Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Griffin, Spalding, Georgia



City/Town : Latitude: 33.2467807, Longitude: -84.26409039999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wilkerson, Samuel Wyatt  Abt 1835Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I6264
2 Winbray, Charles William  29 Sep 1849Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I15793
3 Stewart, George C  9 Oct 1856Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0201
4 Stewart, John H  03 Oct 1859Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1497
5 Stewart, Claude D  10 Dec 1861Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3970
6 Speer, Arthur Middleton M.D.  22 Oct 1862Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I18752
7 George, Florida Elmer  May 1863Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I21180
8 Thrower, Alice Switzer  17 Apr 1867Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I21397
9 Gray, Anna Clara  14 Jun 1867Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I17568
10 Leake, Lenora O  3 Feb 1873Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0640
11 Slaton, Oliver Hazard Perry  25 Feb 1874Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I22023
12 Slaton, Marjorie Lorena  01 Apr 1876Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1395
13 Slaton, Thomas Henry  1 Apr 1876Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I22024
14 Hardee, Mary Elizabeth  29 Nov 1876Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0197
15 Slaton, Charles William  9 Jan 1878Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I22025
16 Slaton, Mary Ophelia  9 Jan 1878Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I22026
17 Hardee, Stewart R.  21 Jul 1878Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0198
18 Slaton, Wlater Andrews  2 Sep 1879Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I22027
19 Slaton, Paul Jones  28 Mar 1882Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I22028
20 Hardee, Clifford Lily  16 Sep 1882Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0199
21 Jacobs, Thaddeus Eugene  6 Oct 1882Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10286
22 Doe, Grantland Warner  23 Aug 1883Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10660
23 Hardee, John Nall  12 May 1885Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0200
24 Taylor, Robert de Forest  19 Nov 1886Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1155
25 Schultz, Lizzie  Mar 1888Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10301
26 Maddox, Arthur Kenney  12 Aug 1888Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10137
27 Taylor, Joel Stewart  27 Apr 1889Griffin, Spalding, Georgia  I1156
28 Worthington, Jesse Preston  2 Aug 1889Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1234
29 McDowell, Patrick Henry  07 Aug 1889Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I4290
30 Schultz, Lillie Belle  2 Nov 1889Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10306
31 Stewart, John David  24 Jan 1890Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1671
32 Worthington, Grover Cleveland  18 Jun 1891Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1054
33 Garland, Sara Frances  26 Oct 1891Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1458
34 Schutlz, Fred Ernest  25 Dec 1892Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10302
35 Worthington, John Bolton  8 Dec 1893Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1236
36 Garland, Halsey Sims  26 Mar 1894Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1459
37 Schultz, Lottie  Aug 1894Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10303
38 McDonald, Marjorie  23 Sep 1894Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0635
39 Schultz, Eugene Garlington  26 Oct 1895Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10304
40 Schultz, John  1896Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10305
41 Garland, Henry Lloyd  17 Feb 1896Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I4862
42 Brown, Olivia  2 Jun 1897Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10138
43 Worthington, James Drewry  21 Dec 1899Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1237
44 Worthington, Mary Kathleen  10 Sep 1902Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1235
45 Carlisle, Roselyn  Abt. 1904Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I4780
46 Worthington, Lincoln McConnell  11 May 1905Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1233
47 Bolton, Eunice Evelyn  09 Apr 1907Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1310
48 Worthington, Charles Bartlett  23 Oct 1907Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1232
49 Bolton, Ruby Lorena  30 Aug 1908Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1309
50 Slaton, Paul Jones  9 Oct 1908Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I22032

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ellis, Marie Louise  4 Aug 1864Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I17562
2 Stewart, Claude D  07 Aug 1864Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3970
3 Stewart, John H  15 Aug 1864Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1497
4 Speer, Alice  16 Aug 1871Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I18751
5 Speer, Charles Carroll  1 Aug 1873Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I18750
6 Slaton, Thomas Henry  1 Sep 1877Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I22024
7 Putnam, Jennie E  6 Aug 1878Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3137
8 Askew, Mary Elizabeth  08 Jul 1890Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0067
9 Dickinson, William Henry  17 Apr 1891Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0196
10 Herndon, Mary Minor  23 Jul 1891Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I17563
11 Allen, Elizabeth Jane  21 Apr 1892Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I2117
12 Hardee, Robert A.  19 Jan 1893Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0612
13 Stewart, John David  28 Jan 1894Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0613
14 Garland, Henry Lloyd  18 Nov 1896Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I4862
15 McDowell, Frances Caroline  4 May 1897Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I15789
16 Andrews, Margaret  Mar 1899Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I14106
17 Connell, Amanda S  18 May 1899Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I14109
18 Dickinson, Elizabeth  26 Aug 1899Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0074
19 Connell, Robert Starks  26 May 1902Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I14107
20 Drewry, Fenton H  4 Jan 1906Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3119
21 Worthington, George H  4 Jun 1909Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3168
22 Grigg, Margaret D  9 Dec 1909Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3130
23 Dickinson, John David  17 Feb 1912Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0052
24 Connell, Nancy Carolyn  19 Dec 1914Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I14111
25 Doe, Clyde Winslow  31 May 1917Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10662
26 Doe, Mary Emily  5 Jun 1917Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10663
27 Drewry, Nicholas Butt M.D.  30 Jun 1920Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3124
28 Doe, Margaret Helen  16 Jun 1921Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10665
29 Perdue, Mittie Lorena  10 Jul 1923Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0237
30 Head, Elizabeth Varner  25 Jan 1925Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1836
31 Bolton, Joseph  1926Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1312
32 Green, John F  7 Mar 1927Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I22999
33 McDowell, Charles Jefferson  25 Sep 1928Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0257
34 Gregg, Virginia  19 Dec 1928Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1382
35 Green, Union H  30 Dec 1928Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I23000
36 Bolton, Alice Lula Josephine  12 Jul 1930Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0053
37 Adams, Robert Powell  8 Aug 1930Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I23997
38 Connell, Amelia S  27 Sep 1930Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I14110
39 Hawkins, Texanna  28 Dec 1932Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0983
40 Drewry, James Albert  1 Feb 1933Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3134
41 Bolton, Herbert Alfred  19 Apr 1933Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1297
42 Stewart, James A  10 Sep 1936Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0204
43 Garland, Henry Jackson  11 Jun 1937Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1389
44 Carlisle, Ernest Franklin  15 Jan 1938Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I4774
45 Patrick, Sarah Amanda  5 May 1939Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I14117
46 Connell, Mary Jane  21 Apr 1940Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I14108
47 Randall, Annie  31 Jul 1940Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1190
48 Doe, Grantland Warner  10 Jun 1941Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10660
49 Maddox, Arthur Kenney  28 Sep 1941Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I10137
50 Slaton, Charles William  14 May 1946Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I22025

