Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama


City/Town : Latitude: 31.211576, Longitude: -87.7370679


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Minnie  31 Dec 1911Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I15536
2 Barlow, Thomas B  12 Apr 1912Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I15535
3 Bradley, James Thomas  7 Jan 1900Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I15592
4 Bradley, Ulmer Earle  9 Sep 1887Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I15591
5 Bradley, Ulmer Earle  19 Jan 1921Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I15594
6 Earle, Anna Lee  21 May 1884Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9128
7 Earle, Benjamin F  Abt 1832Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I10126
8 Earle, James Manuel  24 Oct 1840Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9119
9 Earle, James Manuel  26 Nov 1929Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9072
10 Earle, John William  13 May 1871Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9123
11 Earle, Julia Myles  06 May 1868Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9121
12 Earle, Leila  06 Feb 1873Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9124
13 Earle, Luther Blake  14 Mar 1877Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9126
14 Earle, Mary Elizabeth  30 Nov 1869Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9122
15 Earle, Maude V  Feb 1875Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9125
16 Earle, May Bryant  08 May 1920Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9069
17 Earle, Sarah Byrne  18 Jan 1886Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9129
18 Earle, Willie B  03 Jan 1878Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9127
19 Earle, Young Charles  03 Apr 1881Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9068
20 Ferguson, Lena  Abt 1907Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I10373
21 Ferguson, Leontz Wilmer  19 Nov 1904Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I10372
22 McCall, Bernard Frederick  22 Feb 1909Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6688
23 McCall, Bessie  06 May 1890Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6683
24 McCall, Charlie Douglas  26 Aug 1885Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6681
25 McCall, Fannie Mildred  02 Apr 1892Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6684
26 McCall, Gaston D  16 Mar 1911Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6689
27 McCall, Ira Easton  05 Apr 1896Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6686
28 McCall, Julius Boyd  18 Jun 1881Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6679
29 McCall, Leon  20 Feb 1919Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6692
30 McCall, Louis E  27 Feb 1913Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6690
31 McCall, Moses Evans  18 Jun 1883Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6680
32 McCall, Moses G  10 Mar 1916Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6691
33 McCall, Myrtle  13 Apr 1894Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6685
34 McCall, Sadie Ann  26 Feb 1887Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6682
35 McCall, Thomas Joseph  17 Apr 1898Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6687
36 Myles, Emily  4 May 1833Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I10129
37 Myles, John  16 Nov 1830Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I10130
38 Myles, Joseph W  29 Feb 1828Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6086
39 Myles, Josephine B.  05 Dec 1883Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5231
40 Myles, Julia Anne  26 Feb 1885Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5232
41 Myles, Mamie  21 Nov 1879Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5228
42 Myles, Mellvena  10 Mar 1881Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5229
43 Myles, William Cleveland  20 Aug 1892Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5234
44 Myles, William Henry  26 Jan 1836Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I10132
45 Slaughter, James Lee  16 Feb 1831Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I13587
46 Slaughter, Robert Walker  25 Mar 1829Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I13586
47 Slaughter, William Harris  13 Mar 1823Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I13581
48 Tate, Eloisa Matilda  28 Nov 1802Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5025
49 Tunstall, Lucy  ca. 1827Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5027
50 Tunstall, Thomas Tate  8 Apr 1823Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5026


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boyles, Laura Virginia  26 Nov 1925Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9120
2 Bradley, James Thomas  29 Jan 1922Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I15590
3 Bradley, James Thomas  21 Oct 2013Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I15600
4 Daniels, Mamie A  26 Feb 1949Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I15582
5 Devere, Lulu Gaston  21 Jun 1950Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6419
6 Driesbach, Florence Adele  27 Aug 1926Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5220
7 Dyer, Margaret  14 Feb 1851Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5203
8 Earle, James Manuel  04 Dec 1925Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9119
9 Earle, Margaret  Abt 1850Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9514
10 Earle, Mary  29 May 1918Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I15589
11 Earle, Mary Elizabeth  22 Sep 1939Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9122
12 Earle, May Bryant  09 May 1922Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9069
13 Earle, Nancy  15 May 1855Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9032
14 Earle, Rachel  ca. 1835Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9509
15 Earle, Young Charles  02 Oct 1950Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9068
16 Ferguson, Leontz Wilmer  10 Jun 1964Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I10372
17 Gentry, Lena Anna  25 Feb 1929Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I10115
18 Harris, Mary Ann  16 Dec 1854Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I13580
19 McCall, Bernard Frederick  18 Apr 1959Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6688
20 McDavid, Joel A  1854Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I10211
21 McDavid, Martha Adeline  05 Nov 1883Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9036
22 Myles, Josephus  bef. 22 Mar 1839Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I10128
23 Slaughter, Eliza P.  Feb 1838Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I13585
24 Slaughter, Elizabeth C.  Oct 1826Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I13583
25 Slaughter, Georgiana  Jun 1834Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I13582
26 Slaughter, Hellen L.  Jul 1835Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I13584
27 Slaughter, Lee  23 Apr 1843Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I13579
28 Steadham, Andrew Jackson  05 Jun 1881Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9038
29 Steadham, Andrew Jackson  04 Apr 1885Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9035
30 Steadham, Cora Martha  07 Feb 1882Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9039
31 Steadham, David Acker  30 Mar 1883Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9037
32 Steadham, Edward  24 Oct 1869Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9031
33 Steadham, Elmore  24 Dec 1887Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9046
34 Steadham, Walter Douglas  14 Apr 1886Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9040
35 Tunstall, George Brook  28 Jul 1842Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5024


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID 
1 Slaughter, William Harris  18 Jan 1845Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I13581


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Munnerlyn, John B M.D.  11 Aug 1857Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I15172
2 Tarvin, Elizabeth  1 Jul 1843Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I9508


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Buzbee, Samuel Huston  1920Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I3775
2 Devere, Lulu Gaston  1910Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6419
3 Devere, Lulu Gaston  1920Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6419
4 Devere, Lulu Gaston  1930Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I6419
5 Driesbach, Charles Henry  1910Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5215
6 Driesbach, Charles Henry  1920Blacksher, Baldwin, Alabama I5215