Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Baldwin County, Alabama



County/Shire : Latitude: 30.90842922929136, Longitude: -87.78350830078125


Matches 801 to 844 of 844

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
801 Weatherford, Susan Arelia  Abt 1849Baldwin County, Alabama I6173
802 Weatherford, Walter McGillivray  01 Jun 1861Baldwin County, Alabama I6190
803 Weatherford, Willis  Abt 1862Baldwin County, Alabama I6191
804 Weekley, Alma Ann  13 Apr 1851Baldwin County, Alabama I0848
805 Weekley, Anna  Abt 1855Baldwin County, Alabama I8304
806 Weekley, Caroline  Jun 1861Baldwin County, Alabama I8315
807 Weekley, Claudine Leona  11 May 1858Baldwin County, Alabama I14972
808 Weekley, Claudine S  Abt 1852Baldwin County, Alabama I0847
809 Weekley, Cynthia  19 Dec 1848Baldwin County, Alabama I10742
810 Weekley, Elizabeth  ca. May 1860Baldwin County, Alabama I14973
811 Weekley, James Monroe  15 Apr 1887Baldwin County, Alabama I14976
812 Weekley, Jane C  19 May 1859Baldwin County, Alabama I8314
813 Weekley, John  ca. 1867Baldwin County, Alabama I14979
814 Weekley, John Benjamin  5 Dec 1830Baldwin County, Alabama I1102
815 Weekley, Joseph Palmer  Abt 1815Baldwin County, Alabama I8215
816 Weekley, Margaret  12 May 1807Baldwin County, Alabama I9113
817 Weekley, Mary  ca. 1865Baldwin County, Alabama I14978
818 Weekley, Ransom  Abt 1802Baldwin County, Alabama I1092
819 Weekley, Rebecca  ca. Feb 1863Baldwin County, Alabama I14974
820 Weekley, Roxanna  ca. Mar 1883Baldwin County, Alabama I14977
821 Weekley, Sarah  21 Jan 1806Baldwin County, Alabama I6595
822 Weekley, Sarah  ca. May 1868Baldwin County, Alabama I14975
823 Weekley, Silas J  05 Apr 1892Baldwin County, Alabama I4183
824 Weekley, Vaughn  Abt 1871Baldwin County, Alabama I8316
825 Weekley, William  ca. 1868Baldwin County, Alabama I14980
826 Weekley, William Edgar  1836Baldwin County, Alabama I1103
827 Weiland, Matilda  13 Mar 1919Baldwin County, Alabama I5783
828 Whidbee, Melzie Benjamin  03 Oct 1910Baldwin County, Alabama I9529
829 White, Alexander E  May 1850Baldwin County, Alabama I17072
830 White, Faye Merle  8 Oct 1925Baldwin County, Alabama I16000
831 White, Frances Evelina  12 Dec 1888Baldwin County, Alabama I5781
832 White, Seymore Jackson  09 Feb 1892Baldwin County, Alabama I4198
833 Wilkins, Annetta D.  12 Apr 1836Baldwin County, Alabama I13742
834 Wilkins, Artimesia Beatrice  1838Baldwin County, Alabama I13746
835 Wilkins, Frances  5 Jul 1843Baldwin County, Alabama I13748
836 Wilkins, John W.  1844Baldwin County, Alabama I13749
837 Wilkins, Lloyd  1 Oct 1853Baldwin County, Alabama I13755
838 Wilkins, William  26 Oct 1852Baldwin County, Alabama I13744
839 Wilkins, William James  1840Baldwin County, Alabama I13747
840 Williams, Celia A  10 Jan 1867Baldwin County, Alabama I15723
841 Williams, Mary Frances  18 Feb 1869Baldwin County, Alabama I15726
842 Williams, William Murphy  29 Jul 1871Baldwin County, Alabama I15714
843 Woodcock, Benjamin Stoddert  Aug 1835Baldwin County, Alabama I6584
844 Woodcock, Henry  Abt 1848Baldwin County, Alabama I6589

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