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families on the frontiers of the Old South

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Pike County, Georgia



County/Shire : Latitude: 33.10466618896136, Longitude: -84.34221267700195


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Dewitt Talmadge  1 Jul 1884Pike County, Georgia I3257
2 Allen, Drewry S  31 Mar 1846Pike County, Georgia I3096
3 Allen, Eliza A  1844Pike County, Georgia I3095
4 Allen, Estelle B  Feb 1886Pike County, Georgia I3252
5 Allen, Hattie W  Feb 1890Pike County, Georgia I3292
6 Allen, Hugh Robert  2 Aug 1881Pike County, Georgia I3253
7 Allen, Hunton  26 Jan 1885Pike County, Georgia I3077
8 Allen, Ida C  Jul 1897Pike County, Georgia I3294
9 Allen, James Long  4 Jun 1891Pike County, Georgia I3251
10 Allen, John A  1838Pike County, Georgia I3099
11 Allen, John C.  2 Jul 1836Pike County, Georgia I2077
12 Allen, Mary  Jan 1879Pike County, Georgia I3256
13 Allen, Mary A  1837Pike County, Georgia I3098
14 Allen, Nancy  1830Pike County, Georgia I2134
15 Allen, Solomon Y  1842Pike County, Georgia I3094
16 Allen, Susan J  13 May 1840Pike County, Georgia I3088
17 Allen, Thomas W  1848Pike County, Georgia I3097
18 Allen, Virginia  Jul 1897Pike County, Georgia I3255
19 Allen, William H  1909Pike County, Georgia I3279
20 Askew, Virginia C  1835Pike County, Georgia I4296
21 Ballard, Abraham A  Apr 1900Pike County, Georgia I3084
22 Ballard, Estelle  Jan 1891Pike County, Georgia I3080
23 Ballard, Lola  20 Jul 1887Pike County, Georgia I1359
24 Ballard, Miller Calton  15 Apr 1893Pike County, Georgia I3081
25 Ballard, Rubie C  Jan 1897Pike County, Georgia I3083
26 Ballard, Susan  Jan 1895Pike County, Georgia I3082
27 Barrow, Benjamin Napoleon  06 Oct 1844Pike County, Georgia I5530
28 Beauchamp, Charles Croghan  31 Dec 1873Pike County, Georgia I2096
29 Beauchamp, Johnnie  Nov 1888Pike County, Georgia I1687
30 Beauchamp, Myrtie  3 Sep 1872Pike County, Georgia I1360
31 Beauchamp, Paul  24 Aug 1892Pike County, Georgia I1689
32 Beauchamp, Rosa P.  18 Feb 1885Pike County, Georgia I1679
33 Beauchamp, Ruby K.  16 May 1890Pike County, Georgia I1690
34 Beauchamp, Verda  Sep 1879Pike County, Georgia I1686
35 Beauchamp, Vivain Eula  15 Nov 1876Pike County, Georgia I1685
36 Beauchamp, Walter Lee  7 Jun 1883Pike County, Georgia I1688
37 Blanton, Julia Susannah  18 Jul 1851Pike County, Georgia I0590
38 Blanton, Lucy Permelia  24 May 1846Pike County, Georgia I0189
39 Bolton, Benjamin Marion  02 Oct 1881Pike County, Georgia I1127
40 Bolton, Bessie  Oct 1879Pike County, Georgia I0231
41 Bolton, Eula May  14 Jul 1883Pike County, Georgia I1128
42 Bolton, Eunice  Dec 1884Pike County, Georgia I0233
43 Bolton, John Lowell  21 Jun 1879Pike County, Georgia I1090
44 Bolton, Marvin  1 Sep 1882Pike County, Georgia I0234
45 Bolton, Nora Willie  02 May 1887Pike County, Georgia I1132
46 Bolton, Virginia  20 Aug 1890Pike County, Georgia I0232
47 Cannafax, Lucius Winfield  8 Aug 1859Pike County, Georgia I16356
48 Cauthen, Charles Burge  26 Aug 1875Pike County, Georgia I4505
49 Coppedge, Elizabeth B  1843Pike County, Georgia I4269
50 Coppedge, Henry T  24 Mar 1847Pike County, Georgia I4271

