Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Mobile, Mobile, Alabama


City/Town : Latitude: 30.6953657, Longitude: -88.0398912


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boone, Atwell  16 Sep 1927Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I10000
2 Boone, Douglas  28 Jul 1925Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9999
3 Boone, Marion Eldon  23 Oct 1923Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9998
4 Bradley, James Thomas  20 Sep 1936Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15600
5 Brown, Ellen Frances  17 Nov 1855Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6004
6 Bryars, Annie Irene  06 Apr 1924Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6124
7 Bryars, Carrie Jean  27 Sep 1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15177
8 Bryars, Charles Henry  30 Jan 1928Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6090
9 Bryars, James Arthur  21 May 1928Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9002
10 Busbee, Carl Francis  25 Mar 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7062
11 Busbee, Everett Eglin  13 Feb 1912Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7064
12 Busbee, James Wilmer  05 Jan 1909Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7061
13 Busbee, Lloyd C  02 Jul 1919Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7070
14 Chalker, Lloyd Toulmin  4 Dec 1883Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13729
15 Chighizola, Louisa  26 Sep 1839Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15424
16 Clemmons, Emily Van Dorn  1902Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13625
17 Clemmons, Ruth L.  Mar 1900Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13624
18 Cooper, Ervin Seifert  19 Dec 1911Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I2566
19 Crary, Catherine  Abt 1907Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8248
20 Crary, John Haines  Abt 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8249
21 Crary, Sue  Abt 1904Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8247
22 Durant, Claude M  1900Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8792
23 Durant, D'Olive  1916Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8762
24 Durant, Elizabeth  Abt 1916Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8778
25 Durant, Ellen M  Oct 1897Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8791
26 Durant, Gertrude N  Aug 1893Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8790
27 Durant, Grace H  Abt 1927Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8785
28 Durant, Grover A  03 Feb 1913Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8761
29 Durant, Harriett  Abt 1924Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8779
30 Durant, Hiram Taylor  1907Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8760
31 Durant, Mary L  Abt 1928Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8786
32 Durant, Pelham  17 Sep 1912Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8777
33 Ellison, Ann  abt. 1843Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7844
34 Franklin, Clarabelle  Abt 1909Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I10060
35 Franklin, Thomas Wilson  21 Sep 1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I10061
36 Freeman, Alrena  24 Oct 1905Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15820
37 Gaines, Toulmin  22 Dec 1847Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I2739
38 Hayes, Mabel Mary  6 May 1896Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13502
39 Hendrix, William Cleveland  23 Aug 1922Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9175
40 Hollinger, Alexander  27 Jan 1793Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6474
41 Hollinger, Elizabeth  29 May 1794Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6475
42 Hollinger, Margaret  22 Mar 1798Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6476
43 Hunter, Helen Ross  07 Mar 1856Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9428
44 Innerarity, Charles  28 Dec 1844Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9391
45 Innerarity, Eloise  02 May 1811Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9365
46 Innerarity, Felicite Eliza  10 Jul 1837Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9388
47 Innerarity, Francis Dalcour  31 Aug 1819Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9368
48 Innerarity, Heloise  16 Mar 1817Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9386
49 Innerarity, James  12 Nov 1814Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9367
50 Innerarity, John Forbes  31 Jan 1813Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9366

