Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Pike County, Alabama



County/Shire : Latitude: 31.822808872047982, Longitude: -85.968017578125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catrett, Arzella  Jun 1852Pike County, Alabama I10536
2 Catrett, M Elizabeth  1 Jan 1847Pike County, Alabama I16209
3 Duck, Timothy Osier  22 Oct 1820Pike County, Alabama I10104
4 Edwards, John  Jul 1854Pike County, Alabama I4642
5 Edwards, Susan  24 Jan 1852Pike County, Alabama I4641
6 Gilmore, Foy Glen  08 Aug 1905Pike County, Alabama I4720
7 Gilmore, Ralph Wilkerson  21 Mar 1908Pike County, Alabama I4721
8 Gilmore, Willis Glen  17 Jun 1879Pike County, Alabama I4719
9 Henderson, Pinkie  08 Jul 1876Pike County, Alabama I4079
10 Henderson, Trammell E.  Feb 1872Pike County, Alabama I4077
11 Henderson, Vanny  1874Pike County, Alabama I4078
12 LeCroy, Daisy  22 Apr 1920Pike County, Alabama I22447
13 Leverette, Allen A  Apr 1894Pike County, Alabama I4709
14 Leverette, Eulaliah  Aug 1891Pike County, Alabama I4708
15 Leverette, Hiram  28 Apr 1885Pike County, Alabama I4706
16 Leverette, Homer  28 Apr 1885Pike County, Alabama I4712
17 Leverette, James Rockmore  28 Aug 1888Pike County, Alabama I4707
18 Leverette, Salemah  Nov 1881Pike County, Alabama I4711
19 Leverette, William  Nov 1883Pike County, Alabama I4705
20 Pennington, Nonie Vashti  01 Apr 1876Pike County, Alabama I4755
21 Pierson, Armelah  21 Jan 1859Pike County, Alabama I4703
22 Pierson, Mary Frances  14 Sept 1856Pike County, Alabama I4701
23 Pierson, Willie Eulaliah  24 Feb 1864Pike County, Alabama I4702
24 Rainer, William Walton  Feb 1853Pike County, Alabama I4809
25 Scott, Isabella V  Oct 1857Pike County, Alabama I14020
26 Trammell, Alma  Sept 1895Pike County, Alabama I4696
27 Trammell, Ida  Nov 1889Pike County, Alabama I4694
28 Trammell, Mary  Nov. 1885Pike County, Alabama I4692
29 Trammell, Olive  Dec 1887Pike County, Alabama I4693
30 Trammell, Ruth  Dec 1891Pike County, Alabama I4695
31 Trammell, William  Dec 1898Pike County, Alabama I4697
32 Welch, Nancy A. Jane  1834Pike County, Alabama I13454
33 Wilkerson, Evelyn  Apr 1899Pike County, Alabama I4757
34 Wilkerson, Faye  Nov 1882Pike County, Alabama I4717
35 Wilkerson, Fred R  Abt 1908Pike County, Alabama I4759
36 Wilkerson, Julia Howard  24 Jun 1880Pike County, Alabama I4716
37 Wilkerson, Mary  Abt 1905Pike County, Alabama I4758
38 Wilkerson, Walter P  Abt 1916Pike County, Alabama I4760
39 Wilkerson, Walter Rockmore  20 Jan 1878Pike County, Alabama I4714
40 Wilkerson, Willie E  Oct 1897Pike County, Alabama I4756
41 Wilkerson, Young Augustus  10 Feb 1879Pike County, Alabama I4715


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dewberry, John H  26 Oct 1906Pike County, Alabama I4718
2 Edwards, Benjamin  23 Sep 1863Pike County, Alabama I4635
3 Edwards, Martha Alabama  12 Mar 1851Pike County, Alabama I4640
4 Gilmore, Ralph Wilkerson  11 May 1986Pike County, Alabama I4721
5 Gilmore, Willis Glen  16 Oct 1962Pike County, Alabama I4719
6 Leverette, James Elias  27 Apr 1931Pike County, Alabama I4704
7 Leverette, James Rockmore  09 Dec 1963Pike County, Alabama I4707
8 Pierson, Armelah  03 Jun 1932Pike County, Alabama I4703
9 Pierson, Mary Frances  24 Aug 1940Pike County, Alabama I4701
10 Pierson, William Roquemore  02 Dec 1910Pike County, Alabama I4698
11 Pierson, Willie Eulaliah  27 Apr 1923Pike County, Alabama I4702
12 Tilley, Susan Ann  04 Jul 1858Pike County, Alabama I1069
13 Trammell, Tinzy Salemah  10 Nov 1918Pike County, Alabama I1421
14 Trotter, Emma A  25 Dec 1890Pike County, Alabama I18494
15 Wilkerson, Julia Howard  22 Feb 1946Pike County, Alabama I4716
16 Wilkerson, Walter Rockmore  16 Oct 1944Pike County, Alabama I4714
17 Wilkerson, William S  23 Oct 1883Pike County, Alabama I4713


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Catrett, Mary Ann  1850Pike County, Alabama I15025
2 Dean, Thomas R  1850Pike County, Alabama I15024
3 Thomas, Frederick G  16 Dec 1850Pike County, Alabama I14058
4 Williams, David Morgan M.D.  1850Pike County, Alabama I0182
5 Williams, Martha Gideon Ann Uriah  1850Pike County, Alabama I0061


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brooks / Walker  1843Pike County, Alabama F1600
2 Dean / Catrett  7 Jan 1847Pike County, Alabama F4642
3 English / Welch  18 Dec 1850Pike County, Alabama F4053
4 Giddens / Trotter  27 Dec 1866Pike County, Alabama F5768
5 Murphree / Henderson  01 Mar 1849Pike County, Alabama F1261
6 Pierson / Trammell  Abt 1856Pike County, Alabama F1260
7 Riggins / Daniel  4 Dec 1837Pike County, Alabama F5841
8 Trammell / Murphree  01 Jun 1882Pike County, Alabama F0906