Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Middleton, Alma Rebecca  11 Apr 1892Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9196
2 Middleton, Cora  01 Dec 1886Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9194
3 Middleton, Elma Elizabeth  11 Apr 1892Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9197
4 Middleton, Emma Florence  01 Jul 1867Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9205
5 Middleton, Emma Louise  22 Sep 1883Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9193
6 Middleton, Felix B  Feb 1869Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9206
7 Middleton, Fred Marion  15 Oct 1879Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9192
8 Middleton, John Houston  12 May 1856Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9151
9 Middleton, Lewis N  Abt 1862Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9204
10 Middleton, Mamie  18 Feb 1904Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9200
11 Middleton, Margaret A  Jan 1855Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9202
12 Middleton, Martha Ann  02 Feb 1858Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9203
13 Middleton, Maude Gibson  28 Oct 1900Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9199
14 Middleton, Robert Riden  31 Mar 1877Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9191
15 Middleton, Sarah Malisie  22 Oct 1871Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9207
16 Middleton, Sevilla Roann  Abt 1864Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9201
17 Middleton, Troy Houston  12 Oct 1889Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9153
18 Middleton, U T  27 Feb 1895Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9198


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beasley, Minnie B  16 Jul 1969Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9224
2 Middleton, Alma Rebecca  29 Feb 1972Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9196
3 Middleton, Elma Elizabeth  17 Feb 1893Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9197
4 Middleton, Fred Marion  05 May 1967Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9192
5 Middleton, John Houston  27 Aug 1935Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9151
6 Middleton, Maude Gibson  28 Sep 1978Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9199
7 Thompson, Katherine Louise  20 Sep 1925Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi I9152


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Middleton / Thompson  16 Nov 1876Hazelhurst, Copiah, Mississippi F2475