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"Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Family. Home. That's where we belong.  And part of that belonging is knowing where we came from. Beyond the biology, the lives and experiences of our parents and grands, and their parents' parents, have given us the traditions and values that make us who we are. Genealogy Solutions is a personal history research and publishing firm committed to preserving that legacy so that it can be passed to the future. 

GTGS is based in Pensacola, Florida. This places us in close proximity to a number of important archives and libraries, particularly those dedicated to the history of the Gulf South. We are also invested in staying wired to the ever-expanding world of digital genealogy. The focus of GTGS is currently on the families of the ante-bellum south as well as those of the Five Civilized Tribes (Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole) who inhabited its borderlands.


GTGS provides you with informed, reliable answers to your family history questions. To that end, our work adheres to the standards of the Board for the Certification of Genealogists:

(a) We conduct a reasonably exhaustive search in reliable sources for all information that is or may be pertinent to the identity, relationship, event, or situation in question;

(b) We collect and include in our compilation a complete, accurate citation to the source or sources of each item of information we use;

(c) We analyze and correlate the collected information to assess its quality as evidence;

(d) We resolve any conflicts caused by items of evidence that contradict each other or are contrary to a proposed (hypothetical) solution to the question; and

(f) We arrive at  a soundly reasoned, coherently written conclusion.

The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual, Millennium Edition, (Washington, DC: Board for Certification of Genealogists, 2000), pp. 1-2.

The GenTrekker Promise

This is our promise to you:

  1. GOALS WILL BE DEFINED. GenTrekker's genealogist will personally review your questions and needs in order to understand what you want to accomplish and whether it is feasible using the best practices in the field.  
  2. A PLAN WILL BE DEVELOPED. This is the strategy that we will employ to research your question.
  3. PROGRESS WILL BE REPORTED. We will periodically report the results of our work so that goals can be refined if necessary or additional research recommended.
  4. RESULTS WILL BE SHARED. We will provide our results, along with supporting documentation, in a written or digital format. 

Genealogy is an exciting path of discovery into your past. Trek with us!

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Every problem is unique. We want the opportunity to discuss your needs so that a solution can be tailored to fit your budget. The initial consultation will not cost you a thing.  

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