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Leake, Mary  Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0606
2 Stewart, George C  19 Sep 1856Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0201


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Stewart, John David  1875Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0613


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Guardianship    Person ID 
1 Williams, David Morgan M.D.  11 Jul 1858Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0182


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage    Person ID 
1 Stewart, George C  1 Mar 1881Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0201
2 Williams, Celeste  1 Mar 1881Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Rivers, Robert Leake  8 Jul 1861Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I16339
2 Dickinson, Clark Alexander  Feb 1862Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0068
3 Dickinson, John Franklin  07 May 1862Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0069
4 Leake, Samuel Wiley  07 May 1862Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0195
5 Drewry, Augustus S  4 Aug 1863Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3120
6 Drewry, Eldridge H  4 Aug 1863Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1823
7 Drewry, Fenton H  4 Aug 1863Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3119
8 Drewry, Lucius Q  4 Aug 1863Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3128
9 Dickinson, James Alpheus  18 Jan 1865Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0060


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Dickinson, John Franklin  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1157
2 Dickinson, John Franklin  1918Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1157
3 Dickinson, John Franklin  1930Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1157


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Woodward, Nancy A  1860Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I6880
2 Dickinson, Mary Unis  1870Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0070
3 Dickinson, Susan A  1870Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0073
4 Drewry, Fenton H  1870Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3119
5 McDowell, Charles Jefferson  1870Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1062
6 Stewart, George C  1870Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0201
7 Stewart, John David  1870Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0613
8 Askew, Mary Elizabeth  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0067
9 Dickinson, John Franklin  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0069
10 Dickinson, Mary Unis  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0070
11 Dickinson, Susan A  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0073
12 Hardee, Mary Elizabeth  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0197
13 Hardee, Robert A.  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0612
14 Hardee, Stewart R.  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0198
15 Holsey, Mary E  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0192
16 Schultz, Ernest  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1122
17 Stewart, Annie May  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0202
18 Stewart, George C  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0201
19 Stewart, James A  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0204
20 Stewart, John David  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0613
21 Stewart, Susie Lee  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0203
22 Stewart, Walter S  1880Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0205
23 Ballard, Mary Weldon  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0193
24 Dickinson, John Franklin  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0069
25 Dickinson, Mary Unis  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0070
26 Dickinson, Susan A  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0073
27 Garland, Henry Jackson  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1389
28 Hardee, Clifford Lily  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0199
29 Hardee, Stewart R.  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0198
30 Hardee, Stewart R.  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0198
31 McDowell, Charles Jefferson  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0257
32 Randall, Annie  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1190
33 Stewart, Annie May  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0202
34 Stewart, James A  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0204
35 Stewart, John David  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1671
36 Taylor, Joel Stewart  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1156
37 Taylor, Robert de Forest  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1155
38 Taylor, Robert Hope  1900Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1123
39 Ballard, Mary Weldon  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0193
40 Bolton, Eunice Evelyn  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1310
41 Bolton, Frances Louvenia Mary Carrie Adeline  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0227
42 Bolton, Herbert Alfred  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1297
43 Bolton, Ruby Lorena  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1309
44 Dickinson, John Franklin  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1157
45 Dickinson, John Franklin  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0069
46 Dickinson, Lucy Belle  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0636
47 Dickinson, Susan A  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I0073
48 Drewry, Augustus S  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I3120
49 Garland, Sara Frances  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1458
50 Gwyn, Minnie E.  1910Griffin, Spalding, Georgia I1768

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dickinson / Williams  13 Apr 1858Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F0027
2 Daniel / McDowell  02 Jan 1877Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F1149
3 Stewart / Williams  1 Mar 1881Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F0750
4 Taylor / Stewart  16 Sep 1885Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F0352
5 McDowell / Clark  13 Jul 1888Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F1139
6 Worthington / Bolton  4 Nov 1888Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F0322
7 Stewart / Randall  18 Jun 1889Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F0364
8 Garland / Dickinson  18 Dec 1889Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F0432
9 McDonald / Stewart  14 Dec 1892Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F0342
10 Carlisle / Reid  05 Nov 1902Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F1285
11 Fletcher / Bolton  19 Aug 1933Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F0410
12 Bolton / Niles  28 Dec 1935Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F0404
13 Drawdy / Dickinson  31 Jan 1975Griffin, Spalding, Georgia F1934