Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

McDavid, Escambia, Florida


Latitude: 30.8375596, Longitude: -87.32956360000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bryars, Myrtle Marie  27 Jun 1897McDavid, Escambia, Florida I1076
2 Masingill, George Kilpatrick  7 Apr 1917McDavid, Escambia, Florida I15932
3 Masingill, James Walker  22 Sep 1913McDavid, Escambia, Florida I15933
4 Roach, Flora  14 Nov 1916McDavid, Escambia, Florida I10263
5 Williams, John Andrew  02 Nov 1849McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0559
6 Williams, Mabel  09 Jul 1875McDavid, Escambia, Florida I8482


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Franklin, Clinie Mae  2 Oct 2000McDavid, Escambia, Florida I10498
2 Franklin, Mellie Lou  3 Mar 1981McDavid, Escambia, Florida I10499
3 Gibson, Wade  15 Feb 1970McDavid, Escambia, Florida I6402
4 McCall, Thomas Joseph  07 Dec 1968McDavid, Escambia, Florida I6687
5 Roach, Flora  10 Apr 2009McDavid, Escambia, Florida I10263
6 Roberson, Ruthie Irene  29 May 2014McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0497
7 Stone, Wilbur Lee  13 May 2007McDavid, Escambia, Florida I10504
8 Wolfe, Buna Mae  28 Apr 1982McDavid, Escambia, Florida I3665


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bryars, Myrtle Marie  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I1076
2 Bryars, Myrtle Marie  1910McDavid, Escambia, Florida I1076
3 Dixon, David Anderson  1930McDavid, Escambia, Florida I3654
4 Dixon, William P  1930McDavid, Escambia, Florida I3653
5 Evans, Alabama  09 Jun 1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I1669
6 Evans, Dora Agnes  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0116
7 Evans, Edna Rosa  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0556
8 Evans, Felon Bascom  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0114
9 Evans, Holden Bascom  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0520
10 Evans, Leona Elizabeth  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0115
11 Evans, Milner  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0117
12 Evans, Willie Estelle  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0554
13 Hightower, Mary Emma  1910McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0560
14 Hightower, Mary Emma  1930McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0560
15 Johnson, Ella  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0498
16 Tompkins, Samuel Young  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0562
17 Tompkins, Willard Earle  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I3664
18 Williams, John Andrew  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0559
19 Williams, John Andrew  1910McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0559
20 Williams, Mary Jane  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0521
21 Williams, Minerva  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I0561
22 Williams, Robert Eugene  1900McDavid, Escambia, Florida I3644
23 Williams, Viola  1910McDavid, Escambia, Florida I3645
24 Williams, Viola  1930McDavid, Escambia, Florida I3645