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hollinger, Adam Cornelius  25 Jan 1801Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6477
2 Hollinger, Alexander  20 Feb 1793Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6474
3 Hollinger, Elizabeth  15 Jun 1794Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6475
4 Hollinger, Louisa S  29 Nov 1804Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6478
5 Hollinger, Margaret  17 Nov 1798Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6476
6 Hollinger, Marie Louise  21 May 1823Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aikin, John Gaston III  18 Feb 1972Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15701
2 Alexander, Henry Clifford  May 1988Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15699
3 Arrington, James  15 Oct 1966Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5813
4 Avery, J Amelia  24 Sep 1979Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8319
5 Baldwin, George Augustus  20 Jan 1954Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I2659
6 Baldwin, Georgia Edna  16 Apr 1991Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I10051
7 Baldwin, Mamie Viola  3 Feb 1973Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I10049
8 Bankester, Nancy  03 Apr 1928Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8797
9 Barlow, Anna Douglas  8 Jun 1939Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I10242
10 Barlow, Ella  29 Dec 1943Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9427
11 Barlow, Essie  31 Dec 1928Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6529
12 Barlow, Margaret  8 Oct 1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I10239
13 Belt, Lillian  23 Sep 1936Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15652
14 Black, Robert Wesley  9 Apr 1864Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I18414
15 Black, Woodie Pamela  15 Mar 1970Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I0901
16 Blake, Julia Florence  26 Apr 1921Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I10244
17 Bonifay, Emilia  12 Feb 1905Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15351
18 Bonifay, Emily  6 Jan 1957Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15531
19 Boone, Boyce Frank  17 Apr 1945Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6315
20 Boone, John David  18 Jul 1932Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6367
21 Boone, Marvin Dewitt  13 May 1973Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6323
22 Bowers, Lloyd  18 May 1891Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13721
23 Boyles, Andrew Jackson  11 Mar 1917Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7777
24 Boyles, Beryle  17 Feb 1978Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7988
25 Boyles, Garnet  05 Jun 1966Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7986
26 Boyles, Pearl  11 Jun 1974Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7987
27 Boyles, Ruby  23 Jul 1952Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7985
28 Bragg, John  10 Aug 1878Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9704
29 Brogan, Francis Maurice  30 Apr 1974Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9897
30 Brown, Ellen Frances  18 Mar 1932Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6004
31 Brown, Virgil Adrian  09 Nov 1967Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I3629
32 Bryant, John Ormand  08 Dec 1912Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9005
33 Bryant, May H  09 Sep 1919Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9058
34 Bryant, Ozzie  15 Jul 1986Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9077
35 Bryars, Carrie Jean  14 Aug 2015Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15177
36 Bryars, Charles Henry  04 Mar 1965Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5824
37 Bryars, Charles Lawson  06 Jan 1951Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5398
38 Bryars, Edna Ruth  22 Jul 1943Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I0941
39 Bryars, Emma  29 Mar 1913Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I0694
40 Bryars, Eugene Schuler  07 Nov 2007Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8916
41 Bryars, Gene Austin  16 Jan 1985Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9095
42 Bryars, George Frank  15 Oct 1946Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I1667
43 Bryars, James Arthur  26 Apr 1959Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6094
44 Bryars, Leola Estelle  26 Jan 1948Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I0939
45 Bryars, Otis Buford  13 Nov 1972Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I0942
46 Bryars, Peyton Randolph  30 Jan 1969Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I1147
47 Bryars, Peyton Randolph  10 Jan 2010Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5788
48 Bryars, Reese Howard  12 Sep 1949Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8218
49 Bryars, Sarah L  04 Aug 1929Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I1112
50 Bryars, Sarah Xeriffa  10 Oct 1956Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I0937

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Randon, John  1786Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7717


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Innerarity, Eloise  08 Sep 1811Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9365
2 Innerarity, Francis Dalcour  30 Apr 1820Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9368
3 Innerarity, Heloise  13 Dec 1818Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9386
4 Innerarity, James  13 Dec 1818Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9367
5 Innerarity, John Forbes  09 Apr 1813Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9366
6 Innerarity, William Panton  03 Jun 1810Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I9364


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Hotze, Henry  1855Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6519


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 English, George McClellan  Nov 1861Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7555
2 Lumsden, Frank Aubrey  7 Oct 1863Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7518
3 Marchand, Jean Baptiste Louis DeCourtel  1730Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5042
4 McDavid, Richmond M CSA  1864Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I16252
5 Moffitt, Robert E  23 Apr 1861Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8428
6 Shomo, William Augustus  16 Nov 1861Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5246
7 Sizemore, Charles W  18 May 1861Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5709
8 Sizemore, David M  24 Apr 1861Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5707
9 Stedham, William Henry  15 Jun 1861Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6705
10 Thomley, Robert S  24 Feb 1862Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I3776
11 Woodcock, Thomas Standifer  6 Feb 1862Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Gaynor, William C  1880Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6549
2 Gaynor, William C  1900Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6549
3 Hobbs, James William  1880Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6003
4 McGillivray, Alexander  1784Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5051
5 Sizemore, William Weatherford  1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5742