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Abraham Stokes  3 Jul 1893Pike County, Georgia I2131
2 Allen, Drewry  20 Jan 1826Pike County, Georgia I2130
3 Allen, Drewry S  27 Aug 1887Pike County, Georgia I3096
4 Allen, Hugh Robert  23 Aug 1955Pike County, Georgia I3253
5 Allen, John C.  2 Mar 1870Pike County, Georgia I2077
6 Allen, Robert  30 Nov 1876Pike County, Georgia I1680
7 Allen, Susan J  17 May 1911Pike County, Georgia I3088
8 Allen, Young Drewry  1849Pike County, Georgia I2168
9 Ballard, Lola  13 Apr 1929Pike County, Georgia I1359
10 Ballard, William Barnes  31 Mar 1886Pike County, Georgia I3087
11 Beauchamp, John Calhoun  4 Apr 1927Pike County, Georgia I1682
12 Beauchamp, Myrtie  24 Aug 1940Pike County, Georgia I1360
13 Beauchamp, Paul  10 Feb 1949Pike County, Georgia I1689
14 Beauchamp, Rosa P.  14 Dec 1969Pike County, Georgia I1679
15 Beauchamp, Vivain Eula  26 Jul 1966Pike County, Georgia I1685
16 Bolton, Eliza Aldora Eugenia Augusta  4 Mar 1897Pike County, Georgia I0226
17 Bolton, Patrick Calhoun  6 Apr 1920Pike County, Georgia I0222
18 Cannafax, Lucius Winfield  2 Aug 1926Pike County, Georgia I16356
19 Coggin, Fetney Anne  10 Jun 1898Pike County, Georgia I1793
20 Crain, Elizabeth Heard  6 May 1857Pike County, Georgia I1061
21 Daniel, Mary  1862Pike County, Georgia I18770
22 Dickinson, Alvan P  18 Jan 1935Pike County, Georgia I0634
23 Drewry, Edwin  8 Dec 1849Pike County, Georgia I3118
24 Fryer, Charlotte  30 Nov 1909Pike County, Georgia I4984
25 Harrison, Annie Eliza  12 Apr 1949Pike County, Georgia I1799
26 Holsey, Frances Cornelia  22 Jun 1935Pike County, Georgia I1367
27 Holsey, James W  6 Dec 1926Pike County, Georgia I1693
28 Holsey, Thomas  1877Pike County, Georgia I1365
29 Lynch, Mary  26 Aug 1963Pike County, Georgia I3278
30 Maddox, John D  30 Jun 1916Pike County, Georgia I1400
31 Marshall, Martha Caroline  27 Sep 1857Pike County, Georgia I2166
32 McLucas, Rembert Hays  19 Mar 1927Pike County, Georgia I3287
33 Meacham, Walter Hudson  17 May 1939Pike County, Georgia I2105
34 Milner, John Holmes  9 Mar 1857Pike County, Georgia I17572
35 Nipper, John Franklin  4 Dec 1940Pike County, Georgia I1805
36 Nipper, Marguerite  15 Mar 2000Pike County, Georgia I3309
37 Riggins, Milton  1870Pike County, Georgia I18769
38 Shivley, Claudace  23 May 1911Pike County, Georgia I1684
39 Stegar, Elizabeth E  11 Nov 1902Pike County, Georgia I3093
40 Stewart, George  9 Aug 1867Pike County, Georgia I1294
41 Trammell, Thomas  22 Sep 1823Pike County, Georgia I1407
42 Williams, Eliza Jones  4 Feb 1855Pike County, Georgia I3129
43 Willis, George A,  17 Feb 1872Pike County, Georgia I4983
44 Yarbrough, Elizabeth  1828Pike County, Georgia I2142


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, Clark Morgan  1830Pike County, Georgia I0066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Edgar Burr  Feb 1893Pike County, Georgia I3293
2 Beauchamp, Rosa P.  16 May 1890Pike County, Georgia I1679
3 Leake, Alexander  1850Pike County, Georgia I0605
4 Nipper, Center Eugene  Feb 1895Pike County, Georgia I1807
5 Nipper, John Franklin  Sep 1887Pike County, Georgia I1805


