Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Hopkins County, Texas



County/Shire : Latitude: 33.2282942, Longitude: -95.47778110000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Askew, Birdie Lee  24 Oct 1888Hopkins County, Texas I23013
2 Askew, Floy Estelle  11 Nov 1898Hopkins County, Texas I23014
3 Formby, Jessie Myrtle  01 Mar 1885Hopkins County, Texas I4688
4 Formby, John Wirt  08 Sep 1883Hopkins County, Texas I4687
5 Melson, Allie B.  Sep 1896Hopkins County, Texas I2467
6 Melson, Carrie  Jul 1894Hopkins County, Texas I2457
7 Melson, James Alexander  Feb 1859Hopkins County, Texas I2452
8 Melson, James M  26 Oct 1881Hopkins County, Texas I4480
9 Melson, Jessie K.  Sep 1898Hopkins County, Texas I2468
10 Melson, John McCollough  26 Feb 1863Hopkins County, Texas I2447
11 Melson, Lillian  Dec 1885Hopkins County, Texas I4481
12 Melson, Willie L  Aug 1888Hopkins County, Texas I4482
13 Minter, Ada Brit  1866Hopkins County, Texas I22959
14 Minter, Berry  18 Nov 1881Hopkins County, Texas I22966
15 Minter, Grigsby  23 Sep 1883Hopkins County, Texas I22967
16 Minter, Jesse  Jun 1889Hopkins County, Texas I22969
17 Minter, Joseph Morgan  14 Feb 1887Hopkins County, Texas I22968
18 Minter, Lucile  ca. 1902Hopkins County, Texas I22982
19 Minter, Matha Olga  2 Jun 1872Hopkins County, Texas I22964
20 Minter, Minnie Lee  7 Oct 1875Hopkins County, Texas I22965
21 Minter, Thomas Jefferson  22 Nov 1868Hopkins County, Texas I22960
22 Minter, Wylie Ferrell  19 Sep 1877Hopkins County, Texas I22961
23 Orr, Mack  21 Oct 1898Hopkins County, Texas I4685
24 Orr, Robert  04 Jul 1861Hopkins County, Texas I2427
25 Orr, Robert Thomas  27 Aug 1893Hopkins County, Texas I4683
26 Orr, Susan D  Jan 1896Hopkins County, Texas I4684
27 Rabey, Pauline B  ca. 1901Hopkins County, Texas I23075
28 Rabey, Richard  ca. 1902Hopkins County, Texas I23076
29 Rabey, Ruth  Jun 1897Hopkins County, Texas I23074
30 Simms, Appleton  Jul 1888Hopkins County, Texas I4007
31 Simms, Benjamin McGill  24 Nov 1881Hopkins County, Texas I2436
32 Simms, Britton Brook  18 May 1866Hopkins County, Texas I2257
33 Simms, Carrie Ann  06 Oct 1867Hopkins County, Texas I2440
34 Simms, Ector H  Aug 1885Hopkins County, Texas I2438
35 Simms, Jake D  08 Oct 1896Hopkins County, Texas I4676
36 Simms, James  Jul 1888Hopkins County, Texas I4678
37 Simms, Jesse Brit  25 Feb 1885Hopkins County, Texas I4679
38 Simms, Jessie  Nov 1894Hopkins County, Texas I4010
39 Simms, Jessie Mercer  28 Oct 1860Hopkins County, Texas I2256
40 Simms, Lillian  Sep 1899Hopkins County, Texas I4675
41 Simms, Lois  Sep 1892Hopkins County, Texas I4677
42 Simms, Matt Ashcroft  19 Jan 1879Hopkins County, Texas I2445
43 Simms, Mercer David  17 Mar 1890Hopkins County, Texas I4008
44 Simms, Ogden Dennis  20 Dec 1892Hopkins County, Texas I4009
45 Simms, Swinney Pike  15 Jan 1883Hopkins County, Texas I4673
46 Simms, Thomas Kendrick  22 Jun 1855Hopkins County, Texas I2254


