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The Southern Anthology Project

The Southern Anthology Project is representative of our research capabilities and is one example of how your family story can be shared. 

I was just a youngster when I was first introduced to my family tree. It was my great aunt's research, mimeographed on the back of some old business stationery. I treasured those old pages! Yet, as you might expect, those copies were lost and found over the years, only to be lost and, luckily, found again. Like most genealogists, this research eventually migrated to some genealogy software- several migrations, if you count the hard drive crashes!

Yet something always troubled me: a tremendous database of information was being compiled, but it was for me and me alone. How could I get this stuff off the hard drive (or the paid genealogy service) and into the hands of my kids and other curious relatives?  We're talking about literally hundreds of pages of material!

The answer is the web, of course! Curious families members now have a digital front porch for sampling my research. And being able to share with literally the entire world has provided a welcome for new cousins that I didn't even know I had, adding even more to the family story.

My project site uses The Next Generation software to tell that story. This is a versatile platform that provides a polished, professional online presence.

John Dickinson, GenTrekker Genealogist

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