Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Mobile County, Alabama


County/Shire : Latitude: 30.709410949902406, Longitude: -88.24081420898438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bonifay, Emily  12 Sep 1887Mobile County, Alabama I15531
2 Brown, Lois M  Abt 1927Mobile County, Alabama I6300
3 Brown, Rosa A  Abt 1922Mobile County, Alabama I6299
4 Brown, Virgil A  Abt 1929Mobile County, Alabama I6301
5 Cleveland, Alabama  Abt 1836Mobile County, Alabama I6545
6 Cleveland, Cecelia  Abt 1861Mobile County, Alabama I6538
7 Cleveland, Colin M R  Abt 1856Mobile County, Alabama I6535
8 Cleveland, Douglas C  10 Jun 1853Mobile County, Alabama I6534
9 Cleveland, Fannie  Abt 1863Mobile County, Alabama I6539
10 Cleveland, Felix Senac  22 Aug 1861Mobile County, Alabama I6525
11 Cleveland, Franklin  Jan 1856Mobile County, Alabama I6523
12 Cleveland, George Huggins  Abt 1834Mobile County, Alabama I6543
13 Cleveland, Henderson Kinney  Abt 1834Mobile County, Alabama I6544
14 Cleveland, James  Abt 1848Mobile County, Alabama I6521
15 Cleveland, Jennie D  Jan 1854Mobile County, Alabama I6522
16 Cleveland, John Gelan  1826Mobile County, Alabama I6531
17 Cleveland, Joseph A  Abt 1838Mobile County, Alabama I6547
18 Cleveland, Margaret J  Abt 1859Mobile County, Alabama I6537
19 Cleveland, Mary Alabama  Abt 1858Mobile County, Alabama I6536
20 Cleveland, Mary Ann  Abt 1829Mobile County, Alabama I6542
21 Cleveland, Rubina M  Jul 1852Mobile County, Alabama I6533
22 Cleveland, Stonewall Jackson  May 1863Mobile County, Alabama I6526
23 Cleveland, Toulmin  03 Sep 1859Mobile County, Alabama I6524
24 Cleveland, William F  Abt 1837Mobile County, Alabama I6546
25 Cleveland, William F  Mar 1850Mobile County, Alabama I6532
26 De Laney, Christopher Columbus  04 Dec 1925Mobile County, Alabama I6652
27 Fillingim, Albert  Abt 1849Mobile County, Alabama I7386
28 Godbold, Martha Caroline  1827Mobile County, Alabama I8452
29 Hollinger, Adam Cornelius  04 Jun 1800Mobile County, Alabama I6477
30 Hollinger, Cecelia R  12 Aug 1826Mobile County, Alabama I6512
31 Hollinger, Cornelia E  24 Apr 1832Mobile County, Alabama I6513
32 Hollinger, Elizabeth Barbara  Abt 1828Mobile County, Alabama I6493
33 Hollinger, Louisa S  25 Aug 1802Mobile County, Alabama I6478
34 Hollinger, Margaret Jane  22 Feb 1825Mobile County, Alabama I6511
35 Hollinger, Marie Louise  24 Feb 1823Mobile County, Alabama I6510
36 Hollinger, Octavia Olivia  1833Mobile County, Alabama I6514
37 Jennett, Albert H  Abt 1847Mobile County, Alabama I6500
38 Jennett, Augusta B  Abt 1848Mobile County, Alabama I6501
39 Jennett, Charles Innerarity  1860Mobile County, Alabama I6507
40 Jennett, Frank  Abt 1845Mobile County, Alabama I6499
41 Jennett, Harry H  Abt 1853Mobile County, Alabama I6504
42 Jennett, John Walker  1850Mobile County, Alabama I6502
43 Jennett, Margaret C  Abt 1855Mobile County, Alabama I6505
44 Jennett, Mary A  Abt 1858Mobile County, Alabama I6506
45 Jennett, Russell C  Abt 1844Mobile County, Alabama I6503
46 Lumsden, Frank Aubrey  17 Jan 1875Mobile County, Alabama I8449
47 Lumsden, Lucy Caroline  18 Oct 1873Mobile County, Alabama I8448
48 Lumsden, Olivia E  08 Jul 1869Mobile County, Alabama I8447
49 McLean, Oliver Franklin  21 Jun 1877Mobile County, Alabama I7866
50 Russell, Ann Maria  04 Apr 1830Mobile County, Alabama I6488

