Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Heard County, Georgia



County/Shire : Latitude: 33.280065931218566, Longitude: -85.09786605834961


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Zachry, David  2 Oct 1809Heard County, Georgia I10558
2 Orr, Araminta Jane  30 Nov 1822Heard County, Georgia I8044
3 Crain, Thomas Lee  1826Heard County, Georgia I4316
4 Wood, Pearlie Zadie  5 Mar 1826Heard County, Georgia I10559
5 Ware, James Britton  16 Jun 1830Heard County, Georgia I0827
6 Hanson, Louisa Posey  7 May 1831Heard County, Georgia I0825
7 Barnett, William S  3 Feb 1832Heard County, Georgia I13446
8 Hanson, William O  Abt 1833Heard County, Georgia I4476
9 Crain, George A  Jan ca. 1834Heard County, Georgia I4362
10 Hanson, Sarah C  Abt 1835Heard County, Georgia I4477
11 Crain, John G  Abt 1837Heard County, Georgia I4363
12 Simms, Camilla A  1837Heard County, Georgia I2458
13 Hanson, Susana  2 Jan 1837Heard County, Georgia I2504
14 Echols, William G  Abt. 1838Heard County, Georgia I4616
15 Crain, Stephen H  22 Jun 1838Heard County, Georgia I4364
16 Simms, Sarah Frances  23 Nov 1839Heard County, Georgia I4377
17 Hanson, Josiah B  Abt 1841Heard County, Georgia I4479
18 Crain, Emily C  Abt 1842Heard County, Georgia I4366
19 Crain, Susan A  Abt 1842Heard County, Georgia I4365
20 Hanson, Grace Rebecca  Abt 1844Heard County, Georgia I4471
21 Hanson, Andrew Jackson  1845Heard County, Georgia I4472
22 Crain, Mary J  Abt 1847Heard County, Georgia I4367
23 Hanson, Daniel Whitfield  24 Mar 1848Heard County, Georgia I4473
24 Ware, Henry Grayandus  20 Aug 1848Heard County, Georgia I10589
25 Hanson, Allie A  13 Mar 1849Heard County, Georgia I4474
26 Foster, John  8 Aug 1849Heard County, Georgia I18190
27 Crain, Spencer C  1850Heard County, Georgia I4368
28 McDowell, Sarah A  23 Sep 1850Heard County, Georgia I1819
29 Askew, James B  29 Dec 1850Heard County, Georgia I15770
30 Rollins, Texas Orlean  21 Jan 1851Heard County, Georgia I6779
31 Ware, Alberta Virginia  08 Mar 1851Heard County, Georgia I1183
32 Hanson, Ophelia  Abt 1852Heard County, Georgia I4475
33 McDowell, Emma A  1853Heard County, Georgia I1820
34 Ware, Almyra Elizabeth  21 May 1853Heard County, Georgia I1172
35 Daniel, Jeptha A H  1854Heard County, Georgia I4319
36 Echols, William E  Abt. 1854Heard County, Georgia I4611
37 Zachry, David William  1854Heard County, Georgia I4386
38 Foster, Martha Susan  24 Sep 1854Heard County, Georgia I18191
39 Crain, Charles McDowell  Dec 1854Heard County, Georgia I4370
40 Foster, Mary Frances  4 Apr 1855Heard County, Georgia I18192
41 Ware, Adelaide Glenn  17 May 1855Heard County, Georgia I1185
42 Crain, Amanda S  1856Heard County, Georgia I4371
43 Crain, Mary A  Abt. 1856Heard County, Georgia I4343
44 Cavender, James Griffen  Apr 1856Heard County, Georgia I2861
45 Redwine, John Britain  28 May 1856Heard County, Georgia I8029
46 Ware, John Fletcher  12 Sep 1857Heard County, Georgia I1187
47 Echols, Lorenzo D  Apr 1859Heard County, Georgia I4612
48 Crain, Henry A  11 Nov 1859Heard County, Georgia I4373
49 Ware, Alonzo Crawford  17 Dec 1859Heard County, Georgia I1173
50 Redwine, Elizabeth Ann  04 Feb 1861Heard County, Georgia I8030

