Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut


Latitude: 41.288906, Longitude: -72.67436399999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blatchley, Aaron  6 Apr 1750Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17518
2 Blatchley, Abigail  17 Dec 1744Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17516
3 Blatchley, Abraham  25 Feb 1760Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17522
4 Blatchley, Eunice  8 Feb 1757Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17521
5 Blatchley, Huldah  17 Sep 1752Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17519
6 Blatchley, Joshua  14 Apr 1692Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17301
7 Blatchley, Mabel  17 Sep 1752Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17520
8 Blatchley, Mary  7 Mar 1747Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17294
9 Blatchley, Moses  28 Aug 1722Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17299
10 Blatchley, Moses  28 May 1746Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17517
11 Blatchley, Submit  17 Aug 1765Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17523
12 Doud, Eunice  20 May 1778Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17296
13 Doud, Russell  4 Nov 1769Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17295
14 Dowd, Abigail  27 Apr 1811Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17454
15 Dowd, Adelia  28 Feb 1806Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17290
16 Dowd, Almira  21 Nov 1793Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17448
17 Dowd, Betsey  16 Apr 1801Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17451
18 Dowd, Didymas  25 Oct 1746Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17311
19 Dowd, Horace  1 Nov 1803Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17452
20 Dowd, Jared Freeman  27 Feb 1799Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17450
21 Dowd, Joseph II  ca. 1745Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17293
22 Dowd, Joseph III  16 Oct 1773Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17291
23 Dowd, Lucinda  6 Sep 1796Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17449
24 Dowd, Lyman  1783Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17297
25 Dowd, Mary  7 Apr 1741Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17309
26 Dowd, Mary Ann  26 May 1808Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17453
27 Dowd, Prudence  1 Oct 1739Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17308
28 Dowd, Silence  12 Mar 1742Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17310
29 Dowd, Thomas I  6 Feb 1653Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17542
30 Dowd, Thomas II  10 Mar 1683Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17312
31 Dudley, Abigail  15 Dec 1752Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17317
32 Dudley, Abigial  10 Feb 1716Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17409
33 Dudley, David  2 Mar 1709Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17369
34 Dudley, Ebenezer I  27 Feb 1682Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17374
35 Dudley, Ebenezer II  1710Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17373
36 Dudley, Elizabeth  28 Dec 1722Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17413
37 Dudley, Elizabeth II  24 Dec 1727Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17415
38 Dudley, Gilbert  10 Jan 1736Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17418
39 Dudley, Jonathan  11 Apr 1721Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17412
40 Dudley, Lucy  1 Feb 1748Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17428
41 Dudley, Martha  20 Jan 1718Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17410
42 Dudley, Mary  14 May 1678Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17485
43 Dudley, Mary  7 May 1732Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17417
44 Dudley, Naomi  26 Aug 1719Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17411
45 Dudley, Simeon  6 Feb 1725Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17318
46 Dudley, Simeon  1 Sep 1750Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17429
47 Dudley, Temperance  12 May 1724Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17414
48 Dudley, Temperance II  26 Aug 1730Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17416
49 Evarts, Ebenezer  15 Sep 1681Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17534
50 Evarts, Elizabeth  1674Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17540

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blatchley, Joshua  31 Mar 1742Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17301
2 Blatchley, Moses  15 Oct 1693Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17483
3 Blatchley, Susanna  19 Jan 1728Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17489
4 Bow, Mary  1700Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17526
5 Bradley, Nathan  10 Nov 1746Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17324
6 Cadwell, Abigail  6 Feb 1764Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17423
7 Dowd, Henry  31 Aug 1668Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17544
8 Dowd, Joseph I  11 Jan 1748Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17306
9 Dowd, Mary Ann  3 Sep 1869Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17453
10 Dowd, Silence  21 Jan 1763Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17310
11 Dowd, Thomas II  3 Dec 1711Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17312
12 Dowd, Thomas I  7 Feb 1713Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17542
13 Dudley, David  19 Feb 1780Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17369
14 Dudley, Ebenezer I  29 Aug 1751Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17374
15 Dudley, John I  30 May 1690Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17376
16 Evarts, Elizabeth  22 Feb 1687Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17540
17 Evarts, James  Apr 1682Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17511
18 Evarts, John I  9 May 1669Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17527
19 Evarts, John III  30 Dec 1683Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17537
20 Evarts, John II  28 Dec 1692Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17525
21 Evarts, Mary  20 Apr 1688Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17536
22 Evarts, Mary  Jun 1734Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17367
23 Evarts, Silence  ca. 1752Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17313
24 Field, Mary  9 Feb 1793Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17302
25 French, Deborah  13 Mar 1761Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17304
26 French, Ebenezer  3 May 1736Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17488
27 French, Jemima II  6 Aug 1755Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17497
28 French, Martha  Oct., 1690Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17377
29 French, Mary  ca. 1668Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17532
30 French, Susanna  17 Feb 1743Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17495
31 French, Thomas Sr.  8 Aug 1680Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17490
32 Goodrich, Richard  7 May 1676Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17549
33 Johnson, Ruth  1713Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17543
34 Kelsey, Abigail  1711Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17375
35 Munger, Ebenezer  29 Jun 1729Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17506
36 Munger, Huldah  19 Aug 1765Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17300
37 Munger, John I  3 Nov 1732Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17366
38 Munger, John II  5 Oct 1752Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17303
39 Munger, Mary II  18 Mar 1722Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17505
40 Munger, Rebecca  16 Sep 1751Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17372
41 Starr, Abigail  10 Aug 1751Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17424
42 Starr, Comfort  26 May 1727Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17437
43 Starr, Comfort  1 May 1743Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17430
44 Starr, Comfort  25 Aug 1751Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17425
45 Starr, Jonathan  4 Sep 1765Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17422
46 Starr, Lucy  28 Dec 1816Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17319
47 Starr, Submit  23 Oct 1771Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17435
48 Willard, Jared  1776Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17320
49 Willard, Thomas  30 Jan 1737Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17322
50 Woollet, Elizabeth  Oct 1684Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17545


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Evarts, John I  1650Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17527


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dudley, Simeon  7 Sep 1754Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17429
2 Evarts, Mary  19 Mar 1661Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17367


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Evarts, John I  5 Feb 1652Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17527


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dowd, Joseph III  1800Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17291
2 Dowd, Joseph III  1810Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut I17291


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blatchley / Munger  16 Jan 1743/44Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5361
2 Dowd / Grimes  1 Jan 1738Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5364
3 Dowd / Johnson  11 Dec 1679Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5438
4 Dudley / French  23 Jun 1742Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5402
5 Dudley / Frost  4 Mar 1753Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5401
6 Evarts / Bow  5 Dec 1676Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5434
7 Evarts / French  14 Sep 1665Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5437
8 Evarts / Parmelee  27 May 1664Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5441
9 French / Blatchley  8 Oct 1684Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5424
10 Goodrich /   7 Jun 1646Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5443
11 Hand / French  19 Apr 1722Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5428
12 Meigs /   27 Sep 1736Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5403
13 Munger / Evarts  3 Jun 1684Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5383
14 Willard / Bates  12 Dec 1734Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5368
15 Willard / Dudley  16 Aug 1772Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut F5366