Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Canoe, Escambia, Alabama



Location : Latitude: 31.027586, Longitude: -87.411362


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cain, Maggie Bell  24 Jun 1895Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I7314
2 Dunaway, Martha O  Apr 1893Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I7359
3 Earnest, Willie Marie  14 Apr 1907Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17033
4 Franklin, Eula Lee  24 Aug 1870Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0532
5 Franklin, Holden Evans  23 Mar 1872Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5132
6 Franklin, Nora  7 Apr 1875Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5134
7 Hall, Andrew Arthur  25 Apr 1882Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17027
8 Hall, Annie May  13 Apr 1878Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17026
9 Hall, Carrie Leigh  Mar 1884Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17022
10 Hall, Carroll Emmitte  4 Sep 1893Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17025
11 Hall, Clarence G  26 Jul 1888Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17028
12 Hall, Daniel Corry  11 Feb 1891Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17024
13 Hall, Daniel Dillan  16 Mar 1854Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17016
14 Hall, George Collier  24 Dec 1855Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I1231
15 Hall, Jackson Wallace  21 Oct 1874Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17019
16 Hall, Lulu Bessie  20 Mar 1886Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17023
17 Hall, Mattie Pearl  8 Mar 1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17021
18 Hall, Wiley Cornelius  8 Dec 1852Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5737
19 Hall, William Taylor  12 Jul 1876Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17020
20 Helton, Mary Cornelia  20 Aug 1929Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I12324
21 Henson, Mavis  Abt 1927Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I9568
22 Hubbird, Myrtle Alma  2 Jan 1899Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I9944
23 Kyser, Percy Mason  25 Mar 1918Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I8692
24 Lowery, Ada Marie  24 Mar 1901Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3838
25 Lowery, Clyde H  Abt 1911Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I7398
26 Lowery, Corry Benjamin  29 Aug 1888Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3832
27 Lowery, Estella Alyne  03 Jan 1897Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3835
28 Lowery, Ethel Lucylle  11 Apr 1899Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3836
29 Lowery, Gerald A  Abt 1917Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I7401
30 Lowery, Herman Spencer  03 May 1893Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3834
31 Lowery, James T  21 Sep 1868Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5958
32 Lowery, Leonard B  29 Sep 1903Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3837
33 Lowery, Mozell  31 Jul 1913Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I7400
34 Lowery, Virgie Ellen  27 Jan 1891Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Mary Elizabeth  30 Jun 1928Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17018
2 Buzbee, Georgia Ann  9 Nov 1919Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0528
3 Curry, Charlcie  5 Oct 1896Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17017
4 Earnest, Willie Marie  19 Nov 1907Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17033
5 Entrekin, Mary Lucinda  1 Oct 1885Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17013
6 Hall, Andrew Jackson  25 Nov 1890Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17012
7 Hall, Andrew Jackson  22 May 1916Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17015
8 Hall, Carroll Emmitte  13 Jun 1960Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17025
9 Hall, Mattie Pearl  24 Dec 1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17021
10 Hall, Wiley Cornelius  1 Sep 1921Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5737
11 Hall, Zachary Taylor  5 Sep 1872Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17014
12 Holder, George Monroe  17 Nov 1932Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I16163
13 Leatherwood, William Henry Harrison  03 Sep 1922Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I7578
14 Lowery, Andrew Martin  22 Jul 1952Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0925
15 Miles, James Zebedee  31 Dec 1948Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0529
16 Padgett, Mary Elijah  21 Jun 1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5736
17 Troutman, Mary S  26 Jul 1935Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I7579


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Hadley, Simon  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I10744


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Martha  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I1952
2 Andrews, Martha  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I1952
3 Bates, Claudia Susan Dalton  1870Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I6102
4 Boone, Elijah  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5837
5 Boone, Henrietta Georgia  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0929
6 Boone, Susan Augusta  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5844
7 Brown, Ruth Ann  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0756
8 Brown, Ruth Ann  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0756
9 Bryars, Alton Parker  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3844
10 Bryars, Charles Edward  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0926
11 Bryars, Edward  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3846
12 Bryars, Francis Oliver  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0832
13 Bryars, Francis Oliver  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0832
14 Bryars, Gilbert A  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3852
15 Bryars, Mildred Teresa  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0924
16 Bryars, Mildred Teresa  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0924
17 Bryars, Myrtle  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3845
18 Bryars, Ruth  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3853
19 Bryars, Vallie Vergie  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0831
20 Buzbee, Georgia Ann  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0528
21 Buzbee, Samuel Huston  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3775
22 Filligim, Margaret  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I4014
23 Forbes, Edward  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I6417
24 Franklin, Lucretia Ellen  1870Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0515
25 Franklin, Marion W  1870Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5129
26 Gilmore, Fletcher  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0022
27 Gilmore, Jerry  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3443
28 Gilmore, Mary Magdeline  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3442
29 Gross, Mary Jane  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5734
30 Hadley, Louisa M  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I10746
31 Hall, Andrew Jackson  1870Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I17012
32 Hathcock, Levitia  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I5838
33 Kendrick, Alonzo  1910Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I4017
34 Kendrick, Alonzo  1930Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I4017
35 Leatherwood, Daniel F  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3641
36 Leatherwood, Elizabeth Ann  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3642
37 Leatherwood, Joe W  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3640
38 Leatherwood, Sarah Jane  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0575
39 Leatherwood, William Henry Harrison  1870Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3638
40 Leatherwood, William Henry Harrison  1880Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3638
41 Lowery, Ada Marie  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3838
42 Lowery, Andrew Martin  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3831
43 Lowery, Andrew Martin  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0925
44 Lowery, Andrew Martin  1920Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I0925
45 Lowery, Corry Benjamin  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3832
46 Lowery, Edith Inez  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3850
47 Lowery, Estella Alyne  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3835
48 Lowery, Ethel Lucylle  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3836
49 Lowery, Herman Spencer  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3834
50 Lowery, James Martin  1900Canoe, Escambia, Alabama I3849

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kyser / Nolen  04 Feb 1917Canoe, Escambia, Alabama F2350