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Askew, Benjamin Zolicoffer  27 Aug 1903Hopkins County, Texas I2510
2 Askew, John Calhoun  5 Feb 1888Hopkins County, Texas I0740
3 Askew, Martha H  13 Sep 1864Hopkins County, Texas I23055
4 Askew, Pierre  11 Aug 1861Hopkins County, Texas I23056
5 Askew, Richard L  1 Mar 1885Hopkins County, Texas I0741
6 Baker, Julia J  21 Dec 1929Hopkins County, Texas I4682
7 Carter, Isabella  12 Jun 1915Hopkins County, Texas I22956
8 Christian, Sarah Ann  13 Jul 1925Hopkins County, Texas I25057
9 Formby, Dudley Eunice  05 Sep 1952Hopkins County, Texas I2455
10 Formby, James Buchanan  24 Nov 1938Hopkins County, Texas I4686
11 Formby, Jessie Myrtle  06 Sep 1885Hopkins County, Texas I4688
12 Formby, John Wirt  06 Jun 1914Hopkins County, Texas I4687
13 Hanson, Allie A  04 Nov 1915Hopkins County, Texas I4474
14 Hanson, Emily Jane  12 Nov 1881Hopkins County, Texas I0810
15 Hanson, Susana  3 Mar 1880Hopkins County, Texas I2504
16 Hastings, Mary Ann  1908Hopkins County, Texas I18455
17 Ivey, Omie Hightower  26 Mar 1950Hopkins County, Texas I23060
18 Jones, Benjamin Crawford  23 Jul 1883Hopkins County, Texas I0819
19 Lanier, Frue Zella  2 Oct 1933Hopkins County, Texas I2453
20 Melson, Mary Penelope  25 Feb 1941Hopkins County, Texas I2448
21 Minter, Joseph Morgan  19 Feb 1917Hopkins County, Texas I22958
22 Minter, Paul Mitchell  26 Dec 1987Hopkins County, Texas I23061
23 Orr, Elizabeth  13 Jan 1903Hopkins County, Texas I2428
24 Orr, John Phillip  21 Sep 1926Hopkins County, Texas I1270
25 Orr, Robert  16 Mar 1940Hopkins County, Texas I2427
26 Shugart, David P.  4 Feb 1915Hopkins County, Texas I2265
27 Simms, Franklin Robert  1 Apr 1890Hopkins County, Texas I0711
28 Simms, Uca California  1907Hopkins County, Texas I2253
29 White, Elizabeth Jane  14 Nov 1889Hopkins County, Texas I0465


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Simms, Benjamin McGill  Nov 1880Hopkins County, Texas I2436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Askew, John Calhoun  1860Hopkins County, Texas I0740
2 Askew, John Calhoun  1870Hopkins County, Texas I0740
3 Askew, John Calhoun  1880Hopkins County, Texas I0740
4 Askew, Jones B  1860Hopkins County, Texas I2509
5 Askew, Jones B  1880Hopkins County, Texas I2509
6 Askew, Jones B  1930Hopkins County, Texas I2509
7 Melson, Aladran Thomas  1880Hopkins County, Texas I1330
8 Melson, Aladran Thomas  1900Hopkins County, Texas I1330
9 Melson, Aladran Thomas  1910Hopkins County, Texas I1330
10 Melson, John McCollough  1880Hopkins County, Texas I2447
11 Melson, Mary Penelope  1880Hopkins County, Texas I2448
12 Ransom, Crogan Martillus  1880Hopkins County, Texas I2505
13 Ransom, Crogan Martillus  1900Hopkins County, Texas I2505
14 Ransom, Crogan Martillus  1910Hopkins County, Texas I2505
15 Ransom, Martha Jane  1880Hopkins County, Texas I1331
16 Ransom, Martha Jane  1900Hopkins County, Texas I1331
17 Simms, James Alexander  1860Hopkins County, Texas I0712
18 Simms, Jesse Mercer  1870Hopkins County, Texas I0707
19 Terrell, Mary  1880Hopkins County, Texas I2508


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Askew / Griffith  11 Jan 1882Hopkins County, Texas F7136
2 Gassaway / Minter  13 Oct 1904Hopkins County, Texas F7156
3 Gibson / Minter  1904Hopkins County, Texas F7128
4 Melson / Formby  11 Jan 1877Hopkins County, Texas F0724
5 Minter / Askew  4 Oct 1865Hopkins County, Texas F7127
6 Minter / Ivey  1908Hopkins County, Texas F7154
7 Minter / Wolfenbarger  14 Jan 1886Hopkins County, Texas F7133
8 Orr / Baker  05 Mar 1881Hopkins County, Texas F1257
9 Rabey / Minter  1896Hopkins County, Texas F7158
10 Ransom / Holdridge  1884Hopkins County, Texas F0876
11 Simms / Lacy  30 Apr 1882Hopkins County, Texas F0680
12 Ticer / Melson  16 Feb 1890Hopkins County, Texas F0722


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Simms / Minter  1864Hopkins County, Texas F0717