Southern Anthology

Families on the Frontiers of the Old South

Lazarus John Bryars

Male 1775 - 1827  (~ 52 years)

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Mary Etta Stone
Female 1869-1938
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Martha C Hubbird
Female 1845-1924
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Susan Hubbird
Female 1854-1932
John H Parker
Male 1837-1901
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Mary Anne Murphy
Female 1858-1912
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Demaris Bryars
Female 1823-1892
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Frank Bryars
Male 1858-1919
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Joseph J. Bryars
Male 1856-1930
Bridget Holihand
Female Abt 1860-1889
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Martha Holihand
Female 1852-1922
Ida Bryars
Female 1870-
Martha Bryars
Female 1878-1964
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Zachary H Moye
Male Abt 1849-
George W Moye
Male Abt 1827-
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John Parker
Male 1861-1924
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Charles D Bryars
Male 1866-1883
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Gertrude Evans
Female 1879-1934
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Mary Hattie Thomley
Female Abt 1868-1897
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Rhoda Gibson
Female 1875-1900
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Hattie Stewart
Female 1850-1924
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Texas Stewart
Female 1859-1944
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Zemma Hadley
Female 1859-1937
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Zerrifer Hadley
Female 1863-1950
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Fred F Hadley
Male 1864-1949
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Eugenia Miller
Female Abt 1890-
Julia Hadley
Female 1875-1958
William Turk
Male 1863-1923
Elizabeth Hadley
Female Abt 1877-
Adelia Weaver
Female 1899-1955
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Isabella Bryars
Female 1838-1884
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Susie Daughtery
Female 1880-1947
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Nora Franklin
Female 1877-1942
John A Howell
Male Abt 1871-
Sara Frances Bryars
Female Abt 1842-1924
Charles McTrout
Male Abt 1858-
Sarah L Bryars
Female 1877-1929
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Lloyd C Eddins
Male 1880-1917
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Alma Ann Weekley
Female 1851-1931
Laura Bryars
Female 1886-1968
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Sue Byrne Bryars
Female 1886-1989
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Irene Munnerlyn
Female 1899-1934
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Anna Hays
Female 1852-1918
Mary E Richerson
Female 1893-1970
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Mollie McGowan
Female 1856-1930
Sarah Smith
Female 1811-1899
Stephen Bryars
Male 1811-1856
Cornelius Bryars
Male Abt 1836-
Andrew J Bryars
Male Abt 1837-
Martha Bryars
Female Abt 1838-
Eliza Harris
Female Abt 1855-
Mary Harris
Female Abt 1857-
David Harris
Male Abt 1860-
Lud Harris
Male Abt 1863-
Ned Brown
Male Abt 1848-
Jesse Bryars
Male Abt 1843-
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Clem Warren
Female 1889-1970
Letha Ann Bryars
Female 1886-1977
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Silas Bryars
Male Abt 1847-
Susan Bryars
Female 1852-1930
Phillip Terrier
Male Abt 1846-
Susie Catrett
Female 1888-1911
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Jessie Mae Gray
Female 1891-1966
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Julia E Shafer
Female 1877-1939
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Willis W Catrett
Male 1881-1910
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Jacob Shafer
Male 1830-1907
Ella Richburg
Female 1869-1956
Agatha Richburg
Female Abt 1873-1915
Bettie Richburg
Female Abt 1880-
Rasberry Dean
Male 1847-1914
John B Bryars
Male 1849-1928
Leondis Bryars
Male 1880-1961
Angie Bryars
Female 1885-1967
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Anna Weekley
Female Abt 1855-Bef 1900
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Florence King
Female 1894-1969
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Jessie L Bryars
Female 1889-1986
Lonnie Forte
Male 1887-1972
Joseph Bryars
Male 1852-1873
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Bryant Bryars
Male 1886-1955
Minnie Blackmon
Female 1890-1981
Jane Hadley
Female 1894-1982
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Silas J Weekley
Male 1892-1947
James M Standard
Male 1850-1920
Elizabeth Holmes
Female 1866-1918
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Mary Gee Mobley
Female 1886-1936
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Emma L Holmes
Female 1876-1926
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Della Mobley
Female 1886-1983
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Virginia Rencher
Female 1882-1959
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Gerald Bryars
Male Abt 1845-
Cora Cluck
Female 1872-1942
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Mary C. Bryars
Female Abt 1846-Abt 1873
Florie Marie Lee
Female Abt 1890-1927
Marion Bryars
Male 1883-1928
Huldah E. Bryars
Female 1886-1888
Edna Ruth Bryars
Female 1892-1943
Red Berry Bryars
Male 1896-1965
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Lounette McManus
Female 1906-1992
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Marion Bryars
Male 1847-1902
Emma Bryars
Female 1850-1913
Charles Wilkins McConnell
Male Abt 1845-Bef 1880
Red Berry Bryars
Male 1853-1888
Julia Taylor
Female Abt 1855-
Sarah M Bryars
Female 1890-1914
Emma E Bryars
Female 1891-1902
Hector E Bryars
Male 1897-1918
Lucy McMillan
Female 1858-1916
Teaney L Smith
Female 1900-1978
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Hector Smith
Male 1866-1930
Red Berry Bryars
Male 1819-1870