Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama



Location : Latitude: 31.6426574, Longitude: -87.51082509999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Finch, Alice M  22 Apr 1890Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8171
2 Holmes, Amilie Reeves  Sep 1898Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I7429
3 Holmes, Origen Sibley  11 Nov 1896Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I7428
4 Holmes, Williams Coghlan  1901Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I7430
5 Maiben, Elizabeth  26 Oct 1838Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8197
6 Maiben, Frank  Abt 1828Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8194
7 Maiben, Jane  19 Aug 1832Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8195
8 Maiben, Jonathan  08 Sep 1834Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8196
9 Maiben, Lucy  13 May 1843Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8198
10 Maiben, Mariah  18 Nov 1847Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8200
11 Maiben, Martha  11 Sep 1846Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8199
12 Maiben, Nan  01 Mar 1853Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8202
13 Maiben, Robert  15 Jun 1850Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8201
14 McKinley, Charles Franklin  25 Mar 1909Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8178
15 McKinley, Wilbur  1911Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8179
16 Swanson, Bessie Virginia  15 Jun 1916Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I7424
17 Williams, Elizabeth Clayton  30 Oct 1878Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8163
18 Williams, Irena Rachel  08 Nov 1824Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I9501
19 Williams, Irene Marshall  Apr 1873Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I7427
20 Williams, Isaac S  Abt 1841Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I9499
21 Williams, James  Abt 1835Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I9498
22 Williams, John  Abt 1863Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8186
23 Williams, Kitty Louise  Feb 1881Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8190
24 Williams, Maiben  31 Jan 1884Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I7843
25 Williams, Mamie Lane  Abt 1868Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8187
26 Williams, Mary L  Abt 1827Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I9497
27 Williams, Nannie Ella  Abt 1870Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8188
28 Williams, Richard Boyles  05 May 1875Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8189
29 Williams, Sandy F  1850Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I9500
30 Williams, Theophilus Hunter  26 Aug 1831Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I9496


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boyles, Nancy  30 May 1927Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I7410
2 Lane, Elizabeth Jane  09 Sep 1873Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I9493
3 Maiben, Christiana  28 Mar 1928Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8165
4 Maiben, Jane  30 Apr 1851Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8195
5 Maiben, Richard  28 Jul 1884Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8192
6 Williams, Ellen Rivers  04 Jul 1937Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8168
7 Williams, Jane D  08 Oct 1840Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I9495
8 Williams, John Bonner  3 Aug 1920Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8164
9 Williams, Lawerence  03 Aug 1945Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I8185
10 Williams, Theophilus Hunter  21 Sep 1852Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I9496
11 Williams, Theophilus Hunter  17 Feb 1877Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama I9492


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Holmes / Williams  26 Jan 1896Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama F2008
2 Holmes / Williams  05 Aug 1903Finchburg, Monroe, Alabama F2106