Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia



City/Town : Latitude: 32.4609764, Longitude: -84.98770939999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dean, Willie Elvira  10 Mar 1915Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I9229
2 Dickinson, William Howell  05 Oct 1895Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I8978
3 Downing, Hugh Urquhart  5 Dec 1868Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14074
4 Downing, Mary L  ca. 1844Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14080
5 Downing, Sarah  ca. 1845Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14081
6 Martin, Hermon Wilkes  18 Dec 1892Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I21081
7 Pinkston, George Wesley M.D.  26 Jan 1831Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I17565
8 Slade, John Henry  11 Jan 1843Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13990
9 Thomas, Emma J  Apr 1867Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13992
10 Thomas, Eugenia  20 Oct 1881Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13997
11 Thomas, Helen Martha  27 Jun 1873Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13995
12 Thomas, Hockley McKee  Feb 1869Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13993
13 Thomas, Jane Eliza  13 Feb 1838Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14078
14 Thomas, Slade  ca. 1871Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13994
15 Thomas, Stella  15 Jul 1875Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Irene Ophelia  19 Sep 1916Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I8122
2 Askew, Ann R  14 Oct 1868Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I0466
3 Askew, William Benjamin  18 Feb 1984Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I23027
4 Blount, Ann Jacqueline  12 Feb 1891Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13985
5 Candler, Marion E  29 Dec 1994Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I20987
6 Davie, Fannie Wellborn  26 Sep 1884Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14054
7 Dickinson, William Howell  14 May 1974Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I8978
8 Downing, Lemuel Tyler  24 Mar 1882Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14079
9 Flournoy, Thomas Moffett  23 Nov 1913Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14044
10 Long, Araminta  7 Sep 1968Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I4217
11 Long, Frances Elizabeth  7 Sep 1889Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14040
12 Middleton, Rhuben H  24 Feb 1921Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I23205
13 Ruffner, Edward Harry  27 Jul 2002Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I20988
14 Sharman, Sallie C  19 Apr 1956Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I8930
15 Shivers, Mary A  22 May 1845Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14052
16 Slade, Ann Louisa  16 Feb 1858Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13987
17 Slade, Helen DeRoulhac  17 Nov 1917Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13989
18 Slade, James Jeremiah  30 Apr 1917Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13991
19 Slade, Martha B  20 Aug 1929Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I10262
20 Slade, Stella Blount  13 Sep 1911Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13988
21 Slade, Thomas Bogg  5 May 1882Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13984
22 Suggs, Ella  17 Dec 1962Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I8932
23 Tally, Oren Edgar  28 Dec 2005Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I6294
24 Terrell, John Larry  29 Jul 2010Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I7154
25 Thomas, Grigsby Eskridge  5 Feb 1914Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I10261
26 Thomas, Grisby Eskridge  3 Jul 1865Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14024
27 Thomas, Helen Martha  7 Aug 1898Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13995
28 Thomas, Mary Eugenia Louisa  1 May 1847Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14075
29 Trammell, Emily  22 Aug 2009Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I9981
30 Urquhart, Caroline Lucy  13 Feb 1898Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14082
31 Zachry, Elizabeth Thornton  23 Feb 1951Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I10577


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Thomas, Grigsby Eskridge  1 Apr 1861Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I10261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Burch, Gerard  1830Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I0429
2 Owsley, Lucy  1870Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13461
3 Ritch, Alonza Emanuel  1870Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I10298
4 Slade, Martha B  1850Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I10262
5 Slade, Thomas Bogg  1845Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13984
6 Slade, Thomas Bogg  1850Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I13984
7 Thomas, Grigsby Eskridge  1860Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I10261
8 Thomas, Grigsby Eskridge  1860Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14053
9 Thomas, Grigsby Eskridge  1870Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia I14053