Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

St. Petersburg, Russia



City/Town : Latitude: 59.9342802, Longitude: 30.335098600000038


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chislova, Catherine Gavrilovna  21 Sep 1846St. Petersburg, Russia I24750
2 Hesse-Kassel, William of  10 Aug 1844St. Petersburg, Russia I24758
3 Leuchtenberg, Alexander Georgievich of 7th Duke of Leuchtenberg  13 Nov 1881St. Petersburg, Russia I24740
4 Leuchtenberg, Elena Georgievna of  3 Jan 1892St. Petersburg, Russia I24742
5 Leuchtenberg, Eugen Maximilianovich of 5th Duke of Leuchtenber  8 Feb 1847St. Petersburg, Russia I24726
6 Leuchtenberg, George Maximilianovich of 6th Duke of Leuchtenberg  29 Feb 1852St. Petersburg, Russia I24727
7 Leuchtenberg, Maria Maximilianovna of Pcss Wilhelm of Baden  16 Oct 1841St. Petersburg, Russia I24723
8 Oldenburg, Alexandra von Grand Duchess of Russia  2 Jun 1838St. Petersburg, Russia I24718
9 Oldenburg, Therese Petrovna of  30 Mar 1852St. Petersburg, Russia I24739
10 Paley, Olga Valerianovna  2 Dec 1865St. Petersburg, Russia I24716
11 Russia, Alexander Alexandrovich of Grand Duke of Russia  7 Jun 1869St. Petersburg, Russia I24464
12 Russia, Alexander I of  23 Dec 1777St. Petersburg, Russia I24590
13 Russia, Alexandra Nikolaevna of  24 Jun 1825St. Petersburg, Russia I24450
14 Russia, Elena Pavlovna of Hereditary Grand Dcss of Mecklenburg-Schwerin  24 Dec 1784St. Petersburg, Russia I24593
15 Russia, Maria Pavlona of  16 Feb 1786St. Petersburg, Russia I24584
16 Russia, Maria Pavlona of Dcss of Södermanland  18 Apr 1890St. Petersburg, Russia I24879
17 Russia, Michael Pavlovich of Grand Duke of Russia  8 Feb 1798St. Petersburg, Russia I24597
18 Russia, Nicholas Nikolaevich of Grand Duke of Russia  18 Nov 1856St. Petersburg, Russia I24719
19 Russia, Nikita Alexandrovich of Prince of Russia  13 Jan 1900St. Petersburg, Russia I24490
20 Russia, Nikolay of  20 Sep 1843St. Petersburg, Russia I24455
21 Russia, Olga Nikolaevna of Queen consort of Württemberg  11 Sep 1822St. Petersburg, Russia I24449
22 Russia, Olga Pavlovna of  2 Jul 1792St. Petersburg, Russia I24595
23 Russia, Paul I of  1 Oct 1754St. Petersburg, Russia I24588
24 Russia, Peter Nikolaevich of Grand Duke of Russia  10 Jan 1864St. Petersburg, Russia I24720
25 Woronzow, Catherine Ctss of Pembroke  24 Oct 1783St. Petersburg, Russia I25391
26 Württemberg, Alexander of Duke of Württemberg  9 Sep 1804St. Petersburg, Russia I24794


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Catherine I Empress of Russia  17 May 1727St. Petersburg, Russia I24709
2 Peter I Tsar of Russia  8 Feb 1725St. Petersburg, Russia I24708
3 Beauharnais, Maximilian de 3rd Duke of Leuchtenberg  1 Nov 1852St. Petersburg, Russia I24722
4 Hesse-Kassel, William of  10 Aug 1844St. Petersburg, Russia I24758
5 Leuchtenberg, Eugen Maximilianovich of 5th Duke of Leuchtenber  31 Aug 1901St. Petersburg, Russia I24726
6 Oldenburg, Therese Petrovna of  19 Apr 1883St. Petersburg, Russia I24739
7 Russia, Alexander Alexandrovich of Grand Duke of Russia  2 May 1870St. Petersburg, Russia I24464
8 Russia, Alexandra Nikolaevna of  10 Aug 1844St. Petersburg, Russia I24450
9 Russia, Maria Nikolaievna of Dcss of Leuchtenberg  21 Feb 1876St. Petersburg, Russia I24448
10 Russia, Olga Pavlovna of  26 Jan 1795St. Petersburg, Russia I24595
11 Saxe-Altenburg, Alexandra Friederike Henriette of Grand Dcss of Russia  6 Jul 1911St. Petersburg, Russia I24444
12 Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, Antoinette of Dcss of Württemberg  14 Mar 1824St. Petersburg, Russia I24825


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   19 Feb 1711St. Petersburg, Russia F7664
2 Hesse-Kassel / Russia  28 Jan 1844St. Petersburg, Russia F7682
3 Mecklenburg-Schwerin / Russia  24 Jan 1879St. Petersburg, Russia F7683
4 Oldenburg / Russia  9 Aug 1901St. Petersburg, Russia F7576
5 Russia / Württemberg  26 Sep 1776St. Petersburg, Russia F7619
6 Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach / Russia  3 Aug 1804St. Petersburg, Russia F7617
7 Sweden / Russia  3 May 1908St. Petersburg, Russia F7970