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Mary W  Jan 1925Mobile County, Alabama I15649
2 Biggs, James Neil  Aug 1932Mobile County, Alabama I7627
3 Biggs, John Steve  23 Jun 1955Mobile County, Alabama I7625
4 Boggan, Cornelia Pickett  15 Mar 1945Mobile County, Alabama I6242
5 Boone, Adeline  30 Jan 1944Mobile County, Alabama I5841
6 Boone, Elliot M  29 May 1914Mobile County, Alabama I6374
7 Boyles, Charles Weatherford  11 Sep 1917Mobile County, Alabama I7778
8 Bryars, Nora Ellen  02 May 1959Mobile County, Alabama I3927
9 Bryars, Thomas Savage  8 Jan 1944Mobile County, Alabama I1144
10 Buzbee, Auburn  15 Mar 1950Mobile County, Alabama I4161
11 Buzbee, Samuel H  23 Dec 1955Mobile County, Alabama I6248
12 Buzbee, Samuel Huston  16 Mar 1934Mobile County, Alabama I3775
13 Carter, Hamilton Cameron  10 Feb 1909Mobile County, Alabama I7668
14 Carter, Mary Catherine  12 Aug 1993Mobile County, Alabama I7669
15 Cazalas, Paul G  11 Jun 1953Mobile County, Alabama I3825
16 Cleveland, Douglas C  08 May 1901Mobile County, Alabama I6534
17 Cleveland, Stonewall Jackson  26 Mar 1944Mobile County, Alabama I6526
18 Cooper, Angus Royal  14 Jun 1950Mobile County, Alabama I3613
19 Cooper, Henry Harrison  12 May 1909Mobile County, Alabama I1932
20 Cooper, Lula K  16 Jul 1954Mobile County, Alabama I3737
21 Crawford, Harriett  12 May 1915Mobile County, Alabama I22482
22 De Laney, Christopher Columbus  23 Feb 1940Mobile County, Alabama I6651
23 Dean, Julia Mildred  31 Aug 1935Mobile County, Alabama I15027
24 Dees, Ottis Cullen  15 Jan 1984Mobile County, Alabama I6455
25 Findley, Georgia  1933Mobile County, Alabama I7301
26 Hadley, Joseph William  08 Apr 1927Mobile County, Alabama I7585
27 Hall, Jackson Wallace  24 Aug 1964Mobile County, Alabama I17019
28 Hall, Nora  8 Apr 1966Mobile County, Alabama I2564
29 Hand, Cyril L  27 Jan 1952Mobile County, Alabama I7454
30 Hollinger, Alexander  18 Jan 1867Mobile County, Alabama I6474
31 Hollinger, Cecelia R  30 Jul 1915Mobile County, Alabama I6512
32 Juzan, Marie Josephine  27 Mar 1836Mobile County, Alabama I6473
33 Leatherwood, Daniel F  17 Feb 1922Mobile County, Alabama I3641
34 Leatherwood, Joe W  25 Oct 1938Mobile County, Alabama I3640
35 Lomax, Tillman  12 Nov 1919Mobile County, Alabama I5151
36 Mayo, Henry Monroe  30 Dec 1923Mobile County, Alabama I6361
37 McAdam, Peter O'Neal  22 Aug 1927Mobile County, Alabama I7511
38 McKay, Daniel Joseph  15 Mar 1938Mobile County, Alabama I3626
39 McLean, Oliver Franklin  25 Jun 1954Mobile County, Alabama I7866
40 Shipp, George Albert  1 Aug 1973Mobile County, Alabama I16183
41 Smoot, Benjamin T  08 Mar 1863Mobile County, Alabama I9791
42 Still, Richmond Webster  16 Dec 1926Mobile County, Alabama I7720
43 Still, William Douglas  20 Apr 1947Mobile County, Alabama I7722
44 Thomley, Frances Lenora  18 Mar 1933Mobile County, Alabama I3781
45 Thomley, James Robert  15 Mar 1952Mobile County, Alabama I6436
46 Tilghman, John Henry  1854Mobile County, Alabama I6558
47 Werneth, Charles Peter  12 May 1918Mobile County, Alabama I7860
48 Werneth, William Holcombe  30 Jan 2001Mobile County, Alabama I7865
49 Wilkins, William  12 Apr 1878Mobile County, Alabama I13741
50 Wynn, Elizabeth Jane  26 Sep 1906Mobile County, Alabama I3715


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hollinger, Margaret Jane  Abt 1830Mobile County, Alabama I6511


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Smoot, Benjamin Hugh  1860Mobile County, Alabama I6556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Fillingim, Albert William  1850Mobile County, Alabama I7379
2 Toulmin, Theophilus Lindsey  1850Mobile County, Alabama I9232
3 Toulmin, Theophilus Lindsey  1860Mobile County, Alabama I9232


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowers / Toulmin  11 Jun 1846Mobile County, Alabama F4139
2 Brown / Smart  20 Nov 1920Mobile County, Alabama F1684
3 Buckhaults / English  11 May 1925Mobile County, Alabama F6980
4 Byrne /   1 Feb 1816Mobile County, Alabama F4152
5 Calvert / Darling  16 Jun 1831Mobile County, Alabama F4145
6 Campbell / Hollinger  30 Jul 1847Mobile County, Alabama F1759
7 Cleveland / Britling  07 Jul 1835Mobile County, Alabama F1764
8 Cleveland / Hollinger  15 Jun 1849Mobile County, Alabama F1762
9 Franklin / Smith  11 Dec 1907Mobile County, Alabama F2683
10 Hunter / Hollinger  14 Jun 1854Mobile County, Alabama F1765
11 Jennett / Russell  06 Sep 1842Mobile County, Alabama F1751
12 Lumsden / Van Dorn  7 Oct 1868Mobile County, Alabama F2284
13 McAtee / Cady  27 Nov 1907Mobile County, Alabama F6957
14 McLain / Smoot  14 Aug 1840Mobile County, Alabama F4085
15 McLean / Werneth  17 Dec 1902Mobile County, Alabama F2110
16 Montgomery / Smoot  11 Dec 1834Mobile County, Alabama F4082
17 Myles / Mott  13 May 1903Mobile County, Alabama F6955
18 Padgett / Woodcock  30 Sep 1857Mobile County, Alabama F4083
19 Roberts / English  23 Sep 1929Mobile County, Alabama F6979
20 Russell / Robson  18 Apr 1855Mobile County, Alabama F1752
21 Smoot / Hollinger  12 Jul 1858Mobile County, Alabama F1769
22 Tilghman / Hollinger  20 Dec 1849Mobile County, Alabama F1770
23 Van Dorn / Godbold  23 Dec 1843Mobile County, Alabama F2285
24 Webster / Hammond  21 Nov 1866Mobile County, Alabama F4143
25 Woodcock / Smoot  11 Dec 1834Mobile County, Alabama F1776