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Hollinger, Louisa S  1842Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6478


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Mims, Sarah  10 Jul 1818Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6582
2 Weatherford, William  Jan 1852Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5174
3 Woodcock, Abraham Standifer  19 Sep 1845Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ackerman, John Mott  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5976
2 Arrington, Edmund Tunstall  1870Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13570
3 Atkinson, Zarilda Alida  25 Jul 1902Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15608
4 Bonifay, Emilia  1870Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15351
5 Bonifay, Emilia  1900Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15351
6 Bonifay, Faustina  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15349
7 Bonifay, Mary  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15368
8 Bonifay, Virginia F  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15373
9 Boone, Frank Leslie  1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6349
10 Bryars, Steven Galphin  1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I0935
11 Byrne, Gerald  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13763
12 Byrne, Patrick  1880Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13753
13 Byrne, Stonewall Jackson  1910Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13771
14 Calvert, William C.  1850Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13740
15 Chighizola, Louisa  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15424
16 Chighizola, Louisa  1870Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15424
17 Cooper, Angus Royal  1917Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I3613
18 Cooper, Marshall Artemas  Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I3612
19 Crary, Truman Bishop  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15379
20 Hammond, Helen B.  1850Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13735
21 Hand, Henry Ausphera  1880Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7442
22 Hollinger, Adam Cornelius  1840Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6477
23 Hollinger, Adam Cornelius  1850Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6477
24 Holmes, Mary Elizabeth  1880Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5419
25 King, David Scott  1917Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5385
26 Lumsden, Frank Aubrey  1870Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7518
27 Lumsden, Frank Aubrey  1900Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7518
28 Neville, Reba May  1900Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7759
29 Neville, Reba May  1920Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7759
30 Neville, Reba May  1930Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7759
31 Neville, Reba May  1940Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I7759
32 Pickens, Andrew Calhoun  1900Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15689
33 Rolston, Hugh Brown  1880Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13760
34 Smoot, Adaline  1893Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6571
35 Stanton, Henry Augustus  1870Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13738
36 Stanton, Henry Augustus  1880Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13738
37 Tufts, Alfred  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13645
38 Tufts, Mary L.  1870Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13621
39 Tufts, Mary L.  1880Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13621
40 Tunstall, Thomas Tate  1900Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I5026
41 Van Dorn, Earl  1870Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I8453
42 Weatherford, Eunice Brown  1936Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I6207
43 Webster, John Dade  1850Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13736
44 Webster, John Dade  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13736
45 Webster, John Dade  1870Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I13736
46 Yniestra, Brunaugh F  1860Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15418
47 Yniestra, Brunaugh F  1870Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15418
48 Yniestra, Brunaugh F  1880Mobile, Mobile, Alabama I15418


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bell / Lucas  25 May 1869Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F3374
2 Bryars / Phillips  31 Jan 1915Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F1431
3 Bryars / Smith  04 Oct 1816Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F0219
4 Gale / Bonifay  3 Dec 1863Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F4758
5 Hollinger / Juzan  11 Apr 1792Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F1742
6 Hubbird / Stone  4 Aug 1897Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F0348
7 Innerarity / Trouillet  06 Aug 1808Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F2536
8 Lumsden / Tufts  8 Jul 1879Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F4102
9 Malone / Russell  20 Dec 1852Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F1749
10 McDavid / Hand  16 Mar 1869Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F5026
11 Russell / Hollinger  10 Dec 1849Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F1747
12 Semmes / Gaines  17 Dec 1873Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F0611
13 Senac / Hollinger  16 Apr 1843Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F1755
14 Smith / Bryars  06 Nov 1943Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F1636
15 Still / Miles  8 Mar 1906Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F1578
16 Toulmin / Juzan  13 May 1821Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F2498
17 Tunstall / Arrington  25 Jan 1866Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F4094
18 Woodcock / Woodcock  1900Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F1778
19 Yniestra / Chighizola  10 Nov 1857Mobile, Mobile, Alabama F3800