Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama



City/Town : Latitude: 31.333204324931454, Longitude: -87.51133918762207


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boone, Benjamin B  12 Sep 1888Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I6151
2 Boone, Boyce Frank  28 Apr 1888Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I6315
3 Boone, Caldonia  Abt 1896Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I6319
4 Boone, John Lindsey  19 Dec 1895Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I6318
5 Boone, Leroy  Abt 1902Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I6322
6 Boone, Marvin Dewitt  26 Sep 1905Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I6323
7 Boone, May Bell  Jul 1891Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I6320
8 Boone, William B  10 Sep 1889Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I6317
9 Colbert, Amelia  26 Oct 1905Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I16172
10 Colbert, Benjamin Franklin  05 Aug 1890Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7371
11 Colbert, Ida  03 Sep 1896Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I3839
12 Colbert, O L  05 Jul 1888Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7369
13 Colbert, Owen  15 Apr 1892Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I9605
14 Colbert, Phronie  14 May 1898Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I16171
15 Colbert, Rissie  8 Aug 1896Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I16169
16 Colbert, Tinnie  28 Jun 1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7366
17 Colbert, Walter Lee  20 Apr 1908Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I16173
18 Colbert, Willis  13 Nov 1901Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I9601
19 Dees, Bertie  Abt 1915Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7786
20 Dees, Ellenae Eunice  Abt 1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7787
21 Dees, Ottis Cullen  20 Jan 1917Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I6455
22 Dunn, Nancy Myrah  07 Oct 1870Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I9764
23 Freeman, Ada  Jan 1886Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I15813
24 Freeman, Charles  9 Sep 1899Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I15819
25 Freeman, Frank Cooper  9 Jul 1894Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I15816
26 Freeman, Georgia  27 Aug 1896Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I15818
27 Freeman, John  ca. 1889Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I15817
28 Freeman, Mary Ann  4 May 1891Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I15814
29 Freeman, Robert  ca. 1889Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I15815
30 Gregson, Theordore R  20 Jan 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I16165
31 Harrison, Angielina  17 Jul 1915Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7633
32 Harrison, Bettie Mae  09 May 1907Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7624
33 Harrison, Joe Henry  26 Nov 1905Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7623
34 Harrison, Levitia  26 Jul 1919Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7635
35 Harrison, Liddie  10 Mar 1911Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7713
36 Harrison, Mary Lou  05 Sep 1917Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7634
37 Harrison, Nora  17 Jan 1913Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7632
38 Haynes, James Edwin  Abt 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I9855
39 Haynes, Mary  17 Apr 1913Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I9853
40 Hightower, Ernest Eugene  06 Jul 1886Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7211
41 Hightower, James Alexander  13 Nov 1877Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7208
42 House, Carson  28 Mar 1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7226
43 House, Florence  Abt 1873Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7215
44 House, Hettie Elizabeth  15 Apr 1895Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7223
45 House, Isaac Gilbert  20 Jun 1878Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7217
46 House, Isaac Gilbert  16 May 1916Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7228
47 House, John Perry  16 Feb 1885Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7219
48 House, Leon O'Neal  25 Sep 1892Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7222
49 House, Levetia Matilda  24 Jan 1875Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7216
50 House, Lillie Belle  Dec 1889Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7221

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Colbert, Mary Matilda  31 May 1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I9517
2 Dees, William Thomas  28 May 1932Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I5872
3 Freeman, Robert  24 Dec 1909Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I9926
4 House, Mary Jane  03 Jan 1930Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7204
5 Loften, Edian  14 Apr 1914Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I9745
6 Taylor, Payton Tunstall  19 May 1930Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I9761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Lagniappe    Person ID 
1 Freeman, Robert  10 Nov 1906Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I9926


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Dees, Thomas Henderson Smith  Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I5871


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Colbert, Henry C  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7372
2 Colbert, Henry C  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7372
3 Colbert, Mulford  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I16174
4 Dean, Lafayette  1930Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I16133
5 Dees, Ottis Cullen  1930Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I6455
6 Dees, William Thomas  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I5872
7 Harrison, Rufus G  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I7377
8 Hollinger, Mary Ella  1900Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I5160
9 McGhee, Robert Lee  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I16051
10 Sizemore, Josephine  1910Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I5727
11 Sizemore, Josephine  1920Jeddo, Monroe, Alabama I5727