Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

DeKalb County, Georgia


County/Shire : Latitude: 33.7818297307049, Longitude: -84.29397583007812


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abernathy, William Franklin  9 Jan 1838DeKalb County, Georgia I17857
2 Butler, Lemuel C  30 May 1854DeKalb County, Georgia I20369
3 Gammon, Joshua F  29 Jun 1850DeKalb County, Georgia I14622
4 Gammon, Lewis Stephen  Jul 1847DeKalb County, Georgia I14621
5 Gammon, Mary Jane  27 Oct 1844DeKalb County, Georgia I14620
6 Latimer, Rebecca  10 Jun 1835DeKalb County, Georgia I4969
7 White, Camilla  20 Jul 1853DeKalb County, Georgia I2881
8 White, John Andrew  28 Aug 1835DeKalb County, Georgia I2873


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnall, Ellis Gibbs  13 Dec 1992DeKalb County, Georgia I8703
2 Askew, Howard Maclin  5 Oct 1963DeKalb County, Georgia I2514
3 Askew, Walter Scott  6 Jul 1956DeKalb County, Georgia I10604
4 Baird, Annie Virginia  27 Jul 1968DeKalb County, Georgia I12200
5 Blanton, Homer Claud  11 Apr 1963DeKalb County, Georgia I3271
6 Blanton, Richard McKendree  13 May 1968DeKalb County, Georgia I3270
7 Brock, Floris  18 Dec 1994DeKalb County, Georgia I0158
8 Bullard, Cleveland  24 Nov 1955DeKalb County, Georgia I7123
9 Camp, Warner Hill  16 Aug 1935DeKalb County, Georgia I4742
10 Cauthen, Charles Burge  03 Jan 1968DeKalb County, Georgia I4505
11 Garland, Halsey Sims  30 Oct 1969DeKalb County, Georgia I1459
12 Hammond, Elizabeth  30 Jul 1984DeKalb County, Georgia I13368
13 Harrison, Handley Carlisle  29 Nov 1975DeKalb County, Georgia I4806
14 LaHatte, Macon Thornton  21 Jul 1942DeKalb County, Georgia I16944
15 Lundy, Ida Clara  6 Sep 1936DeKalb County, Georgia I2513
16 Martin, Thomas Leete  28 Jun 1983DeKalb County, Georgia I2807
17 McKinley, James Lawson  19 Jan 1973DeKalb County, Georgia I4256
18 Milner, Augustus Key  24 Jun 1931DeKalb County, Georgia I16950
19 Milner, Margaret A  3 Oct 1996DeKalb County, Georgia I16952
20 Reid, Roselyn  13 Aug 1955DeKalb County, Georgia I4779
21 Richardson, Jefferson LaFayette  09 May 1965DeKalb County, Georgia I8064
22 Riggins, Nicodemus Daniel  19 Dec 1937DeKalb County, Georgia I5161
23 Riggins, Nicodemus Daniel  17 Jul 1997DeKalb County, Georgia I5166
24 Riggins, Robert Nichodemus  8 Jul 1967DeKalb County, Georgia I5162
25 Sneed, Charles Edward  29 Sep 1987DeKalb County, Georgia I7681
26 Snow, George Britt  31 Oct 1965DeKalb County, Georgia I4121
27 Snow, Robert Parker  13 Sep 1977DeKalb County, Georgia I4100
28 Summers, Olive Clara  01 Nov 1946DeKalb County, Georgia I6786
29 Woodward, David Obe  02 Apr 1957DeKalb County, Georgia I6933
30 Worthington, John Bolton  31 Dec 1934DeKalb County, Georgia I1236


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Brock, Floris  18 Dec 1994DeKalb County, Georgia I0158
2 LaHatte, Macon Thornton  19 Jul 1942DeKalb County, Georgia I16944


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Askew, Howard Maclin  DeKalb County, Georgia I2514
2 Askew, Howard Maclin  DeKalb County, Georgia I2514
3 Askew, Howard Maclin  DeKalb County, Georgia I2514
4 Camp, Ione  1930DeKalb County, Georgia I1474
5 Carter, Hugh D  1930DeKalb County, Georgia I2180
6 Carter, Hugh D  1930DeKalb County, Georgia I2417
7 Gammon, Joshua  1830DeKalb County, Georgia I14615
8 Gammon, Joshua  1840DeKalb County, Georgia I14615
9 Gammon, Little Berry  1850DeKalb County, Georgia I14616
10 Hardee, Mary Elizabeth  1930DeKalb County, Georgia I0197
11 Riggins, Nicodemus Daniel  1930DeKalb County, Georgia I5161


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Butler / Gammon  29 Oct 1851DeKalb County, Georgia F6391
2 Gammon / Betterton  9 Feb 1843DeKalb County, Georgia F4488