Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

McKenzie, Butler, Alabama



City/Town : Latitude: 31.54238399999999, Longitude: -86.71496990000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Annie M  Abt 1905McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10052
2 Baldwin, George Augustus  12 May 1871McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2659
3 Baldwin, Georgia Edna  5 Jun 1902McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10051
4 Baldwin, Jesse Edward  9 Mar 1899McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10050
5 Baldwin, Mamie Viola  30 May 1897McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10049
6 Baldwin, Mittie Snow  1 Feb 1906McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3342
7 Vickery, Henry Arthur  21 Dec 1869McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10044
8 Vickery, Lamon Franklin  26 May 1893McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10045
9 Vickery, Leslie Vern  8 Jun 1895McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10046
10 Vickery, Lillie Auduisy  11 Dec 1897McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10047
11 Weaver, Lawrence Delma  7 Jan 1916McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I17165


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Bulah  8 Jan 1957McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2647
2 Carpenter, Benjamin Bailey  13 Oct 1919McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10062
3 McPherson, John Erskine  30 Aug 1887McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3364
4 Sellers, Sarah  23 Aug 1904McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3365
5 Vickery, Henry Arthur  20 Dec 1897McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10044
6 Vickery, Lamon Franklin  1 Apr 1958McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10045
7 Vickery, Leslie Vern  14 Jun 1949McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10046
8 Vickery, Lillie Auduisy  11 Dec 1960McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10047
9 Ware, Elizabeth  11 Jan 1924McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I10063


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Arna  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2643
2 Baldwin, Beulah Olive  1920McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3346
3 Baldwin, Byron A  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2642
4 Baldwin, Dallas Shanks  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3335
5 Baldwin, Dallas Shanks  1920McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3335
6 Baldwin, De Roach R  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2644
7 Baldwin, Della Mae  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2645
8 Baldwin, Elam E  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2620
9 Baldwin, Elmeda L  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3332
10 Baldwin, Elmeda L  1920McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3332
11 Baldwin, Elmeda L  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3332
12 Baldwin, General  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3339
13 Baldwin, Hattie M  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3345
14 Baldwin, Jessie  1920McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3347
15 Baldwin, John T  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3341
16 Baldwin, John Wesley  1920McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2661
17 Baldwin, Lizzie  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2641
18 Baldwin, Mable E  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3329
19 Baldwin, Mittie C  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3331
20 Baldwin, Mittie Snow  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3342
21 Baldwin, Mittie Snow  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3342
22 Baldwin, Nancy Jane  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2651
23 Baldwin, Nancy Jane  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2651
24 Baldwin, Palace  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3344
25 Baldwin, Pinkie  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3333
26 Baldwin, Pinkie  1920McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3333
27 Baldwin, Smith W  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2652
28 Baldwin, Smith W  1920McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2652
29 Baldwin, Smith W  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2652
30 Baldwin, Thelma  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3334
31 Baldwin, Thelma  1920McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3334
32 Baldwin, Thelma  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3334
33 Baldwin, Vilena  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3343
34 Baldwin, Wilber S  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3330
35 Baldwin, Wilber S  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3330
36 Baldwin, William Ira  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2650
37 Baldwin, William Ira  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2650
38 Carpenter, Martha Jane  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I2640
39 Lee, Daniel Dozier  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3313
40 Lee, Daniel Dozier  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3313
41 Lee, Daniel Webster  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3315
42 Lee, Eula  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3314
43 Lee, Eula  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3314
44 Lee, Gladys  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3316
45 Lee, Lela  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3318
46 Lee, Watson M  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3317
47 Lee, Watson M  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3317
48 Moseley, Minnie L  1910McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3340
49 Moseley, Minnie L  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3340
50 West, Omar Sylvester  1930McKenzie, Butler, Alabama I3321