Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Fayette County, Georgia


County/Shire : Latitude: 33.45224948579946, Longitude: -84.45533752441406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cowan, Annie P  21 Apr 1846Fayette County, Georgia I17598
2 Cowan, Jennie Lind  1850Fayette County, Georgia I17600
3 Cowan, Saphronia P  ca. 1847Fayette County, Georgia I17599
4 Drewry, Ferdinand Sylvester  25 Dec 1848Fayette County, Georgia I1357
5 Hilsman, Arlean  15 Jun 1876Fayette County, Georgia I10343
6 Hilsman, Bennett Rogers  19 Mar 1885Fayette County, Georgia I10347
7 Hilsman, Grace  29 Apr 1896Fayette County, Georgia I10352
8 Hilsman, John Gordon  23 Jun 1887Fayette County, Georgia I10348
9 Hilsman, Katie  Jun 1893Fayette County, Georgia I10351
10 Hilsman, Lula Lind  20 Nov 1869Fayette County, Georgia I17603
11 Hilsman, Mariah  Abt 1878Fayette County, Georgia I10344
12 Hilsman, Maude  Feb 1882Fayette County, Georgia I10346
13 Hilsman, Page  Mar 1888Fayette County, Georgia I10349
14 Hilsman, Pearl  3 Jul 1880Fayette County, Georgia I10345
15 Hilsman, William  May 1891Fayette County, Georgia I10350
16 Lewis, Charles Battle  16 Aug 1873Fayette County, Georgia I10336
17 Lewis, Cora G  27 Sep 1868Fayette County, Georgia I10334
18 Lewis, Della  24 Mar 1876Fayette County, Georgia I10337
19 Lewis, Mattie Mae  12 May 1889Fayette County, Georgia I10339
20 Lewis, Nevada  13 Jul 1878Fayette County, Georgia I10338
21 Lewis, Rescar  28 Jun 1880Fayette County, Georgia I10340
22 Lewis, Ruth Irene  8 Dec 1870Fayette County, Georgia I10335
23 McLucas, Rembert Hays  1 Jul 1892Fayette County, Georgia I3287
24 Milner, Augustus Key  20 Dec 1873Fayette County, Georgia I16950
25 Milner, Ella  Jun 1871Fayette County, Georgia I16949
26 Milner, Mary Mercer  18 Aug 1867Fayette County, Georgia I16943
27 Stewart, Andrew Jackson  6 Dec 1830Fayette County, Georgia I1511
28 Stewart, George David  8 Feb 1849Fayette County, Georgia I1514
29 Stewart, John David  2 Aug 1833Fayette County, Georgia I0613
30 Stewart, Martha Ann  6 Dec 1828Fayette County, Georgia I1510
31 Stewart, Mary Sophia  24 May 1843Fayette County, Georgia I1517
32 Stewart, William  10 May 1845Fayette County, Georgia I1515
33 Thompson, Josephine  9 Nov 1849Fayette County, Georgia I20853
34 West, Andrew C  5 Aug 1870Fayette County, Georgia I10317
35 West, Britton Hampton  11 May 1879Fayette County, Georgia I10321
36 West, George Fred  13 Sep 1882Fayette County, Georgia I10322
37 West, Hilsman  Abt 1864Fayette County, Georgia I10314
38 West, Irene E  Abt 1873Fayette County, Georgia I10318
39 West, Josiah Henry  Abt 1866Fayette County, Georgia I10315
40 West, Lilla B  Abt 1875Fayette County, Georgia I10319
41 West, Luther L  Sep 1868Fayette County, Georgia I10316
42 West, Mary  Abt 1877Fayette County, Georgia I10320
43 West, Samuel R  May 1858Fayette County, Georgia I10313
44 West, William A  Abt 1859Fayette County, Georgia I10312
45 Williams, Elizabeth  1834Fayette County, Georgia I1502
46 Williams, Martha Gideon Ann Uriah  15 Apr 1839Fayette County, Georgia I0061


