Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee



City/Town : Latitude: 36.166667, Longitude: -86.78333299999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, George Gibbs  21 Sep 1848Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I4537
2 Bell, John  15 Feb 1797Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I4532
3 Bell, John  12 Nov 1823Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I4549
4 Binns, Elmore Warder  1 Jun 1880Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13886
5 Cunningham, William Alexander  9 Jul 1886Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I21310
6 Donelson, Joyce  23 Sep 1893Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13884
7 Donelson, Lewis Randolph  15 Oct 1881Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13891
8 Donelson, Mary Brown  15 Apr 1891Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13885
9 Gaines, J. Donelson  18 Apr 1922Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13889
10 Gaines, McMurray  23 Jul 1920Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13888
11 Keeble, Cornelia  6 Mar 1898Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10272
12 Keeble, David M  1 Jul 1907Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10276
13 Keeble, Emmie Frazer  30 Apr 1910Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10277
14 Keeble, John Bell  24 Jan 1900Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10273
15 Keeble, Sydney Frazer  25 Nov 1905Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10275
16 McAlister, Louisa  25 May 1856Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13890
17 McNairy, Sue V  11 Oct 1841Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I21293
18 Smyth, Cynthia Wood  2 Nov 1902Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I26299
19 Symmes, John Cleves  15 Jan 1892Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I21291
20 Symmes, Sue Rae  12 Aug 1893Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I21292
21 Wilson, Marshall Orme  20 Jun 1860Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I25507


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Binns, Elmore Warder  18 Sep 1948Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13886
2 Brown, Mary Letitia  6 Oct 1947Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13883
3 Burrell, Endora  22 Jun 1924Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I21302
4 Donelson, Alexander  23 May 1834Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13633
5 Donelson, John II  1785Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13631
6 Donelson, John III  21 Apr 1830Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13635
7 Donelson, Joyce  19 Nov 1956Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13884
8 Donelson, Mary Ann  23 Jul 1916Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13851
9 Donelson, Rachel  22 Dec 1828Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13636
10 Donelson, Severn  15 Sep 1818Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13638
11 Donelson, Vinet  20 Jun 1913Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13869
12 Flischer, Charles  14 Feb 1910Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I21301
13 Frazer, Emmie  9 Jun 1935Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10271
14 Gaines, McMurray  26 Apr 1937Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13887
15 Keeble, Cornelia  Dec 1973Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10272
16 Keeble, David M  Oct 1974Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10276
17 Keeble, Edwin Augustus  Sep 1979Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10274
18 Keeble, Emmie Frazer  Jan 1981Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10277
19 Keeble, John Bell  10 Oct 1929Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I4567
20 Keeble, John Bell  14 Oct 1947Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10273
21 Keeble, Sydney Frazer  5 Dec 1947Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10275
22 Lawrence, William Pitt  30 Jan 1853Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I21289
23 Lawrence, William Walton  24 Nov 1923Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I21281
24 Maura, Joseph Everett  21 Mar 1958Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I16268
25 McClammy, Margaret  16 Jun 2007Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10371
26 McConnell, Peter Benjamin  13 Mar 2000Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I10370
27 McNairy, Sue V  18 May 1924Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I21293
28 Meriwether, Elliot Lamar  9 Apr 1950Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I24016
29 Meriwether, Robert Marcius  28 Sep 1951Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I24018
30 Moses, William Neal  16 Dec 1864Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I26122
31 Owsley, Ann Delia  14 Aug 1995Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13505
32 Risely, Nancy Pomeroy  9 Mar 1846Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I21290
33 Smith, Paul McDonald Jr.  29 Dec 2002Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I0212
34 Smith, Terrell Josephine  30 Apr 1977Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I0211
35 Smyth, Wood Bartholomew  25 Oct 1952Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I26302
36 Stockley, Rachel  1794Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13632


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, Clark Alexander  16 Dec 1864Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I0068
2 Driesbach, Tate Randolph  16 Dec 1864Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I5214


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Tunstall, George Brook  20 Aug 1817Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I5024


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bell, John  1860Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I4532
2 Donelson, Mary Emily  1870Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13858
3 Donelson, Vinet  1880Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13869
4 Donelson, Vinet  1910Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13869
5 Gaines, J. Donelson  1930Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee I13889