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Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia



City/Town : Latitude: 33.7748275, Longitude: -84.29631230000001


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Barbara  19 Jul 1928Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I26150
2 Blake, John Withers  20 Jan 1924Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21168
3 Candler, Charles Murphey  5 Feb 1898Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21196
4 Candler, Eliza Murphy  11 Jul 1890Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21204
5 Candler, George Scott  23 Jun 1887Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21193
6 Candler, Laura  23 Jun 1885Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21192
7 Candler, Laura  24 Dec 1907Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20969
8 Candler, Lucy Beall  11 Apr 1883Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20954
9 Candler, Maury Lee  13 Feb 1873Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20940
10 Candler, Milton Anthony  19 Dec 1893Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21195
11 Candler, Nell Scott  4 Sep 1892Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21205
12 Candler, Rebekah Scott  23 Aug 1889Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21194
13 Candler, William Beall  24 Jan 1890Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20956
14 Cowles, Clifford Atwood  11 Dec 1890Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20948
15 Cowles, Florence  6 Mar 1892Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20949
16 Cowles, Jane  26 Aug 1894Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20950
17 Cowles, Maury Lee  30 Oct 1888Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20947
18 Earthman, Henry Bivins  22 Dec 1914Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21208
19 Earthman, Milton Candler  20 Feb 1919Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21207
20 Earthman, Nell Scott  1917Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21209
21 Harman, Rebekah Apsyllah  16 Apr 1903Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21236
22 McKinney, Samuel Branch  19 Dec 1907Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20945
23 Milner, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1918Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I16954
24 Milner, Lucy  ca. 1922Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I16955
25 Sams, Hansford Dade Duncan  7 Dec 1880Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21230
26 Scott, George W  25 Feb 1885Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21232
27 Scott, James Julius  20 Mar 1887Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21233
28 Scott, John Irving  7 Aug 1890Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21234
29 Scott, Louise  16 May 1883Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21227
30 Scott, Milton Candler  14 Jan 1895Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21229
31 Scott, Robert Bucher  18 Feb 1889Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21228
32 Sledd, Antoinette  30 Jun 1918Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21157
33 Sledd, Florence  30 Jun 1918Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21158
34 Willard, Josiah James  26 Nov 1842Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21001


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Sarah Phipps  7 Nov 1847Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21005
2 Avary, Julia Miller  16 Sep 1919Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21231
3 Bucher, Rebekah  12 Jul 1899Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21198
4 Busha, John Allen  17 Jul 1984Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I16963
5 Candler, Asa Griggs  11 Jan 1953Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20953
6 Candler, Claude  21 Dec 1972Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20941
7 Candler, Laura Eliza  16 Oct 1880Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20938
8 Candler, Maury Lee  5 Apr 1889Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20940
9 Candler, Milton Anthony  8 Aug 1909Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20891
10 Candler, Sarah Jessie  21 Mar 1921Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20895
11 Doss, Annie Lillian  26 Dec 1973Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I16951
12 Duncan, Mary Lucia  6 Nov 1902Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21218
13 McKinney, Caroline Murphey  21 Oct 1994Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20944
14 Milner, Elizabeth  6 Oct 1923Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I16954
15 Murphey, Charles  16 Jan 1861Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21189
16 Murphey, Eliza Caroline  4 Jan 1917Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20934
17 Riggins, Charlie Adolphus  1 Aug 1975Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I5165
18 Riggins, William Hardnett  5 Nov 1983Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I5164
19 Sams, Hansford Dade Duncan  10 May 1964Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21230
20 Sams, Joseph Augustine  12 Sep 1939Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21222
21 Sams, Marion Washington  2 Aug 1899Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21217
22 Scott, Annie  7 Jan 1937Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21200
23 Scott, George Bucher  6 Sep 1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21199
24 Scott, George W  28 Jun 1967Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21232
25 Scott, George Washington  3 Oct 1903Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21197
26 Scott, Milton Candler  8 Aug 2001Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21229
27 Sledd, Andrew Warren  16 Mar 1939Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21150
28 Winn, James Julius  13 Apr 1892Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21225
29 Word, Catherine  15 Nov 1852Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21190


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Askew, Ann C  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I2535
2 Askew, Clara L  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I2533
3 Askew, Howard Maclin  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I2531
4 Askew, Howard Maclin  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I2514
5 Askew, Margaret E  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I2534
6 Askew, Mary N  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I2532
7 Camp, Ione  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I1474
8 Candler, Charles Murphey  1860Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20935
9 Candler, Charles Murphey  1900Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20935
10 Candler, Charles Murphey  1910Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20935
11 Candler, Charles Murphey  1940Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21196
12 Candler, Milton Anthony  1860Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20891
13 Candler, Milton Anthony  1870Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20891
14 Candler, Milton Anthony  1880Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20891
15 Candler, Milton Anthony  1900Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I20891
16 Carter, Hugh D  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I2417
17 Carter, Hugh D  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I2180
18 Clark, Annie Leah  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I2515
19 Pope, Hunter  1880Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21213
20 Pope, Hunter  1900Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21213
21 Pope, Mary Lucia  1920Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21214
22 Scott, George Washington  1880Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21197
23 Scott, George Washington  1900Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21197
24 Scott, Nellie Bucher  1900Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21201
25 Willard, Levi  1860Decatur, DeKalb, Georgia I21003

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