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballard, Thomas Weldon  30 Mar 1887Fayette County, Georgia I2116
2 Bishop, Etta Cordelia  24 Mar 1967Fayette County, Georgia I7242
3 Cowan, Annie P  13 Mar 1874Fayette County, Georgia I17598
4 Croom, Priscilla  Apr 1873Fayette County, Georgia I17595
5 Freeman, Sarah  by 14 Jan 1854Fayette County, Georgia I0974
6 Hilsman, Lucy  8 Nov 1925Fayette County, Georgia I4418
7 Lewis, Cora G  19 Feb 1951Fayette County, Georgia I10334
8 Lewis, Della  23 Feb 1962Fayette County, Georgia I10337
9 Lewis, Mattie Mae  26 Nov 1957Fayette County, Georgia I10339
10 Lewis, Nevada  10 Oct 1936Fayette County, Georgia I10338
11 Lewis, Ruth Irene  21 Feb 1956Fayette County, Georgia I10335
12 Lewis, Samuel Bailey  2 Dec 1924Fayette County, Georgia I10333
13 Malone, Oswell Terrel  28 Aug 1894Fayette County, Georgia I2125
14 Mann, Jonathan  ca. 1833Fayette County, Georgia I13428
15 Mann, Peter  bef. Jul 1835Fayette County, Georgia I0973
16 Milner, Pitt W  1 Nov 1863Fayette County, Georgia I17590
17 Milner, Susan Willis  24 Aug 1883Fayette County, Georgia I17571
18 Putnam, James Monroe  4 Mar 1880Fayette County, Georgia I17570
19 Stewart, Mary Sophia  10 Jun 1844Fayette County, Georgia I1517


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Beall, Augustus R  16 Aug 1838Fayette County, Georgia I20914
2 Freeman, Sarah  7 Sep 1850Fayette County, Georgia I0974
3 Freeman, Sarah  21 Jan 1854Fayette County, Georgia I0974
4 Mann, Harriet C  7 Sep 1850Fayette County, Georgia I13411
5 Mann, Peter  28 Jul 1835Fayette County, Georgia I0973
6 Mann, Peter  3 Dec 1835Fayette County, Georgia I0973
7 Mann, Peter  2 Mar 1836Fayette County, Georgia I0973


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Askew, Amanda J  1870Fayette County, Georgia I0730
2 Croom, Priscilla  1850Fayette County, Georgia I17595
3 Hilsman, Lula Lind  1880Fayette County, Georgia I17603
4 Mann, Gideon F  1850Fayette County, Georgia I13412
5 Mann, Harriet C  1850Fayette County, Georgia I13411
6 Mann, John D  1850Fayette County, Georgia I13417
7 Mann, Jonathan  1830Fayette County, Georgia I13428
8 Stewart, George  1840Fayette County, Georgia I1294
9 Stewart, George  1850Fayette County, Georgia I1294
10 Williams, David Morgan M.D.  1839Fayette County, Georgia I0182
11 Williams, John Roger  1830Fayette County, Georgia I0188


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arnold / Houston  5 May 1867Fayette County, Georgia F0843
2 Cowan / Putnam  26 Jun 1845Fayette County, Georgia F5468
3 Harris / Cowan  28 Jul 1867Fayette County, Georgia F5469
4 Hilsman / Milner  1 Jun 1873Fayette County, Georgia F2826
5 Lewis / Hilsman  20 Nov 1867Fayette County, Georgia F2824
6 Malone / Ballard  16 Jun 1870Fayette County, Georgia F0644
7 Mann / Reid  6 Oct 1841Fayette County, Georgia F4041
8 Mitchell / Mann  10 Dec 1828Fayette County, Georgia F4048
9 Roberson / Robinson  30 Jun 1830Fayette County, Georgia F0477
10 West / Hilsman  27 Dec 1857Fayette County, Georgia F2820
11 Williams / Mann  28 Feb 1833Fayette County, Georgia F0034