Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Houston, Harris, Texas


City/Town : Latitude: 29.7604267, Longitude: -95.3698028


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Heavin, William Henry  2 Sep 1928Houston, Harris, Texas I16305
2 Hollinger, Eugene Bud  13 Jul 1892Houston, Harris, Texas I7641
3 Hollinger, Levitia E  Abt 1879Houston, Harris, Texas I7636
4 Padgett, Addie E.  30 Jan 1861Houston, Harris, Texas I13555


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alford, Kinchen Beall  11 Apr 1931Houston, Harris, Texas I20812
2 Beall, Pearl  28 May 1968Houston, Harris, Texas I3402
3 Beall, Pearl  28 May 1968Houston, Harris, Texas I10011
4 Becker, Edmund Thomas  16 Mar 1999Houston, Harris, Texas I9679
5 Brown, Mary Magdelene  10 Sep 1937Houston, Harris, Texas I10618
6 Bryars, Mary Elizabeth  7 Mar 2009Houston, Harris, Texas I13958
7 Cleveland, Toulmin  04 Apr 1937Houston, Harris, Texas I6524
8 Crow, George Davis  30 Dec 1952Houston, Harris, Texas I3384
9 Crow, Robert Douglas  9 May 1921Houston, Harris, Texas I3378
10 Crow, Thomas Joel  29 May 1970Houston, Harris, Texas I3379
11 Crow, William Jefferson  27 Aug 1924Houston, Harris, Texas I3377
12 Davis, Iva  31 Jul 1993Houston, Harris, Texas I6977
13 Fletcher, Margaret  23 Jan 1961Houston, Harris, Texas I3400
14 Gaskill, Clinton Rabun  11 Jul 1934Houston, Harris, Texas I21463
15 Hollinger, Eugene Bud  12 Dec 1975Houston, Harris, Texas I7641
16 Hollinger, William Harrison  18 Aug 1945Houston, Harris, Texas I5884
17 Hurt, Jefferson Jackson  5 Mar 1898Houston, Harris, Texas I18319
18 Innerarity, Heloise Henrietta  07 Feb 1932Houston, Harris, Texas I9359
19 Jacobs, Buttrell Barnett  23 Jun 1963Houston, Harris, Texas I10289
20 Jacobs, Howard Garrett  20 Dec 1967Houston, Harris, Texas I10290
21 Jacobs, Joseph Brown  4 Nov 1948Houston, Harris, Texas I10285
22 Jacobs, Merl  19 Jul 1974Houston, Harris, Texas I10293
23 Langhorne, James Beverly  1 Dec 1980Houston, Harris, Texas I10698
24 Langhorne, Virginia Lee  12 Jun 1968Houston, Harris, Texas I10697
25 Leake, Robert Oscar  29 Oct 1943Houston, Harris, Texas I16322
26 Lindsey, John Clifton  11 Jul 1935Houston, Harris, Texas I21240
27 McCall, Gaston D  06 Jul 1974Houston, Harris, Texas I6689
28 McCall, Louis E  22 Mar 1991Houston, Harris, Texas I6690
29 McCall, Moses G  28 Oct 1979Houston, Harris, Texas I6691
30 McIlwain, Nellie Mae  16 Jun 1953Houston, Harris, Texas I6010
31 Middleton, Emma Louise  28 Dec 1979Houston, Harris, Texas I9193
32 Middleton, Sarah Jane  31 Dec 1934Houston, Harris, Texas I9296
33 Milner, James Doss  10 May 1958Houston, Harris, Texas I16953
34 Schutlz, Fred Ernest  28 Mar 1961Houston, Harris, Texas I10302
35 Sibley, Franklin Edward  15 Apr 1918Houston, Harris, Texas I15542
36 Trammell, Rae Wheeler  27 Mar 2009Houston, Harris, Texas I9968
37 Trammell, Sarah Washington  22 Nov 1922Houston, Harris, Texas I3190
38 Tunstall, Clement Clay  10 Jan 1950Houston, Harris, Texas I6007
39 Wilson, Fannie Amelia  09 Sep 1964Houston, Harris, Texas I9360
40 Wilson, Helena  29 Jul 1968Houston, Harris, Texas I9361
41 Wilson, John  30 May 1904Houston, Harris, Texas I9358
42 Wilson, John Innerarity  26 Nov 1906Houston, Harris, Texas I9362


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beall, Pearl  1930Houston, Harris, Texas I3402
2 Crow, Bailey Benge  1918Houston, Harris, Texas I3383
3 Crow, Thomas Joel  Houston, Harris, Texas I3379
4 Crow, Thomas Joel  1930Houston, Harris, Texas I3379
5 Hollinger, Alexander Franklin  1880Houston, Harris, Texas I5159
6 Weatherford, Fred Watson  1930Houston, Harris, Texas I6187
7 Woodcock, Helen  1870Houston, Harris, Texas I6586