Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida



City/Town : Latitude: 30.5988048, Longitude: -87.03107669999997


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Alexander McGillivray  10 Oct 1884Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10811
2 Adams, Anna D  Nov 1873Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10805
3 Adams, Charles Cater  4 Aug 1875Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10806
4 Adams, Creary  5 Jan 1887Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10812
5 Adams, George W  28 Jan 1881Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10809
6 Adams, Henry Grady  7 Dec 1889Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10814
7 Adams, James Mims  1879Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10808
8 Adams, Laura E  Jun 1888Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10813
9 Adams, Samuel C  12 Dec 1882Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10810
10 Adams, Sarah E  Apr 1877Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10807
11 Bonifay, Charles  11 Feb 1887Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15522
12 Bonifay, Edna  11 Jan 1895Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15525
13 Bonifay, Frank Napoleon  4 Feb 1893Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15524
14 Bonifay, Hattie Evelyn  25 Mar 1889Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15523
15 Bonifay, John Edward  14 Feb 1879Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15520
16 Bonifay, Joseph Oliver  25 Dec 1875Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15519
17 Bonifay, Katherine  2 Feb 1883Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I4227
18 Bonifay, Mary  24 May 1885Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15521
19 Dixon, Gam Bell  31 Oct 1874Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I8763
20 Nellums, Evelyn Adalia  5 Feb 1916Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I5950
21 Overman, Charles Henry  25 Nov 1849Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15977


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Alexander McGillivray  19 Oct 1884Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10811
2 Adams, George W  13 Mar 1887Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10802
3 Adams, Henry Grady  9 Aug 1924Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10814
4 Adams, James Mims  1882Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10808
5 Adams, Samuel C  3 Oct 1915Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10810
6 Bonifay, John Edward  10 Apr 1974Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15520
7 Dorr, Eben Walker  1870Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I5288
8 Durant, Sarah  26 May 1883Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I8714
9 Mims, Laura E  20 Jun 1899Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I10804
10 Overman, Susan Alexander  16 Apr 1920Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15240
11 Simpson, James E  12 Jun 1871Bagdad, Santa Rosa, Florida I15246