Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

John Simms

Male 1780 - 1863  (83 years)

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William M Ticer
Male 1863-1903
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Martha A Holland
Female 1838-1919
William E Echols
Male Abt 1854-
Ada Thomas
Female 1861-
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Martha Marcella Melson
Female 1832-Aft 1880
Samuel J Echols
Male Abt 1834-
Madina A. Burkes
Female Abt 1864-
John Burkes
Male Abt 1867-
Maria M Melson
Female Abt 1835-
Penelope Simms
Female 1807-1837
Britton Simms
Male 1809-1871
Camilla A Simms
Female 1837-1923
William G Echols
Male Abt 1838-
William M. Simms
Male 1811-1878
Luella Orr
Female 1860-
Robert Orr
Male 1861-1940
Julia J Baker
Female 1860-1929
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Elizabeth Orr
Female 1864-1903
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Kate Orr
Female 1868-
John Phillip Orr
Male 1837-1926
Carrie Ann Simms
Female 1867-1920
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Ector H Simms
Male 1885-1945
Zora Hill
Female 1890-1969
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John Simms
Male 1780-1863
Mary Connell
Female -Bef 1817
Nina Simms
Female 1879-1957
Warner Hill Camp
Male 1876-1935
Ione Fielder
Female 1859-1928
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Annie Camp
Female 1875-
Ione Camp
Female 1878-1968
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Jessie Mae McKee
Female 1894-1972
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Henry Abner Camp
Male 1850-1909
J Menafee Sewell
Male Abt 1862-
Edna Simms
Female 1877-
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Marie Stone
Female Abt 1896-
Rosa L Camp
Female 1860-1934
Dorma Simms
Female 1868-1954
Mary Bess Simms
Female 1902-1983
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Roberta Beasley
Female 1914-2008
Grace Simms
Female 1905-1974
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Imogene Simms
Female 1915-1976
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James W Moliston
Male 1915-1981
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Sadie Rucker
Female 1883-1918
Clarke A. Simms
Male 1919-1990
Myrtis Cotton
Female 1879-1965
Luella Orr
Female 1860-
Robert Orr
Male 1861-1940
Julia J Baker
Female 1860-1929
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Elizabeth Orr
Female 1864-1903
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Kate Orr
Female 1868-
John Phillip Orr
Male 1837-1926
Fanny Orr
Female 1883-
Carrie Orr
Female 1893-
Philip Orr
Male 1895-
Isaac Orr
Male 1900-
Myra Orr
Female 1866-
Mary Dallas Orr
Female 1877-1877
Hugh Walton Orr
Male 1880-1916
Sue Ann Hill
Female 1853-1907
Sylvanus G. Orr
Male 1869-1905
Annie H. Freeman
Female 1874-1980
Isaac Newton Orr
Male 1875-1943
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Robert Orr
Male 1881-1926
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Paul Johnson Orr
Male 1890-1957
Isaac Newton Orr
Male 1840-1917
Aldora Johnson
Female 1845-1923
Franklin W. Orr
Male 1845-1863
James H. Orr
Male 1846-1864
Willie Reese Orr
Female 1872-1920
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Sarah Orr
Female 1857-1900
Guy Benjamin Orr
Male 1898-1965
Jonathan Orr
Male 1859-1924
Emma Lou Orr
Female 1862-1933
Robert Orr
Male 1813-1880
Susan C Simms
Female 1869-1965
Ada Jane Simms
Female 1856-1889
Ola Arnold
Female 1867-1942
John Gary Simms
Male 1862-1895
Laura Lee Casey
Female 1867-1896
Susan Gary
Female 1825-
Cora Simms
Female 1866-
Alice Jane King
Female 1876-1939
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David P. Shugart
Male 1845-1915
Ruby Jane Farris
Female 1879-1969
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Retta Hogue
Female 1889-1978
Lois Simms
Female 1892-
Ophelia Rowe
Female 1860-1938
Lacy Simms
Male 1886-
Anna L. Lacy
Female 1859-1948
Grace Orr
Female 1894-1986
Estelle Orr
Female 1884-1954
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Kate Orr
Female 1888-1979
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Watkins Orr
Male 1890-1964
Ashton B Orr
Male 1894-1917
Vivia Scott
Female 1863-1948
Susie A Orr
Female 1898-1984
Jack A Orr
Male 1900-1987
Vivian Orr
Female 1904-
John Watkins Orr
Male 1864-1947
Laula L Anderson
Female 1874-1959
Susan A Simms
Female 1827-1874
Watkins Orr
Male 1821-1881
Jessie Arnold
Female 1876-1954
John F Dunbar
Male 1867-1938
Ross L Arnold
Male 1893-1974
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Ellen A. Simms
Female 1850-1927
Eva Arnold
Female 1878-1964
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Alma L Arnold
Female 1882-1978
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Christine Arnold
Female 1887-1980
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Nevelle Arnold
Female 1893-1975
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Lourette Simms
Female 1888-1973
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John Stacy Simms
Male 1899-1965
Corene Bass
Female 1902-1990
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Cora Stacy
Female 1860-1947
Malcolm Ware Orr
Male 1875-1954
May Orr
Female 1880-1964
Luicius Arnold
Male 1880-1922
Gibson Orr
Male 1885-
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Viberta Snow
Female 1887-1974
Addie Love Snow
Female 1892-1968
Roop Snow
Male 1893-1984
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Annie Ware
Female 1885-
Ethel Glenn Ware
Female 1881-1972
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Johnnie Mae Ware
Female 1883-1948
Myra Lou Ware
Female 1890-1970
Ione Ware
Female 1899-
Emma Allen
Female 1869-
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Lewis Orr Powell
Male 1883-1966
Mae Herring
Female 1890-1980
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Sally Grace Orr
Female 1860-1932
Mary Emily Simms
Female 1836-1877