997
27 Dickinson, Werner Leard  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0998
28 Dickinson, Werner Leird  1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1534
29 Drake, Annie Hunter  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2478
30 Drake, Charles  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1210
31 Drewry, Ola  1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I3110
32 Drewry, William Ellis  1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1362
33 Holsey, Annie L  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I3146
34 Holsey, Hattie  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I3148
35 Holsey, James W  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I3149
36 Holsey, Sarah R  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I3150
37 Holsey, Stacy D  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I3147
38 Holsey, Stacy Douglas  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I3145
39 Hood, Mary Lou Anna  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I0352
40 Hunter, Pattie Zoe  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1209
41 McDonald, John  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2572
42 McDonald, Otis Henry  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1068
43 McDonald, Otis Henry  1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2571
44 McDowell, Patrick Henry  1900Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I1374
45 Milburn, William Frank  1930Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2176
46 Simms, Henry Holland  1910Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2202
47 Simms, Robert W  1860Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8043
48 Simms, Rosa Belle  1920Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I2183
49 Simms, Sarah Frances  1860Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I8554
50 Snow, Roop  1917Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia I4102

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Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brewster / Redwine  02 Sep 1886Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia F2158
2 Dickinson / Cooper  30 Sep 1935Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia F0013
3 Gammon / Conway  24 Oct 1945Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia F0003
4 Hardee / Dickinson  16 May 1915Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia F0226
5 Hogue / Milner  28 Nov 1921Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia F5253
6 LaHatte / Mau  12 Feb 1913Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia F5250

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