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crain, George  24 Mar 1837Heard County, Georgia I4313
2 Ware, John Mims  18 Aug 1838Heard County, Georgia I6783
3 Ware, John Mims  12 Mar 1852Heard County, Georgia I10588
4 Askew, James B  11 Sep 1852Heard County, Georgia I15770
5 Malone, Frances S  Jun 1853Heard County, Georgia I15771
6 Germany, Elizabeth  26 Jan 1854Heard County, Georgia I4324
7 Crain, Spencer C  Between 1857-1860Heard County, Georgia I4317
8 Heard, Susannah  28 Jun 1862Heard County, Georgia I4312
9 Simms, Bula Bernice  30 Aug 1862Heard County, Georgia I1267
10 Crain, Charles L  09 Oct 1862Heard County, Georgia I4315
11 Simms, Britain  10 Feb 1864Heard County, Georgia I0308
12 Wood, Elizabeth  09 Apr 1867Heard County, Georgia I4618
13 Echols, Samuel Dorrell  14 Jun 1869Heard County, Georgia I4617
14 Redwine, William Crawford  30 Sep 1869Heard County, Georgia I8028
15 Sturdivant, Lucy  22 Oct 1869Heard County, Georgia I6784
16 Simms, William M.  26 Oct 1878Heard County, Georgia I0706
17 Crain, Amanda S  1879Heard County, Georgia I4371
18 Folds, Thomas P  ca. 1880Heard County, Georgia I18195
19 Ware, Henry Grayandus  21 May 1883Heard County, Georgia I10589
20 Darden, George Washington  17 Dec 1883Heard County, Georgia I4321
21 Crain, Henry A  14 Jul 1886Heard County, Georgia I4373
22 Ransom, Mary Elizabeth  1888Heard County, Georgia I4342
23 Wood, Pearlie Zadie  11 Jun 1888Heard County, Georgia I10559
24 Simms, John Brittain  24 Aug 1888Heard County, Georgia I1268
25 Zachry, David  23 Dec 1888Heard County, Georgia I10558
26 McDowell, Charles Jefferson  13 Mar 1889Heard County, Georgia I1062
27 Crain, William George  1892Heard County, Georgia I4318
28 Crain, Laura  1893Heard County, Georgia I15772
29 Crain, Cynthia J  31 Jan 1894Heard County, Georgia I4374
30 Darden, Sarah Elizabeth  1901Heard County, Georgia I4327
31 Darden, John Spencer Madison  29 Dec 1903Heard County, Georgia I4328
32 Crain, Stephen H  19 Nov 1906Heard County, Georgia I4364
33 Crain, Brittain Simms  25 Aug 1907Heard County, Georgia I4378
34 McCray, Elizabeth Jane  06 Apr 1914Heard County, Georgia I7196
35 Wood, Georgia Ann  25 Dec 1915Heard County, Georgia I4329
36 Simms, Sarah Frances  21 Mar 1916Heard County, Georgia I4377
37 Cavender, George Washington  07 Feb 1917Heard County, Georgia I7195
38 Hunt, Robert Lee  30 Nov 1918Heard County, Georgia I4311
39 Crain, James Spencer  28 Dec 1918Heard County, Georgia I4345
40 Simms, Camilla A  19 Jul 1923Heard County, Georgia I2458
41 Ware, Alonzo Crawford  22 Jan 1943Heard County, Georgia I1173
42 Bird, Cora L  10 Mar 1954Heard County, Georgia I22921
43 Orr, John Henry  27 Sep 1955Heard County, Georgia I22920
44 Herndon, Earnest Lee  28 Oct 1956Heard County, Georgia I4307
45 Darden, Homer Wood  07 Aug 1962Heard County, Georgia I8081
46 West, Henry Grady  3 Jan 1967Heard County, Georgia I16923


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 McDowell, Charles Jefferson  26 Jun 1861Heard County, Georgia I1062


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Crain, William George  1840Heard County, Georgia I4318
2 Hanson, Thomas Kendrick  1840Heard County, Georgia I0978
3 Heard, Susannah  1840Heard County, Georgia I4312
4 Askew, Benjamin Simms  1850Heard County, Georgia I0363
5 Connell, Catherine  1850Heard County, Georgia I18185
6 Crain, Spencer C  1850Heard County, Georgia I4317
7 Crain, William George  1850Heard County, Georgia I4318
8 Foster, Claiborne  1850Heard County, Georgia I18186
9 Foster, Robert  1850Heard County, Georgia I18189
10 Lipscomb, John W P  1850Heard County, Georgia I22914
11 Ransom, Samuel G  1850Heard County, Georgia I2450
12 Wright, Benjamin Harvey  1850Heard County, Georgia I13393
13 Steagall, Rev. William Washington  1860Heard County, Georgia I22938
14 Steagall, Rev. William Washington  1860Heard County, Georgia I22938
15 Ware, Alonzo Crawford  1860Heard County, Georgia I1173
16 Crain, William George  1870Heard County, Georgia I4318
17 Lipscomb, John W P  1870Heard County, Georgia I22914
18 Ransom, Samuel G  1870Heard County, Georgia I2450
19 Crain, George A  1880Heard County, Georgia I4362
20 Lipscomb, John W P  1880Heard County, Georgia I22914


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Norwood / Mitchell  19 Dec 1833Heard County, Georgia F5786
2 Askew / Carter  Oct 1844Heard County, Georgia F7126
3 Simms / Hanson  8 Oct 1846Heard County, Georgia F0225
4 Melson / Ransom  20 Sep 1849Heard County, Georgia F0414
5 Ransom / Hanson  1855Heard County, Georgia F0877
6 Crain / Orr  10 Nov 1900Heard County, Georgia F1165
7 Masdon / Cavender  01 Mar 1903Heard County, Georgia F1936