Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Chilton County, Alabama


Latitude: 32.96546696224175, Longitude: -86.74976348876953


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Edwards, James Harrison  21 Apr 1925Chilton County, Alabama I20676
52 Edwards, Jesse  20 Feb 1878Chilton County, Alabama I20649
53 Edwards, Joseph Rolifee  27 Jun 1877Chilton County, Alabama I20648
54 Edwards, Julia  ca. 1880Chilton County, Alabama I20696
55 Edwards, Lillie Belle  20 May 1909Chilton County, Alabama I20653
56 Edwards, Mabel  ca. 1922Chilton County, Alabama I20681
57 Edwards, Margie  27 Feb 1911Chilton County, Alabama I20668
58 Edwards, Oscar  ca. 1912Chilton County, Alabama I20678
59 Edwards, Ozie  30 Sep 1910Chilton County, Alabama I20675
60 Edwards, Paralee  9 Sep 1905Chilton County, Alabama I20673
61 Edwards, Pat E  15 May 1919Chilton County, Alabama I20680
62 Edwards, Robert Earl  12 Feb 1919Chilton County, Alabama I20669
63 Edwards, Robert William  8 Dec 1901Chilton County, Alabama I20656
64 Edwards, Roland Roosevelt  8 Nov 1936Chilton County, Alabama I20684
65 Edwards, William M  29 Aug 1902Chilton County, Alabama I20672
66 Hand, Lillie May  18 Apr 1879Chilton County, Alabama I9861
67 Headley, Lula  5 Oct 1884Chilton County, Alabama I20670
68 Jones, Frances E  11 Oct 1872Chilton County, Alabama I20651
69 Lawrence, Betty  21 Jun 1937Chilton County, Alabama I23052
70 Martin, Adolphus  1905Chilton County, Alabama I4029
71 Martin, Dalton  Jul 1898Chilton County, Alabama I4027
72 Martin, Ella  1901Chilton County, Alabama I4028
73 Martin, Orville  Mar 1896Chilton County, Alabama I4026
74 Martin, Walter  May 1893Chilton County, Alabama I4025
75 McGehee, Annie Scott  30 Sep 1863Chilton County, Alabama I13493
76 Mims, Annie B  ca. 1896Chilton County, Alabama I20708
77 Mims, Bert  Mar 1892Chilton County, Alabama I20628
78 Mims, Bolden Ernest  19 Feb 1882Chilton County, Alabama I20624
79 Mims, Charolett Mahala  15 Apr 1878Chilton County, Alabama I20588
80 Mims, Essie Belle  17 Jun 1897Chilton County, Alabama I20631
81 Mims, George Marion  28 Oct 1886Chilton County, Alabama I20626
82 Mims, George Washington  20 Jan 1876Chilton County, Alabama I20719
83 Mims, Henry Newton Fonza  25 Mar 1876Chilton County, Alabama I20598
84 Mims, Jadie Rease  1 Sep 1893Chilton County, Alabama I20629
85 Mims, James Elec  27 Oct 1872Chilton County, Alabama I20712
86 Mims, John  ca. 1903Chilton County, Alabama I20709
87 Mims, Lenzie Washington  6 Jan 1906Chilton County, Alabama I20613
88 Mims, Lula  5 Jun 1880Chilton County, Alabama I20623
89 Mims, Millie  5 Oct 1877Chilton County, Alabama I20702
90 Mims, Minnie Lauren  27 Feb 1898Chilton County, Alabama I20632
91 Mims, Moses Leonard  16 Feb 1884Chilton County, Alabama I20625
92 Mims, Rhoda Ann  13 Aug 1879Chilton County, Alabama I20710
93 Mims, Sarah E  ca. 1874Chilton County, Alabama I20589
94 Mims, Thomas Leon  16 Jul 1890Chilton County, Alabama I20627
95 Mims, Tobitha Jane  Mar 1886Chilton County, Alabama I20590
96 Mims, Virginia  Jul 1889Chilton County, Alabama I20591
97 Moates, Elijah  3 Nov 1877Chilton County, Alabama I20711
98 Pate, Hollis  1907Chilton County, Alabama I4034
99 Pate, James Edward  14 Mar 1876Chilton County, Alabama I4033
100 Pate, Lester  1909Chilton County, Alabama I4035

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
51 Parrish, Rev. Monroe Jackson  18 Jan 1934Chilton County, Alabama I20611
52 Roberson, Mordecai  1894Chilton County, Alabama I1521
53 Robinson, Alpha Ann  19 Nov 1930Chilton County, Alabama I4877
54 Robinson, Eunice  Mar 1880Chilton County, Alabama I4872
55 Robinson, Mary Joyce  28 Jan 1930Chilton County, Alabama I0985
56 Robinson, Nancy  03 Feb 1910Chilton County, Alabama I4873
57 Robinson, William Riley  22 Sep 1926Chilton County, Alabama I4878
58 Thrash, Clarice  04 May 2009Chilton County, Alabama I1040

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