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bolton, James Samuel  1880Pike County, Georgia I0219
2 Bolton, Patrick Calhoun  1880Pike County, Georgia I0222
3 Bolton, Patrick Calhoun  1910Pike County, Georgia I0222
4 Bolton, Thomas Alexander  1880Pike County, Georgia I0223


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Williams, David Morgan M.D.  1852Pike County, Georgia I0182
2 Williams, David Morgan M.D.  1853Pike County, Georgia I0182
3 Williams, John Roger  1852Pike County, Georgia I0188


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Drewry, Edwin  28 Sep 1846Pike County, Georgia I3118
2 Leake, Garlington  3 Dec 1883Pike County, Georgia I3068
3 Williams, David Morgan M.D.  17 Jul 1867Pike County, Georgia I0182
4 Williams, John Roger  18 Jul 1867Pike County, Georgia I0188


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Askew, Amanda J  1850Pike County, Georgia I0730
2 Askew, Uriah  1860Pike County, Georgia I4294
3 Askew, Uriah  1870Pike County, Georgia I4294
4 Garner, John Preston  1850Pike County, Georgia I15798
5 McDowell, Amanda Temperance  1850Pike County, Georgia I1539
6 McDowell, Charles  1830Pike County, Georgia I1060
7 McDowell, Charles  1850Pike County, Georgia I1060
8 McDowell, George Milton  1930Pike County, Georgia I1817
9 McDowell, George Montgomery  1860Pike County, Georgia I1063
10 Riggins, John Milton  1850Pike County, Georgia I18771
11 Riggins, John Milton  1860Pike County, Georgia I18771
12 Riggins, Milton  1850Pike County, Georgia I18769
13 Wilbourn, Matilda  1850Pike County, Georgia I0972
14 Williams, Elizabeth  1850Pike County, Georgia I13375
15 Williams, John Roger  1840Pike County, Georgia I0188
16 Williams, John Roger  1850Pike County, Georgia I0188
17 Willis, Herman O.  1860Pike County, Georgia I1318
18 Winbray, John A  1850Pike County, Georgia I15792


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Askew / Henley  1 Feb 1824Pike County, Georgia F2924
2 Bolton / Hawkins  1881Pike County, Georgia F0332
3 Bolton / Lee  1873Pike County, Georgia F0094
4 Bolton / Waller  21 Nov 1876Pike County, Georgia F0095
5 Bush / Leake  1871Pike County, Georgia F1199
6 Cauthen / Leake  1872Pike County, Georgia F1200
7 Coppedge / McDowell  01 Apr 1841Pike County, Georgia F1137
8 Dickinson / Hammond  4 Apr 1941Pike County, Georgia F4021
9 Dickinson / Jackson  29 Jun 1882Pike County, Georgia F0046
10 Dupree / Askew  25 Dec 1855Pike County, Georgia F0353
11 Garner / Matthews  1 Apr 1856Pike County, Georgia F4862
12 Garner / McDowell  18 Dec 1845Pike County, Georgia F4861
13 Green / Holsey  16 Jan 1856Pike County, Georgia F7135
14 Holsey / Rivers  1 May 1834Pike County, Georgia F0424
15 Holsey / Sims  9 Mar 1828Pike County, Georgia F0431
16 Jarrell / Speir  31 Jan 1849Pike County, Georgia F7173
17 Johnson / Williams  3 Dec 1847Pike County, Georgia F4044
18 Leake / Dickinson  5 Oct 1848Pike County, Georgia F0053
19 McDowell / Brooks  13 Sep 1874Pike County, Georgia F0546
20 McDowell / Gwyn  23 Dec 1880Pike County, Georgia F0547
21 McDowell / Mays  Nov 1855Pike County, Georgia F0426
22 Nipper / Gresham  22 Dec 1885Pike County, Georgia F0555
23 Rivers / Leake  24 Jan 1843Pike County, Georgia F1201
24 Rose / Jordan  1 Oct 1882Pike County, Georgia F5258
25 Wilkinson / Drewry  23 Nov 1848Pike County, Georgia F0895
26 Willis / Bolton  22 Oct 1878Pike County, Georgia F0412
27 Winbray / McDowell  19 Oct 1848Pike County, Georgia F4857

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